The Object of It All

secret, thanks to Pixaby and philm1310I normally would not tell anyone this story, but you, you I trust with my deepest darkest secrets, so I can finally tell the truth about what I ordered. That’s not even the part that’s embarrassing, at least, not the most embarrassing.

What’s astonishing is what happened after I obtained my desired object.

I guess I’ll just dive head first into this confession. I heard through the Wicca pipeline (i.e., mostly through telepathic connections) that the old 5 & 10 on Main Street had a new owner, and that the new owner was the grandniece of the doddery Mr. Dodgery, who hadn’t restocked his shelves in 12 years.

Well, grandniece Shelley blew in with a Ph.D. in mysticism and the occult (YES, there is such a degree, from Oxford no less) and whisked away the old and brought in spanking new items like never-been-used vintage record players and albums by classic ‘60s musicians; ultramodern coffee pots that brew a cappuccino in less than seven seconds – you know, cutting edge stuff; as well as penny candy for the youngsters; and brilliant books by Indie authors for the intelligent set.

None of this interested me. But behind the counter, that was a different matter completely. After Shelley showed me the prototype of something I’ve desired since I was 6 years old, I ordered the hidden specialty – a crystal ball.

crystal ball, seeing the future, mysticism“Martha, this order could take months,” Shelley warned me. “The ones that show the past – I could have that in two weeks. But what you’re asking for… that could take a while.”

“I understand,” I nodded, not really understanding. After all of these years, and at the numbing age of …. well, a numbing age …. I needed this particular crystal ball N O W.  On the other hand, the price was rather extraordinary, so I worked extra hours at the science lab. You know I have a Ph.D. in microbiology, but you probably didn’t hear that I got promoted to head lab researcher. We’re actually working on the planetary/star dust we’ve gathered from asteroids … well, that’s another story. Science is no mystery to me, but my love life is unfathomable.

Eight long months later, my crystal ball arrived. Such high hopes I had for this one, which doesn’t tell the past nor the future, but instead…

Can you guess? Should I tell you? Wait, this is a better idea. The first reader who guesses the right answer (or closest answer) will win a copy of my friend Pamela’s newest book – FLASHES OF LIFE. (Softback/or e-book – winner’s choice if he/she lives in the U.S., otherwise e-book).flash fiction, memoir, Indie book, memoir

Looking forward to your answers. What will my new crystal ball show me?

148 thoughts on “The Object of It All

  1. The crystal ball will show you your life’s purpose and what you need to do to satisfy the contract you “signed” before you were born into this life !

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  2. The crystal ball will tell her if the dreamy scientist working with her is checking her out or trying to steal her thunder on her research. I love this story. I think most of us could use a crystal ball for so many questions. 😉 I pulled a tarot card this week to get some confirmation on direction. It was the “clean house” card. 🙂 Wouldn’t you know it.:)

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    • Oh my! I gasped when I read that it was the “clean house” card. I think you definitely need a crystal ball, Marlene!! I smiled at your dreamy scientist/stealing-thunder scientist guess. You know my storyline tendencies too well. 🥴

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  3. This is so much fun, Martha! I think that crystal ball is going to show you an amazing star dust discovery and along with it, an introduction to someone working on the same project in another part of the world…and maybe a love connection? Hi to Pam!

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  4. As you gaze into its deep mysterious depths, and with the use of your telepathic abilities, you will see EXACTLY how to woo that person that you have secretly loved and desired for a lonnngg time, so that that person falls in love with you in 5 easy steps …

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  5. I also guess “the love of her life” even though Erica got there first. LOL. It’s the first thing that popped into my mind, so I’m sticking with it. 🙂 A fun story, Pam, as always, and what a wonderful prize!!! Who ever wins is going to love it.

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    • If a crystal ball could give us the secret to happiness, millions would be knocking on grandniece Shelley’s store door and BEGGING for it. But, why not? It’s magic, right?
      That said, I think both you and I (Martha) and Pam know the answer to that secret already… ❤


  6. Oh, what a wonderful read, this!
    She will learn that to understand love is to not experience it in its fullest. It is unfathomable on purpose. She will learn to stop looking and to love herself and if it is meant to be, it will be.
    You have such a grand imagination, Pam!

