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Twin Desires, romantic suspenseA wish, a craving, a yearning, a passionate need. What’s your desire?

I have many, but one of my aspirations is that you read and enjoy my e-book that’s driven by desire.

Twin Desires is romantic suspense that intertwines a web of murder, deceit, and intrigue. All spurred by desire, which creates:

Greed Twin Desires, romantic suspense





All of these emotions lead to a desire for good, or for bad.

For good, I’m making Twin Desires available on Kindle for a 75% reduction – only 99 cents – from Monday, January 19 (starting at 1 p.m. EST) through Thursday, January 22.

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Dreamy Shadows


shadows, palm trees, Hawaii

Some of us are happy

enjoying all we see;

we smile at silver snowdrops

that glisten from a tree.

snowfall, New Hampshire, winter

Our outlook may be fuzzy Read More…

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Losing Control – X Rated

losing control. X-ratedHow often do you let go of your emotions?

 If you could lighten up a bit, would you let yourself laugh more?

Or cry more?

I used to lose control –  emotionally –  when I was younger, and thus was embarrassed many times, particularly back when I didn’t have the discipline we “adults” are expected to display.

I cringe when I recall times I’ve “lost it,” so to speak.

Movies are a prime example.

Before I knew myself better, I’d watch movies that destroyed me. I’m reluctant to give an example, but since I’m trying to lose control a bit, here goes… Read More…

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Love Shenanigans – silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.

One of my blogging buddies told on himself right before Christmas – his wife likes her holiday decorations just a “certain way,” but this year, while she was working late, he put up the Santa Clauses and angels, the holly and trimmings, his way, before she came home.

Expecting a reprimand when she walked through the door, he was greeted instead with relief and a huge hugging thanks.

A successful shenanigan!

I commented on heylookawriterfeller’s blog that his shenanigan was successful because his wife loved him.

He commented back that “Love is all about putting up with shenanigans.”

I replied, “Love IS shenanigans.”

And then immediately I heard angelic harp music in the background of my brain as goose bumps traveled up my spine, and my soul got hit with an ‘aha’ moment. Read More…

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Sailing Over Speed Bumps

speed bumps, drivingI’m going to make a confession right here, in cyber space, where all can read and perhaps laugh at me, or maybe, worse, feel a bit sorry for me.

I have never raced over a speed bump.


I’ve never even thought to make it an option – to thumb my nose and not slow down at those ridiculously annoying concrete bumps that are put there to, uh huh, s  l  o  w  u s down. Read More…

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