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perfect bunIs it possible to have a perfect bun?

What? Oh, you think I’m talking about a bun, as in a person’s buttocks.


And I’m not talking about a delicious round bread roll, despite the fact that there are several left over from the Thanksgiving meal.buns Read More…

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Where Are YOU From?

New Jersey, where are you from?

I’m from New Jersey, no

Not really. I mean, geographically

NJ and DE and MA and CA –

Yes, but my heart, my soul?


I’m from a deep deep unseen place

That began in the bottomless sea, Read More…

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What Is It About Women and Their Feet?

pedicure, high heels, feet

“I refuse to go! No one touches my feet!”

That was my mom’s reaction when I stopped in front of a beautiful spa to give the female members in my East Coast family a treat. I had just spent seven hours in the car with my daughter and granddaughter to reach Delaware for some “Nanny” time.

My mom is the most put-together 91-year-old you’ll ever meet. She wears light blue and pink pastel sweaters to show off her blue eyes and snow white hair. She shows off her lithe figure in Gap Kids jeans. Her earrings always match her necklace, which matches the color sweater she’s selected for the day.

She wears Converse sneakers to look cool – and to hide her feet.

What is it about us women and our feet? Read More…

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Don’t Call Me Chicken!

Marty McFly, don't call me chickenThis past weekend my guy and I watched the movie Back to the Future in honor of its 30th anniversary. I haven’t seen that movie since it came out in 1985. The movie, and Marty and the professor, have aged well.

The first time I watched the entire series (Back to the Future, I, II, and III), I didn’t catch the back story of Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and his “chicken” button. That is, he’s a pretty level-headed kid unless someone calls him chicken, as in wimp, fraidy cat, coward.

Once someone pushes that button, Marty stops seeing sense and instead pushes through his fear and goes after whatever he’s afraid of. (And several times, gets into trouble because of his hot button-pushed head.)push my buttons

But I can’t relate to that emotion, I hum to myself righteously. I don’t have any hot buttons like Marty does. Read More…

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A Vexing Hex read the ad and a burst of incredulous laughter kicked out of her gut.

“Ridiculous,” she said to Simon, her 13-year-old cat, the only one around who listened.

She turned the newspaper page. Page 8 held her interest for barely a second before she ruffled pages and returned to the ad.spells, hexes, Halloween

Hell’s Spells

Dark Moon Ritual 10/30

Curse Away Your Trouble

Call Now! 415-383-xxxx.

Private Consultation & Custom Spells Available

Carefully Joyce read each word out loud as if expecting Simon to remark. When he only blinked his yellowed eyes, as if saying he’d seen it all, Joyce picked up the phone and dialed. Read More…

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