About Rough Wighting

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Wight with Muse, by  Mike Allegra.

“Art is transferring feeling from one heart to another.” Leo Tolstoy

I write because I love the written word. I love stories of fiction and lore; therefore, I create with the written word too.

This blog shares that love. Parts of it contain fast flashes of life that I write for the total joy of it.

Parts of the blog show my publishing joys – books of romance and suspense offered as a wonderful escape into worlds that are very real: The Right Wrong Man and Twin DesiresAdding to this joy, my illustrated children’s book, BIRDS OF PARADISE, enjoyed by anyone ages 3 to 93.

Through all of my posts and books, I hope to share my joy in writing rough.

My last name is Wight, and I teach creative writing for fun – calling it Rough Writing. My students have renamed my class ROUGH WIGHTING, and I think that’s just perfect.

Join me also at Twitter: https://twitter.com/pamelawight; Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/roughwighting/; Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/pam94920/; and Pinteresthttps://www.pinterest.com/pamcoletta/.

261 thoughts on “About Rough Wighting

  1. What a wonderful blog Pam. I will bookmark this blog and maybe even take a course from you. I have been writing since a few years after HS but never got beyond journaling, and a few published poems and a short story.

  2. Hey there Pam! It’s Beverly Linn Guy from PHS. Remember me? I totally enjoyed your blog, just like Steve said above. You are truly a gifted writer. Congrats on writing such a cool blog and best wishes on many, many more. I look forward to reading more from you. Take care girlfriend!!!

  3. Pam;
    As someone who took your creative writing for fun class from 2002-2010 that you taught in Concord/Carlisle Ma, I’m to glad follow your as a writer through your blog.
    I really enjoyed reading stories that you had written before I knew you & look forward to reading more.


    Bonita Robbins

  4. Loved all of these stories Pam! You are such a talented writer. I loved your writing even in high school–it was always so easy , personal , and interesting! And I could see your hair and your beautiful eyes when you were taking that stroll–took me back! Miss you –thanks for sharing a piece of you with us all. I’ll be checking back. . .

    • Pam, i’m a fellow writer, and have been since 2000. I hate to be so frank, but do you know of anyone who publishes poetry? I’ve already gotten letters from 4 publishers, and they all said that the subject was a little too personal. I’m trying to get in touch with other publishers, they say the subject is a little too “close to home”, if you understand.

  5. Why didn’t I look at this page first? Duh! You may be a Wight, but you don’t write rough! You encourage an old woman by showing that young ones notice–and there’s so very much to notice, isn’t there?

    • I love your comments and your attention to all the parts of my blog. And you KNOW that there is no ‘old’ or ‘young,’ just attention to who we are inside. As a youngster some of my best friends were decades older than me, and now as I reach those years, I’m hoping to find/keep friends of all ages. It’s what makes us love every detail of our living (and writing).

  6. Hey! I love how you came up with the title of your blog! I have never read anyone’s introduction as trying to bring joy to those who are in pain. Very thoughtful and very original! Love it!

  7. Hi Pam,
    I tried to follow you here from my blog, but your little square avatar is not linked to your blog, so I had to google it instead. You can link your avatar by going back to the avatar site (click on yours to get there) and then edit it. You will find an option to include links to your other pages. Let me know if you have any problem.

  8. Thanks for the virtual visit, Pam. Looks like you’ve got something very nice going on around here. I look forward to coming back 🙂

    • I am speechless, thus I never wrote my acceptance speech. But I am honored to receive the award. I completely agree that EACH MOMENT matters in our lives. And there’s nothing more fun than writing about those moments.

    • Well, both the flower and the woman are known for their beauty. Same with your Jersey island. I grew up in New Jersey, which as far as I’m concerned, is not as pretty as YOUR Jersey.

  9. Hi, just came across your blog, My owner was just saying the other day that there has to be a pet out there named Henry David Thoreau! We’re from Concord and love all things Thoreau, Emerson and especially Louisa May. enjoy your blog, check mine out, too sometime. A different there, women’s rights, but still lots of Concord in there, thanks, Louisa May Alcatt

  10. So fun to read your comments here and then visit you at your blog. Louisa May Alcatt is a glorious name for a cat. Our golden Henry David is very proud of his name also. I lived in Carlisle (right at Concord line) for 10 years and just moved back to the SF bay area three years ago. I was so lucky to have that time in Alcott/Thoreau country!

