Latte Love  Image by Briam Cute from Pixabay For seven long days I waited to use the crystal ball that I bought – at great expense I might add – from Sally at the “5 & 10 (& Secret Occult) Shop.”

As I mentioned earlier (see The Object of It All.), getting the crystal ball was out of my comfort zone, but what’s astonishing is what happened after I obtained my desired object.

“Martha, this unusual crystal ball will give you the answer,” Sally promised when she handed it to me.

“I certainly don’t need a crystal ball to tell me my past – I’ve lived it. I’m proud of my professional life as a bio-scientist, but I’m not thrilled with my personal life.”

I didn’t share with Sally that I’ve pined over three men in my life: Professor Jenkins at Oxford, who used me up like an old laptop and then flung me away with a new batch of freshman lovelies; Donte  J—, the divorced state senator  who swore he loved me and then married his office manager; and lastly, my best friend’s husband’s boss, a brilliant physicist, who two years into our romance turned celibate and became a monk.

Sally pushed me out the door. “Trust what she shows you.”crystal ball, seeing the future, mysticism

She?” I asked, stunned. “The crystal ball has a name?”

“Of course. Her name is Stella.”

I carried the ball like it was a gold-encrusted egg. My time was running out, yet look at me! I’m not bad looking; my body hasn’t started to sag too much, and I offer wit and wisdom and a healthy sex drive. I can’t seem to pick ‘em on my own, but that is what the crystal ball promises to do.

So, I closed all of my drapes, smoothed my hands over Stella, and asked sweetly and simply: Show me my true love.

When he appeared, crystal clear through the rounded glass, I gasped.

Ronnie, the café barista I’ve greeted these past three years with nary a glance or a concern. Ronnie stood in my ball with a beam of promise. He had to be ten years younger than me, levels below my intelligence with little ambition, but he wore the sweetest smile this side of heaven.  R-steray

So, I spread on some lipstick and a bit of mascara – God knows he’s already seen me at my worse most mornings at 6 a.m. –  and raced out to order a Grande Latte extra foam.

Lo and behold, Stella the crystal ball showed me my future, as bright as hope and love. digital artistCONGRATS to the winner! First, kudos to all of the inventive, playful, creative guesses of what I’d learn from the crystal ball. Speculations included the secret to eternal youth; an alien lover; my life’s purpose; a star dust discovery; the way to woo a lover (in five easy steps); financial advice; the scientist trying to steal my research; the ability to travel to any destination I choose; and many more. 

But the first reader who guessed correctly was Joanne Sisco (My Life Lived Full – If you aren’t living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space) who noted: My guess would be that the crystal ball shows your true love.” 

As important as star dust, success, and eternal youth may be, I learned that LOVE is the object of it all. Joanne will receive my friend Pamela Wight’s lighthearted flash memoir, FLASHES OF LIFE. flash fiction, memoir, Indie book, memoir

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  1. That was lovely and, hey, ten years her junior sounds just about right 😉
    Besides, she has no idea what he is all about – yet.
    Excellent conclusion! Now… where’s MY Stella?

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  2. Sounds like Martha’s unluckiness in love has come to a great end. I’m loving Flashes of Life, and enjoying it in small pieces because that way the joy lasts longer. ❤ I'm sure Joanne will love it!

    And I'll join you with that Earl Grey latte, double foam.

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    • Flashes of Life and Flashes of Love (and crystal balls). What could be better? 🙂 SO glad you’re enjoying my book. Now, make sure you add just a pssst (as my barista calls it) of vanilla to the Earl Grey tea latte. Perfection!

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    • I just “write ’em” as my characters “tell em,” Liesbet. 🙂 I certainly learn a lot about life and love from my characters, like Martha. My prediction (without Stella even) is that Martha will be happily in love for a long time. I’m so happy that Joanne is so happy that she won! 🙂

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  3. “…wit…wisdom…a healthy sex drive…” you are a catch, Pam! (I mean, ‘your character’) And, “…the sweetest smile this side of heaven” a good indicator of genuine kindness and character. Joanne has always been a wise woman. I suspect she owns at least one crystal ball, a secret to her success 😀

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  4. An expensive crystal ball from a 5 & 10 shop? Well, I never!
    I also had my suspicious about your previous picking abilities: “my best friend’s husband’s boss, a brilliant physicist, who two years into our romance turned celibate and became a monk.”
    If you are looking for a complement to your raving intelligence, I guess Ronnie will be an excellent consolation prize. Yes, for sure. Ha Ha!

    Somehow, your mention of Stella reminded me of “Stella by Starlight,” an oldie but goodie. Remember?

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    • What a GORGEOUS song by the one and only Ella. I must admit, I didn’t know this one. Now I’ve been playing the song on my computer over and over. Martha asks me to assure you that Ronnie is THE ONE, unlike those other wrong choices. 🙂 ❤

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  5. Dag! Right answer, too late! LOL. I didn’t look at any other answers lest I be influenced, but isn’t it interesting that we romantics are still out here – so encouraging! Congrats to Joanne, and how nice of you, Pam, to pose a mystery and offer one of your books.

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    • I am SO encouraged by the number of romantic answers I received (besides the “star dust, alien lover, and your own reflection in the ball” guesses. 🙂 Yes, we romantics are out there, and we know that Martha is right. Love is the OBJECT OF IT ALL. ❤

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  6. Sweet!! If that’s what she delivered, I think waiting 8 months was well worth it. After all, many of us have waited much longer.

    What a fun read! Thank you!

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    • Martha experienced a few “bad apples” as the old expression goes before she used the crystal ball that helped her find true love. For the rest of us, yes, it can take a much longer time without the help of Stella. 🙂 xo Thanks so much for reading, enjoying, and commenting here.


    • Thank you so much, Linda. The Part I post received so many unique guesses that I was afraid Stella’s answer would disappoint some. But it’s all about the RIGHT guy for Martha, and Stella delivered. 🙂

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  7. Yay for Joanne. . . .my Mom always said “simple is best” as anything too convoluted makes Life too complicated. So I was right–your ending was great AND your solution and Joanne’s answer was simple–true love wins 🙂 Great flash, Pam!

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  8. Joanne is one lucky lady. I’m sure she will love the book as much as I did. I’m looking forward to a sequel. You know what they say about younger men and older women. More sexually compatible. Add to that someone who brings you coffee and it’s a match made in a crystal ball. Great story.

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  9. Awwww. I’ll bet that barista is a wonderful guy. I’m so glad I guessed right even though I wasn’t the first to do it. Joanne is going to love the book, Pam. It’s wonderful. This was a fun promotion. Have a lovely day, my friend. ❤

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  10. Stella and her crystal ball were useful. Without her, the protagonist never would have recognized her true love. Now I’m wondering if it will all work out for them.

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  12. Hi Pam I’ve been inspired by your work very much you are 💯% perfect. I dream of being couched by you in blog writing ..
    Please please please please follow my page and have a taste of my work and drop that comment and advice I’ll highly appreciate it🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    • Hi Cindy. Several bloggers “know me too well” and guessed a romantic ending. 🙂 The winner (who lives in Canada) just got her winning copy. I’m excited that so many played “the guessing game.” ❤

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    • I love offering these “guessing games,” because commenters seem to have such a good time – guessing fervently (or sometimes with wicked humor). 🙂 I’m well, thank you. Because of eye issues, I’m posting every other Friday instead of once a week. But I’m definitely reading lots of blogs in between. Happy mid-October! ❤

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