English wallpaper, roses, English bloodI don’t like pot pie. Well, deep inside I do, since my blood is English – way back to my great-great grandparents. So sure, I like pot pie the same way I like rose gardens and floral wallpaper and hot tea with milk.

But I used to never eat pot pie because, to be honest, it’s fattening; all flour and butter in the crust; butter and flour in the gravy; and then a speck of chicken in there. With maybe a pea or two.

But when I began teaching on Tuesday nights, my guy offered to cook once a week. Hooray! Except my guy doesn’t know where we keep the salt and pepper, much less a pan or even a cooking spoon.

However, he serves his Tuesday night masterpiece proudly and  joyfully as soon as I return from my writing class, generally around 7:40 p.m.

Have you guessed what his culinary chef-d’oeuvre is yet?

Yes, frozen chicken pot pie. chicken pot pie, food love, Valentine's Day

My guy drives 30 minutes out of his way on Tuesdays to a country farm that sells amazing pot pies. He pops it in the 400 degree oven 90 minutes before I arrive home. He even steams some asparagus to go with the carrots and peas that float in the gravy.

When I race into the house, smelling that delectable gravy and noticing lit candles and a cozy fire warming up the room, I realize something . . .

I LOVE chicken pot pie.

roses, red roses, Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day – a special time to honor the ways we show love for each other. How do you celebrate?




124 thoughts on “LOVE Food

  1. Ah, food made (or prepared, as in this case) with love, makes ALL the difference in the world. Funny because last night we were watching the British baking show and the challenge was focused around… you guessed it, pot pies. And then the show stopper challenge was all about making American Pies! (Pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan, lemon meringue), quite a different story from a classic British pie.


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    • The BRITs are known for their pot pies and their shepherds pie, another traditional dish my mother always made. I think I better stay clear of that TV baking show or I might get some wonderful ideas. 😲


      • Tasty… despite the reputation of English food being bland. Perhaps that’s a reputation from WWII era when so many ingredients were on ration, when herbs and spices couldn’t be had, when it was all *mend and make do*, and when a lot of American servicemen were tucking their toes under friendly English girls’ tables.

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        • 🙂 Ah, the romantic in you is showing up. I will say that some of the PBS Masterpiece Theater series are my favorite of any TV. Foyle’s War was wonderful in detailing England during and right after the war (at least from my perspective, granted not so knowledgeable).

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  2. I agree with Beth: you are lucky to have both the guy and the pie – ha!

    If my figures are correct, your guy spends more than 2 hours, including drive time and baking to deliver the goods. He even adds asparagus (so pretty and good source of iron) as a flourish.

    Tonight my guy is sacrificing his manliness by booking a room with crazy rosy wallpaper at a Victorian-themed bed & breakfast. What they do for love is nothing to sneeze at – right!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, you TWO!

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  3. The red roses are beautiful and add a spot of love to your table, in spite of what meal is on it? Nothing much going on here for Valentine’s Day. Maybe share a bottle of Pinot Noir and groove on a few episodes of Doc Martin? Love that show, love the one you’re with.

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  4. LOL. That made me snort. I’m glad I was out of coffee. (I secretly admit that I like some of them, but like you, they’re just so fattening, besides, usually give me indigestion.) Potpie must be a guy thing. It also seems to be a southern New Mexico thing. The grocery store I use has the frozen potpies all in one section, all the brands together, separate from the other frozen dinners… I’ve never seen that before.
    Whatever dinner brings, Pam — Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  5. A lovely post Pam. My guy and I will have an early dinner out because we are on vacation. When we are at home he doesn’t mind cooking and he always does the dishes. Happy. Valentines’s Day.

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    • Wow-that’s a real love treat Gerlinde, considering how great a cook you are. I imagine your guy would want your meals every day of the week. You have raised him well. 😏Hope you have a delightful tropical dinner out tonight.🌴🌸


  6. My Mom and Grandma made the best chicken pot pies using small chunks of chicken, mushrooms, squash,peas, carrots and cubed potatoes–potatoes were optional. The recipe was passed along to all the daughters but it was never written down, just shown how-to and that was it. When all the uncles were home, Grandma made two huge pies but when it was only a few people, the pies became pot-pies.
    Tonight, Hubby is taking me out to dinner, but tomorrow I think I’ll made chicken pot pies. . . .
    Happy Valentine to you and your Hubby, Pam!

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  7. Wow, pot pie, asparagus and carrots, what a perfect dinner made with love. My husband does all the cooking after he retired in 2016. I used to give him dark chocolates and he gave me a dozen red roses for Valentine. He doesn’t eat sweet anymore for health reason. We make it simple now.

    Happy Valentine to you two, Pam!

