It Shouldn’t Work That Way

romance, single life, CA view, Richardson BayRemember how I told you I didn’t want to live with you? I needed my own space, my own home before I made one with you.

I meant it.

But you didn’t believe me. Or, you believed me, but you needed me to make a home with you. To create a space together.

Crazy, I thought. I was recovering from a divorce as shocking as it was disappointing. My high school boyfriend, who became a completely-in-love-with-me college boyfriend, then a fiancé, then my husband for three years before our Bessie arrived, pink-cheeked and cherubic from the minute she escaped my birth canal – that devoted and charming man left Bessie and me for another woman. Another life. broken heart, romance

I should have needed years to get over that.

But oh no, a month after the divorce that surprised me with its simplicity – sign here and sign away the 10 years of love and marriage – you walk into the café where I’m frantically writing an article on “the joys of cooking simply” for one of the magazines I freelance for. R-sterayYou stride to the counter and order a cappuccino, glance around the room (okay, yes, I was watching you), and single me out with a smile.

Okay, yes, I smiled back.

You receive my smile as an invitation and sit down at my table with a nod, holding out your hand. “Joseph,” you say as simple as that. And I’m lost in that invitation.

But I try my hardest to push you away. Fifteen minutes into this meetngreet, you sipping your coffee, me glancing at my half-written article with regret – I’ll never make the deadline – I mention to you that I’m newly divorced and the mother of a 2-year-old.

You should have stood up and run away as fast and as far as possible.

Instead, you ask, “When can I meet her?”

Remember how I said I’d go out with you but that you’d never meet my daughter. Separation of church and state – separation of love life and family. That kind of thing. You laughed. “Doesn’t work that way,” you replied.

So, here we are, one day into living together a year after we met. I should need my freedom. I shouldn’t like being here.

But I’m happier than I’ve ever been. daisy, daisies, love story, romance

“Shouldn’t work that way,” I whisper in your ear as we stand in our family room, looking out at Bessie picking daisies in our new front yard.

You smile and squeeze my worry into love.

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This story is an anniversary gift to my guy. He knows how much truth is in the fiction. ❤

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  1. I absolutely loved this story!!! I can picture little Bessie out picking those daisies. So much joy here between the lines…such well-written lines!!! I have said it before, and I will say it again: you are a master storyteller!

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  2. A wonderful story and a great Anniversary gift. Happy Anniversary to both f you. Wishing you many more.
    (PS I can relate to this story in many ways. Things work out the way they are supposed to.)

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  3. My heart is full and my eyes have just been washed. What a beautiful story, Pam. It might not shouldn’t work that way but then again… who says and why not? There are beautiful people out there and you happened to notice one who noticed you (seeing a fellow beautiful people). Happy Anniversary to you!

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    • Thank you. We all are in need of good stories, and there are so many of them. Unfortunately, some believe a story/book/life isn’t ‘real’ unless it’s sad and depressing. We all have sad and depressing in our lives, but truly, the silver lining shines us into a good story.


  4. Charming and romantic story—It turns out you got an upgrade. Life is funny because sometimes things that seem devastating at the time turn out to be for the best later on. I love the “doesn’t work that way” and “shouldn’t work that way” lines.

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      • My spouse and I have been married for 26 years – and on our first date – he immediately showed me a photo of his almost three year old daughter (he got divorced when she was 9mos) and he didn’t know how I would react – and the best thing was that I did have a list of a few specific things I did Oor did not want – but someone with children never was a consideration (and I know some folks who prefer the no kids yet partner) anyhow –
        It was just such a non issue for me – and it was a good fit – just like you and yours – and the depiction here!

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        • Wow! What a beautiful (TRUE) story. Yes, I’ve met quite a number of people – men and women – who say they’d never date someone who has a child. Fortunate for you and me (and our loved ones), we know better than to set such limitations. Thanks for sharing your romance – and happy 26 to you and your guy!

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  6. Ooh such a lovely story of second-time-around!! I have one too; I forget if I told you this! But for me, it took 37 years from divorce (1979) to meeting my now-husband in 2016. Our first anniversary is July 17! Ain’t love grand!? Here’s our story of how we met – I can’t remember if I already sent this to you or not. If so, well, you got it again! LOL!

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    • Thanks Bruce and so wonderful to hear from you! I miss your blog posts very much. Our family is at the Red Sox game for the 4th. I know you’re a baseball fan so thought you’d enjoy that thought. Hope all is well.


  7. Awww … this has to be the BEST of anniversary presents, Pam! 😀 Your guy is very lucky and what an amazing heartfelt story. She never stood a chance against such sincerity, kindness & love – just needed time and reassurance after the previous heartache. I LOVE your last line, it is precious: ‘You smile and squeeze my worry into love’! ❤️

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  8. Aw, sweet romance. Sounds like my husband telling me on our third date he was going to marry me. I laughed and told him, never gonna happen. Ha! Love finds a way. Happy Anniversary. ❤

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  9. This is a touching story. I was however, sad as I was reading scrolling down the blog that you were married for 10 years and it didn’t work out, that is painful and excruciating but it is a touching story. Great context here

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    • Wow, I wonder how you found my blog. I’m grateful that you did, and that you commented. THANKS. Yes, the character in this story, Patty, had a marriage of almost a decade that failed. But she did not give up on love, which I think is the message here, thus a great anniversary gift to someone special in your life.

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