Posted by: roughwighting | October 23, 2015

The Stars Inside – Not Shaken But Stirred

stars, wishes, dreams, poetryAre the stars out tonight?

Is it gloomy or bright?

Should I believe in a wish

Or not strive for true bliss?


My star is plastic, pointy and hard

Reminding me always to be on guard

No night is soft, the air turns cold

Just like this star that I firmly hold

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Posted by: roughwighting | October 16, 2015

I’m No Martha Stewart, So…

gourds, October, entertaining…when the new committee member offers, I accept her request to host the meeting.

“11:30ish, right?” she adds. “What? Oh no, no don’t bring a sandwich. I’ll just make something easy.”Martha Steward

Granted, I am selfishly salivating at the idea. After all, she’s Martha Steward x 100.

The four of us walk into her warm, cozy kitchen from the cold October chill. Something aromatically autumnal is steaming from a saucepan. Mugs filled with warm cider, a cinnamon stick in each, wait on the counter. A large vase of dried lavender and rose hydrangea flowers pose next to five soup bowls. Read More…

Posted by: roughwighting | October 9, 2015

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for …

ice cream cone, mint chocolate chipRemember those ole Rorschach tests? The ones that psychologists placed in front of you and said, “describe what you see,” and by that, they determined your personality?Rorschach test, inkspot, personality

Well, I have discovered a better, more “tasty” personality test.

On a blustery coolish fall day, my guy and I stand in line at a quintessential New England ice cream stand.Kimball's, ice cream stand, Carlisle MA

A long line.

Hurricane-induced winds and the need for a hood and warm jacket are not enough to stop any New Englander from getting her/his ice cream.

I take advantage of the time to peruse the many, many flavors.

And that’s when it hit me. Read More…

Posted by: roughwighting | October 2, 2015

So, How’d You Two Meet?

romance, couplesROMANCE IS DEAD, the headlines read.

Just like God, and book reading, and carb-eating.

But we all know they never went away.

So I laugh when people squirm after they learn I write romantic suspense.



“Inconsequential!” are the comments I hear (or the sneers I detect).

I am unfazed.

The Intern, Robert DeNiro, Ann Hathaway

       Photo Credit:    Francois Duhamel

But still, I’m encouraged when I read articles like a recent Time Q&A piece on Nancy Myers, the writer/director of the new movie The Intern (starring Robert DeNiro and Ann Hathaway), in which Myers addresses the state of romance.* Read More…

Posted by: roughwighting | September 25, 2015

You Say YES

dogs, golden retrieversThe weather is frightful outside. You have just arrived home from a hard day at work, your feet are freezing, and your brain is fried. You collapse on the big cozy chair in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot tea and pick up a good book. Your dog sits on your feet, puts his head on your knee, and asks with warm, pleading brown eyes, “Please, please, please take me out for a walk.”

You say YES.

You are divorced and have vowed that you will raise your two young children on your own, with no help from awedding kiss man, thank you very much. In fact, you have no intention of dating for quite a while. Your best friend introduces you to a tall, attractive, persistent man (he involves you in hours-long, long-distance phone conversations and acts as if you are extremely fascinating and intelligent). Ten months later, he asks you to marry him… Read More…

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