Posted by: roughwighting | July 18, 2014

Early Morning Spirits

walking, San Francisco, San Francisco BayI’m walking the same paths that I did when Henry sniffed along with me. Days after he died, when I began walking alone, I realized how much of a fixture we had become those early morning walks. Half a dozen other early ramblers inquired, “where’s Henry?” or “where’s that bright-eyed, busy-tailed dog of yours?”


Now it’s almost five months later, and I still walk our same route. This morning, one of Henry’s biggest fans stops me on the path, the San Francisco Bay by our side, a tiny otter face peeking out in the foggy mist. Read More…

Posted by: roughwighting | July 11, 2014

Failure Is Not a Big Deal

failure, cartwheel, success, cheerleading, color guardAre you kidding me? Failure is a huge deal. Immediately, some of my worst failures come to mind:



A Job in the Big Apple

Vaginal Birth

Agent Elimination

I’ll expose these failures to you in hopes that you’ll reciprocate in the comments section below. Read More…

Posted by: roughwighting | July 4, 2014


sunset, life, sea, ocean

Deep, restful, I want to swim in it, but why?

Just staring at it soothes me, calms me into looking back. Where did I come from?  Where am I going? Read More…

Posted by: roughwighting | June 27, 2014

More Than a Wooden Shoe walk the strangely silent town at 7 a.m. The sun is blazing this time of year, when the egrets rise with the golden orb at 5:30 a.m. 

 walk, egret

Most of the humans, however, are still blearily eyeing their cups of caffeine.


So I’m almost alone this morning with the seals and the pelicans and the few pedestrians here and there, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the satisfying strain of muscle, but also trying to fling away the worries swarming my brain like a bunch of bees. Read More…

Posted by: roughwighting | June 20, 2014

Up Up and Away

Off I go again on another flight , on another airplane, again dreading the entire experience.

I try, I really do try, to convince myself each time how fortunate I am to be able to travel from one coast to the other several times a year. I berate myself  – (you’re so spoiled, unappreciative, ungrateful) - as I regretfully hand over my boarding pass after waiting until the last possible moment to board. Read More…

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