Rather Take a Hike!

This Valentine’s poem is in response to the  blog contest by Susanna Leonard Hill, children’s author and blogger. The rules are simple: in 214 words or fewer, entrants must write a Valentine’s Day story or poem for children ages 12 and under, where one of the characters is grumpy. Special thanks to Mike Allegra and his fabulous grumpy cupid for encouraging me to enter.

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More than twenty cards I have to write

’cause of a chubby cupid with bow’n arrow.

“One for each student, it’s only right,”

my teacher claims, but she doesn’t know.


My fingers ache holding the marker so tight

‘cause my friends will make fun, ‘specially Joe.

We boys would rather skateboard or take a hike

or write to the other fat guy, Santa Ho Ho Ho.


But I’m coloring this special card pink and bright

since it’s for Becky, who always says “Hello!”

as if I’m nice, and she knows I won’t bite.

Maybe she’ll like my heart; I really hope so.

children's Valentine card

This is for you Schuyler, Clark, Sutton, Sloan, and Neville. xo Photo credit: Shara Coletta.



43 thoughts on “Rather Take a Hike!

  1. Pam, a beautiful, empathic, soul-full entry into the struggles of the young and the power of love. Home run, if you will, touching and a great start to this St. Valentine’s Day. Thank you, YOU.


  2. I know it’s not like a guy to use this word, but the only thing I can come up with is – precious! It’s so nice to see that Valentine’s Day is not always about romantic love, but simply acts of kindness and gratitude to fellow human beings, whether their 12 or 92 😉 Very well done, Pamela – thanks for sharing!


  3. bet becky loved his valentine!! we are each our
    bestest valentine— so do something loving and lovely for yourself
    today!!! i’m going to church, taking a walk on the beach and having
    a lobster tail by candlelight tonight!!! xo


    • Of course you caught my subtle intention right away! YES, ‘Maybe she’ll like my heart’ is the hope we all share. The desire for LOVE in our lives! 💞 Happy Valentine’s Day, my comrade of the keyboard friend.


  4. It was with surprise after reading the posts leading up to the contest on your blog that it didn’t have the theme of “Your early writing career’ like the others. :lol

    Great story poem. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  5. I liked your “shout out” to the children. I like the way your Skyler is spelled traditionally. In German it means “scholar.” Pam, I may have had this comment exchange or head your way before. Thank you for liking my sweet “grandies.”
    Your Valentine’s day post for children using grumpy was spectacular. Made me smile! ♡
    Hope you had a fun one! 🙂

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