  11. Apologies Pam, My fingers slipped lol :).

    As I was saying, My name is Kevin Gillespie, I do, MUCH prefer to be called Kev though. :).

    I live in Wales, & am now Following your Blog. :).

    Best Wishes 🙂
    Kev. 🙂

  12. What a creative title for a blog! I am sure your students love your class. Thank you so much for the recent comment on one of my posts. I will enjoy exploring your blog. All the best to you and your writing!

  13. Pam, What a wonderful landscape of mind you have created Tasty little morsels to pauseat and enjoy like a tast of fine wine..

  14. Thank you for stopping by my page!
    Writing is something I have always wanted to do and only recently gained the courage to do it publicly!
    I plan to follow your blog and hopefully learn a few things along the way!

  15. Thought I’d stop by to say thank you for visiting and following my blog. Then I discovered that you’re a New Englander, just like I am! You have a really neat blog and I’m looking forward to keeping up with your posts. Have a writerly day! Kate

  16. Beautiful sentiments, well written. In some ways, your son reminds me of my son — who has given me 2 grandchildren, is inordinately affectionate, and always inscrutable, even on the rare occasions when he makes me feel like he’s pouring his heart out to me.

  17. Thanks for commenting and liking my book page….you have a new follower in me. Loved your blog about your son. It’s amazing how different our children are from one another and still so very special in their own way.
    With 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 11 great, I see the specialness multiplied many times over.

    • The embarrassing thing is that I just saw your comment on my About Rough Wighting page! The happy thing is that I’ve just followed you…and now I’m looking for a good sunset photo in my files. 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. How funny to come across another “Pitmanite”! We have only been in town for 12 years so we are not “true” townies but we love it here. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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  20. This new opening on your blog is beautiful, Pam. I am so happy you have a fine illustrator who captured your “essence,” Pam!! 🙂 I remember somewhere reading about your teaching but am happy to know how your students enjoy and like your creative writing course! Nothing better than doing what you love. Happy New Year to you and yours. ♡

    • Here’s to a year full of doing what we love. THANK you for sharing links of my books on your blog, and for your always insightful and encouraging comments! I enjoy your blog immensely.

  21. I came back to mention a p.s. which lets you know I featured you, Luanne Castle and 12 other fellow bloggers who write blogs and books, Pam. I was suggesting on the post, “Great News: Library Requisition Forms Work,” to get libraries to purchase books from authors, if you are on a budget. I also promoted your books and others as suggestions of ways to begin the new year with new books to read. 🙂

  22. Hello, Pam. I’ve just followed your link back to your blog, and all I can say is that I’m delighted to meet you. Yes, we do seem to be in a similar place right now. We both have two books out there, and I imagine, like me, you have a third on the way. That sounds rather like some silly ‘pregnant pause’ joke (Lol) but I’m sure you know what I mean. I too love to write flash fiction, but have eased back on that at the moment. I’m intent on getting Book 3 moving a bit faster, as I’ve been playing around on WP far too much last year. I’ll be very happy to follow you and, as you’re a creative writing teacher, I’m sure I’ll pick up a few tips along the way. I’m an ex teacher,too, but of geology, geography and history.
    It’s lovely to know you, and I’ll look forward to reading your ‘Sisterhood’ award post, too! 🙂

    • Well, our books are our babies, in a way, for sure. And yes, a third is on the way, but it seems to be a lonnnng gestation period. I have considered at times blogging less often to concentrate on my third baby, um, book, (I blog every Friday) but I find the fast “I” piece non-fiction I write for roughwighting cathartic and fun, and I love getting such wonderful feedback every week from my followers. It’s kinda addictive. :-0

  23. I’m looking forward to reading everything that you create with the written word and since you’re a teacher of creative writing, I’m sure that I will learn a thing or two along the way too! Lovely blog. 🙂

  24. Good to be able to browse in your blog and I really like a lot of the contents. I will ask to be notified of any new post by you. Both you know the art of writing and it would seem you are genuine and kind- hearted. If you have a chance, feel free to have a glance in my blog as well, only if you wish though. Kind regards, Paul…..PS, if you wish, you can find me on LinkedIn as well

    • Thanks so much for finding me and following me here. I look forward to connecting with you on your blog. My goal is to just write about every day life. It’s a great way to share our life stories.