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  8. Totally roared when I read ‘Frozen Chicken Pot Pie’. Reminded me of a time where I brought canned soup to a friend who was recovering from an injury. I was so proud of the time spent walking the soup aisle picking out just the right flavor. I think all of his laughter that followed (he was expecting homemade) healed his injury.

    But it sounds like your guy has a much better source than the Kroger Soup Aisle for his gift of love. Sounds delicious

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  9. Awww. How sweet, Pam. You are well-loved. I’d love pot pies too!
    I buy pies at the grocery store. I hide the packaging in the trash, slip it in the oven, and tell him I made it. He thinks I make GREAT pies. Hee hee.
    Such fun. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend. ❤ ❤

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  10. What a wonderful treat! I love the way a pot pie smells when it’s baking. And how absolutely perfect that your guy is attentive to you in taking the steps to prepare a delicious meal and he’s sensitive to your scheduling needs, too. I do have a pot pie source nearby…I avoid, as well, for calories, but I think I deserve a treat, too! 🙂 Soon!

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  11. Oh my goodness, Pam. I am so jealous. A chicken pot pie bought freshly out of the way and served with love has absolutely no calories if eaten with that same love. I have never been a fan but of course my only exposure was to factory frozen. Even then, when someone cares enough to bake it for you, you have won the grand prize. Happy Valentines day and hug that honey of a man.

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    • Ohhhh, back in the day, when pot pies were enjoyed instead…. of pricey meat and potatoes. Whenever my parents went out “on the town” and brought in a babysitter, my brother and I had frozen pot pie for dinner. I liked it so much that I kept asking my parents every week “Aren’t you going out next weekend?” 🙂 Now, I’m a pot pie snob. Marie Callendar doesn’t fit the bill. Only specially made ones, like the kind my guy finds at the local farm. Fresh ingredients and a crust that is almost too good to be true.
      Mouth watering?? xo


  12. Pam, you’re back!!😀 I missed you! ❤️

    Only you could turn a pot pie into an eloquent essay about love, kindness and affection! How wonderful that your husband prepares a special meal every Tuesday and allows you to come home, totally relax and be spoilt! Personally I am not a fan of pies in any form though my husband would eat them all the time if possible!

    I hope you had a magical Valentine’s Day, my friend. After a long countryside walk in the rare sunshine, we enjoyed a small pub lunch before my husband cooked us a special meal in the evening!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend! hugs xx

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    • My dear Annika – not even CHOCOLATE cream pie? Or COCONUT cream pie? How about Strawberry pie with a meringue crust, or the favorite of one of my friends, lemon meringue pie? Come on, please tell me there is at least one or two pies that you would eye. 🙂

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      • Pam, I’m laughing at how you put chocolate in capital letters – you know I can’t resist this! 😀 Or even better is the sound of strawberry with meringue crust – that sounds divine! I was thinking of savoury pies in my previous comment. My mother makes a delicious rhubarb pie and my husband an apple one, although I’ll only eat them if they have loads of sugar on them!😀


    • Chicken pot pie is a manly man food, sort of like spaghetti. When our kids were at home, we served “spaghetts” once a week – every Monday night. Comfort food to the max. Here’s hoping your husband gets a dish of pot pie soon from his honey pie. 🙂

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      • Aw, thank you! We had such a busy year last year, so I hardly logged in! We sold our house, and waited while ours was being built in Washington near my folks while we sold their home (they are in assisted living), and then sold my father-in-law’s home and properties. When we finally moved in, I was like a bewildered zombie with PTSD! It’s great to read through the blog posts and catch up!


  13. I think most men love pies and an offering of a pie from a man is a true sign of love! How wonderful to get home from work tired and hungry, to be greeted by such love and devotion!
    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as we (well, it was me really) didn’t think we needed to. I’m not a romantic and always get suspicious if I get given flowers and anyway, we love each other all year round. Richard cooks once a week – more if I’m unwell or tired – and guess what he loves to cook best of all! Frozen pie!

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  14. We both love pot pie – everything in one dish makes some things easier – and Mark used to make it once in a while when we still lived on our sailboat. It had an oven. Our Zesty doesn’t have an oven (the one attribute we miss the most), so no more pot pies. But, he’s such a good cook that we won’t go hungry or bored with any other dish. 🙂

    Glad you had a nice Valentine. Your guy sounds quite romantic and accommodating. We never celebrate “forced” and commercial events like Valentine’s Day, but happened to be out running errands on Friday and noticing the hectic atmosphere in the stores of women buying balloons and small gifts and men gathering around the flower display. 🙂

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  15. I’m glad you found you like chicken pot pie. My husband loves them, but I haven’t made it since our sons have grown. I can’t stand the thought. I don’t eat white flour so I never eat the crust and I don’t like the gravy for much the same reason.
    I hope you had a terrific Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️❤️

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