Posted by: roughwighting | June 19, 2015

Non Random Acts of Kindness

karen-sanderson-word-shark-blog-graphicThis past weekend, I brought the wrong cookies to my mother, and I attended a Writers’ Conference in Delaware.

Believe it or not, these two disparate comments belong together.

Flattered to be invited to attend and speak at the  Word Shark Writing Conference organized by Karen Sanderson, editor, writer and blogger, I accepted after realizing I could combine the trip with a visit to my mom, who lives just a half hour away.

A few days before the conference, I worked on my presentation while also baking my mother’s favorite chocolate chip butterscotch oatmeal bars.  My mom doesn’t have a big sweet tooth, but for some reason she absolutely loves my bars.

writing, cookies, antique plateAt 5:30 a.m. on the day of my long train ride to Delaware, I grabbed the special bars from the freezer, where I had stored them. Seven hours later I gratefully unloaded my bag with the special treats, basking in my mom’s gratefulness.

But as I pulled the bars out of their freezer bag onto one of her antique flowery dainty china plates, I gasped. Read More…

Posted by: roughwighting | June 12, 2015

Dream Friends

dreaming, dream friends


So many friends I leave without saying goodbye.

They teach me and love me without saying why.



A taxicab driver, a captain of ships,

A restaurant owner, an arranger of trips –

They seem to have nothing in common with me,

Except pushing me to take too many risks!

  Read More…

Posted by: roughwighting | June 5, 2015

Math Genius

math genius, middle schoolMy grades are top notch when I’m 10, 11, 12, so the school asks my parents’ permission to test me. They agree. (No one, of course, asks me.)

But I don’t mind too much, since the 25 pages contain loads of fun stuff like fill-in-the-blank sets and subsets, numbers, and numerical word sentences.

A month later, results in, the elementary school principal tells my parents that I’m a math genius. Read More…

Posted by: roughwighting | May 29, 2015

Amazingly Ordinary

daylily, nursery, plantsI met an amazingly ordinary couple this week. They own their own nursery, where they grow and sell day lilies and hostas, hydrangea and roses, astilbes and lavender.

My guy and I visited their little nursery in hopes of filling in some gaps where 8-feet of snow devastated some of our flowering bushes. Although the drive was not far from our village outside of Boston, the green-hooded winding lanes, acreages of pastureland with grazing cows, a farm here, another white-spired church there, made us feel like it could just as easily be 1940, or 1840, instead of 2015.perennials, gardening Read More…

Posted by: roughwighting | May 22, 2015

To the Lighthouse

lighthouse, yoga, ShantiMy gentle kind yoga teacher suggests to the class that we can be lighthouses of peace to those around us. A lighthouse to our friends, to our community, to the world.

“Breathe in, ‘Om.’ ”

“Breathe out. ‘Shanti (peace).’ ”

In the early evening class, I find myself beaming.


Om, breathing in.

Shanti, breathing out.

“Use this in your daily life,” he says. “In traffic. In the dentist’s chair. Be a lighthouse.”

I float out of class, late spring raindrops fall like sugar dust on my airy head, breathing in, breathing…

OUCH.horseshoe crab, pot holes Read More…

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