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  7. What an intriguing story!
    Let’s break it down. Since the narrator’s lovelife is ‘unfathomable’ the broad category of what it reveals is about her love life.
    Then, since you probably want more specifics, she’s wanted it since she was 6 years old, has a degree in microbiology and is currently specializing in planetary/star dust.
    So my guess is she is wanting to see the union of herself and an alien (interplanetary) lover.

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  8. I did not see fairy dust or crystal balls when I attended Oxford U. But I guess I had the wrong major. 🙂
    However, I do wish for a genie attached to a crystal ball that would clean my house. Unfathomable!

    The guesses are amazing. Yes, I read them through, but I won’t venture a guess because my imagination is lagging right now. Tell Pam I already have her book and loved it, so I pass my prize onto another.

    One question for Pam, “What has she been drinking?”

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    • Thanks for smiling along with me (and Martha) as we shared her story of the crystal ball adventure. Yes, you definitely had the wrong major (as did I). No star dust in my thesis paper. But I remember hiring a genie to type the whole darn thing. 🙂
      From your comment here, I can assure you that your imagination is alive and kicking. Oh, and currently the drink-of-the hour is strong (as in over-brewed) iced tea. xo

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    • What a starry idea, Patricia! And imaginative, and relevant to Martha’s life. Thanks for reading and thinking about this crystal ball. By the way, did I tell you how much I LOVED The Last Fallen Star?


  9. I think Martha wants a crystal ball that will show her the little boy she loved at the age of 6 and has been searching for ever since. Perhaps he grew up to be the astronaut who brought back the stardust Martha studies. . . Love all your cliff-hangers, Pam–oops, friend of Pam’s! 🙂

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  10. I’m guessing she wants the crystal ball to find the love of her life and bring him to her. I’m not sure, though, what happened after she met him. It has to be something embarrassing. Oh, dear! I’ll leave that to your imagination. It seems to be more exciting than mine.

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    • Oh no no no, now that I’ve read your wonderful book I am quite certain you have great imagination as well as being a good writer. Believe me, my imagination is much less exciting than some of the answers in the comment section from this flash story. Whoa. I think you’ll appreciate what Martha finds in Friday’s final edition. 🙂

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  11. “Shelley showed me the prototype of something I’ve desired since I was 6 years old, I ordered the hidden specialty – a crystal ball.”

    Hmm . . .

    What did Martha desire at 6 years of age?
    A pony? A puppy? A kitten? A sleep over with all her friends?

    Was she already thinking of love and marriage and babies in carriages?
    Nah. At 6, boys still have cooties . . . at least the ones we knew did.

    Did she want to see the future? The past?
    Her life’s purpose?
    Prior incarnations?

    BUT why would sharing the story be embarrassing to her?
    A secret not to be revealed except to a trusted few?

    Hmm . . .

    Maybe she wants to see her guardian angel and is astonished when the crystal ball reveals that her guardian angel is a fallen angel. Beelzebub. Lucifer. Prince of Darkness. Satan.

    That could prove embarrassing. 😛

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  12. I don’t think it will show anything. I think every time you gaze into it, the clear crystal will cloud over, and a very quiet voice will say, “Don’t look into my depths — look into the depths of the world for wisdom.”

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    • Your answer just gave me goosebumps (the good kind). I could actually hear that sweet soft voice urging us to look into the depths of all around us. And within us? Beautiful answer. I fear my second-parter will be a disappointment after all the mystical thoughtful lovely guesses from the insightful people in this blogosphere – like you. ❤

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  15. Another lovely write, Pam. Very sharply written and with a lot of intent. I am guessing the crystal ball will show her the path to happiness, or transport her to another realm 😊 It is interesting to read how quite a few have mentioned it will show her the love of her life 💕

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    • I think Martha would like to explore another realm. That said, many of the comments here seemed to suggest that there’s one thing more important than anything else. Hmmmm, let’s see what happens in Friday’s ending. 🙂 Many thanks for joining in, Mabel.

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  18. I’m late to the party so I’m sure the answer’s out there already. In ye olden days, fair maidens would use all sorts of witchery to get a glimpse of their future husbands. Anyway, your image of the bubble gum machine brought back fond memories – an instant pleasure rush for a penny, if you had one. Then suddenly they were taken away, and I could never understand why.

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