Fifty Shades of Pink

lingerie, laundry room Paula stepped away, holding back a scream when the neighbor who had just moved into the apartment above her entered the shared laundry room, saying softly: “Is there a problem?” (In the Laundry Room, continuing from last week…)

“Oh. Um. Hello! It’s Stefan, isn’t it? Hi. I’m Paula.” Paula nodded her head as if in a business meeting, berating herself silently. He’s creepy!

Stefan ignored her as he glared at the laundry in her hands. “I believe those are my jeans. And Darlene’s nightgown.”

Paula peered down at the incriminating evidence. “I was looking for my laundry. I placed my, um, things in the washing machine late last night.”

“Yes, I know.” Stefan replied. The man was taller than Paula by half a foot and looked down at her with distain, until interest lit his eyes. “I placed your ‘things’ …   (Paula flinched when he used his fingers as quote marks) … “in the dryer for you last night. I needed the washing machine.” laundry, undies, underwear, laundry room

Paula stood stock still. Okayyyy, So, where were her undies?

Suddenly she realized that Stefan had mentioned Darlene, who lived in the apartment across from hers. Single woman, Paula’s age, gorgeous, worked in a downtown San Francisco ad agency.

Why was Stefan washing Darlene’s nightie? The nightie that had a bloodstain on it?

Paula began to back out of the laundry room. She didn’t like that light in Stefan’s eyes, and she sure as heck didn’t like it when he suddenly exclaimed, “And your whites are all folded up in my place. Why don’t we go up there and I’ll give them to you.” Stefan’s grin seemed forced.  Paula’s heart jolted faster than the agitator of a washing machine.

“That’s okay,” she replied, stepping more quickly, backwards, out of the room. Until she hit a moving soft body and shrieked.

“Paula? Are you okay?”

Darlene stepped in front of Paula, looking as fresh as a newly bloomed rose, wearing a pink velvety robe and fancy bedroom slippers. Her long brunette hair was tousled in that “just out of bed” way, and her large green eyes widened as she viewed the scene between Stefan and Paula.

Pixabay, laundry room, suspense“Stefan!” Darlene scolded. “Did you put your jeans in with my nightgown and pink top?” She tut tutted as she grabbed her items and surveyed them. “You lout,” she exclaimed, but with a smile and a quick push on his chest.

“I’m sorry, babe,” Stefan said with an abashed expression crossing his rather handsome (Paula now noticed) face.

blueberry cake, stain, laundryDarlene addressed Paula: “We had blueberry cake for dessert late last night in, um, bed, and some spilled on my nightgown. Stefan was sweet enough to race down here at midnight to do a load of wash.

Paula’s felt her face turn fifty shades of pink. “Oh,” was all she could manage.

“Of course he put your things in the dryer, and I folded them early this morning. They’re up in Stefan’s room. Wanna come get them?”

washer and dryer, laundryWhat Paula wanted to do was escape her imagination.

And buy her own washer/dryer, stat.

135 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Pink

  1. Yep, Paula, your own washer/dryer. Or maybe send your stuff to a wash and fold in your tony SF neighborhood. However, just goes to show you that one shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Blueberry cake in bed? How decadent!

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  2. Okay–I’m definitely not the type to live where there is a communal laundry room–my imagination would run amok if I saw Stefan! As always, you provided a perfect Part2 AND I’m going to make a blueberry cake too–but not to eat in bed—how totally decadent 🙂

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    • I was a bit nervous how Part 2 would “pan out” (get it, blueberry cake, pan??) 🙂 So glad all’s well that ended well. And hopefully Paula has saved enough to buy her own apartment washer/dryer. Me? I’m going to post my mom’s (and her mom’s) blueberry cake recipe on Friday. Come on by – maybe you’ll want to share YOUR blueberry cake recipe too. xo

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      • Isn’t it amazing how many of us like our Mom’s blueberry cake recipes? Hubby’s Mom was a fabulous baker as was my Mom so I have two great recipes–and over the years, both have rather evolved into one that is a bit of both Moms–have passed the tradition along by passing the “new” version to my granddaughter as well as the originals from her great-grandmothers. . . Do love family traditions. . . 🙂


  3. I am glad Friday has arrived, Pam. The rest of the story. 🙂 Someone folding my whites would be a little creepy. That is what you get when you eat blueberry cake in bed, by yourself and with others.🙂 “Fifty shades of pink” made me smile. Fun!

