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Oh Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Morning Surf by PS WightThe day is hazy and warm. The Atlantic Ocean sparkles a silvery grey while I bike on the Boards in mid-morning bliss.

My brother and I with our dad at the beach.

My brother and I with our dad at the beach.

At least 15 of my extended family travel near (DE) and far (CA, DC, MD, and MA) each year to unwind, rewind, and renew our family connections. My parents began this tradition in the late 1950s. My brother and I preserved the idea, and now our kids, nieces and nephews have enlarged and expanded on “the family vacation.”

Some of our friends who have never experienced the NJ shore kind of scoff at the premise of “relaxing” on a crowded hot humid beach where literally thousands of children scream in delight at each rolling wave, where teenagers throw Frisbees between the waves, and where people from all over the east coast with many different body sizes stroll the surf near naked. Read More…

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Fits and Starts

Painting: Paul Cézanne, The Dream of the Poet (The Kiss of the Muse), 1860

Painting: Paul Cézanne, The Dream of the Poet (The Kiss of the Muse), 1860











I’m in fits and starts

A little bit off, and my cart’s

            ahead of the donkey. Read More…

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female belly, bikini

©2008-2014 SuperSizeArtist

I’ve always had a “belly.”

I’m not talking about my stomach – which I realize I need to digest my food.

No, it’s my belly that has been a constant source of hardship and complaint since I was a teenager. Read More…

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Early Morning Spirits

walking, San Francisco, San Francisco BayI’m walking the same paths that I did when Henry sniffed along with me. Days after he died, when I began walking alone, I realized how much of a fixture we had become those early morning walks. Half a dozen other early ramblers inquired, “where’s Henry?” or “where’s that bright-eyed, busy-tailed dog of yours?”


Now it’s almost five months later, and I still walk our same route. This morning, one of Henry’s biggest fans stops me on the path, the San Francisco Bay by our side, a tiny otter face peeking out in the foggy mist. Read More…

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Failure Is Not a Big Deal

failure, cartwheel, success, cheerleading, color guardAre you kidding me? Failure is a huge deal. Immediately, some of my worst failures come to mind:



A Job in the Big Apple

Vaginal Birth

Agent Elimination

I’ll expose these failures to you in hopes that you’ll reciprocate in the comments section below. Read More…

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