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    • Erica – originally I titled this 10 shades of red (on my first draft, when Paula found out why there was a stain on Darlene’s lingerie, she turned 10 shades of red). But then I kept thinking “what am I missing? shades….shades…” and it came to me that I should use part of the title of a “well-known” book. Naughty me! 🙂

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      • Pam, A couple of days ago I sent the links of your two part story to a writing friend. She was wondering whether serializing a short story in a blog would work. I told her how I was looking forward to Friday of this past week, so I could find out the rest of the story. Thank you for the fun! 🙂


  4. Imagination Will play tricks… But loved this second part also Pam… I laughed out loud at this sentence
    “Paula’s heart jolted faster than the agitator of a washing machine.” Couldn’t help it…
    Brilliant my friend just Brilliant..
    Hope all is well in your world dear Pam… Finally getting time to do some serious catching up with friends..
    Love and well wishes your way… Mega Hugs ❤ 🙂 💖🙏

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    • So glad you’re “catching up” with my posts. As always, LOVE having you visit, and your comments help motivate me to keep on writing. Yes, when I felt Paula’s heart jolt I had to think think think – what’s the name of that thing in the middle of the washing machine that moves? Ah, AGITATOR! I was so proud of myself. 🙂 Love and well wishes right back to you. ❤

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    • Many thanks (and so glad) you enjoyed Part I and Part 2. Yes, I think Paula shows us exactly how our imaginations can blow up when we’re alone and vulnerable. And who can blame her? (I admit, my imagination has played many tricks on me too). xo Happy Summer – hope you’re enjoying this hot/humid/thunderstormy weather.

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      • Uhm, nope! I’m starting to question people who say that summers in MA are beautiful. We’ve never been here this long before and I can confirm – again – that we have zero interest to ever live in New England! 🙂

        It’s pouring as we speak. The nice thing is that the temps are cooling off. The coming week should be the best one yet!


  5. Where the mind can go when given the opportunity! Great story, Pam. I wasn’t sure what Paula was in for. And great choice of the name Stefan – the villain in a soap opera I used to watch (decades ago btw) was Stefano and was he bad!

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    • Oh, I love hearing that – Stefano was a ‘bad guy’ in a soap, huh? I wasn’t sure where the name “Stefan” came from, but it just sounded right. Another commenter here called this story a “suspenseful soap opera with creepy undercurrents.” Isn’t that great? I think soap operas were/are underrated.

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      • Hi Pam. I don’t watch them now, but I did tune in after my oldest son was born. Then life got too busy to keep up. My mother watched As the World Turns til that show ended, then she picked up on All My Children and watched that til it ended. I think my grandmother also watched Days of Our Lives (the one I watched), which is the show Stefano came from!


  6. Breaking my blog “fast” to read and comment here, Pam. The title was too tempting. Apparently, baking blueberry cake is a fabulous story prompt, at least for your ending.

    Yes, I read comments too. Ha! ((( )))

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    • I truly appreciate you breaking your fast to come visit me and Paula and her laundry room story, Marian. If you break fast again next Friday I promise to include my blueberry cake recipe. 🤫🥰


  7. I think I’d be buying new undies and let those touched by so many strangers go. Then find an apartment with W/D hookups. I would not want to be trapped with any man in a basement laundry room Especially one that sleeps around. ;))) This had a very blushing ending. Great job.

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  8. Creepy!!! I don’t want strangers to fold my whites. Darlene took them to Stefan’s room? No way! Paula should get her own washer and dryer for sure.
    What a fun story, Pam! The neighbor across the street had a washer delivered this morning. I wonder what kind of story they had. Ummm!

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  9. Glad this did not have a sinister ending but rather, a humorous one. We all get carried away sometimes with creating scenarios that are way more dramatic than the plain and simple reality. Ha. You kept the tension going throughout. Well done.

    No, do not fold my underwear for me thank you. 🙂


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    • I didn’t set off to show this in my story, Peta, but that’s exactly right. How many times do we make up scenarios in our head that have nothing to do with reality? Many times for those of us who are “creatives.” 🙂 Okay, I’m off to put the wash in the dryer – in MY own little laundry room, thank the heavens.


  10. Love the story, Pam!😀 you still have me on edge and Paula’s first trip out (or online order) should be for her own washer/dryer! The tension is just a tad bit too much! Hope you’re having a good start to the week! Happy Writing, my friend! ❤️

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  12. Aha! The plot thickens … and continues. I watched a particularly creepy episode of SVU last night – it just makes this whole story even creepier. Thanks for the willies. LOL. I am ever so much more grateful to not only have a W/D, but of the first time in my life, they’re behind louvered does in my kitchen!!

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  13. Laundry? 50 shades of pink? Yup One of my first loads of laundry “the husband” ended up with pink underwear,,, that’s where my mind went.


    Now I want someone to serve me blueberry cake while I watch them fold my laundry. Now that’s sexy!

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