  25. Thank you so much for connecting, Pam. Isn’t the internet a wonderful world? I would never have met you only for it and blogging – and Jean’s Social Bridge, of course (she named it well).

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  27. What a great name for your blog and I’m going to enjoy following your ‘rough writing’ and so glad I ‘stumbled’ across your blog! With five years experience of blogging you count as a real pro – I’ve got my notebook and pen ready to take notes!!😀 I’m so impressed you’ve got two books published (self-published?) and they look great, exciting reads with amazing reviews. They’re on my wish list for the summer holidays when I have hours free…bliss…can’t wait (to read your books and the holidays!) I see one is co-authored. What was that like? Easy? Difficult? Warmest wishes to you Pam.

    • I began my writing career as a medical writer and editor. Then I attended a creative writing group and got hooked. I’ve taught creative writing classes for two decades now (ack!) and for my first book, co-authored it with one of my adult ‘students’ in my writing class. It was surprisingly easy, since we plotted it together, and then we each wrote every other chapter, then switched and editing each other’s work. Even now, I can’t tell what I wrote and what she wrote! The second book, The Right Wrong Man, I wrote myself and self-published it first as an e-book, then a softback. What a process! Not easy, thousands of hours of work, but being responsible for your own book from beginning to end to marketing to formatting to cover and promotion is a thrill like none other. Thanks for the questions and the interest. Will be fun to ‘follow’ each other in our writing successes.

  28. Hi, Pam! I just had to make a visit to your blog since you were kind enough to visit mine. What fun your blog is and what an interesting writing life you have.

    • Ha Ha. Rough would be a tough first name, wouldn’t it? 🙂 I love the name Pamela – so much more romantic sounding than Pam. But my friends are more prone to call me Pam or Pammy. I answer to any name if it’s given with a smile. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by here, Jonna!

  29. Hi Pam, Looking forward to reading your posts and stories. The title of your blog is clever and a lovely story behind it. Following you so I can start with the most recent and work my way backwards. Glad you found me, so I could find you! Louise

  30. Although we are wildly different (as writers are), you and I have a lot in common (as writers do). For example, I use the handle “wachel” in some places, and I love to help others to find and keep the joy of writing. I’ve written two books of interviews with popular novelists (including many a romance writer) and so I know this syndrome well. For some reason people feel safe pooh poohing romance when they would never do the same with crime novels or other more “male” genres of fiction. Their loss 🙂

    • Thanks so much for finding me here, Rachel, and commenting on my post about “You look like a …” I bet both you and I look like . . . . writers . . . who explore so many different realms of life. I agree, most people cherish, dream for, fantasize, and need love in their lives, and yet romantic love is scoffed by the ‘literary’ intelligentsia (and others). Such a shame, but at some point, they (and books that include love/romance) will come out of the closet to the light of day.

  31. Hi Pam:
    Loved reading your posts.
    I like to write because to me it is therapeutic and due to what I write about – mainly “wild and crazy stuff” – stuff to make people smile, laugh, somethings take a minute or two to ponder a specific quote I posted, and well, basically just about anything that will take people’s mind off the craziness in the world today.
    Should someone read one of my crazy jokes, philosophical quotes, or just down-right goofiness and comment on it that “It made their day” or Thanks, I needed that because I was somewhat down but then your wild and crazy rant popped up and brought a smile to my face – well, that is what keeps me going.
    I try to write a daily quip on my Facebook page, a weekly post on my WordPress site, and a monthly post entitled “Irwin Ponders” in our local Community Bulletin. Writing soothes my soul.
    Looking forward to following your writing endeavors.

    • “Writing Soothes My Soul.” — Oh, you are so right Irwin, and your writing soothes the souls of your readers. Keep it going – I enjoyed visiting your blog and will continue to do so. THANKS much for coming here and commenting. Great to meetcha.

  32. Great name for a blog and I can’t wait to dive in and read more of your work. I have always wanted to take a creative writing class and what I’ve read so far makes me want to take action and enrol on the next class

  33. Hi Pam,
    What a clever play on words for your blog! I post at http://www.sweetgumlife.com and yesterday’s post was the second part of a short story that I’m penning. I’m realizing that I put a lot of pressure on myself by posting as I write the draft, but it has been kind of fun. I have taught classes in creative writing and hope to continue in the future.

    Best regards,

    • I can’t believe it took me so long to find your comment. So sorry. I look forward to reading your blog – and just stopped over there. Hope you’re feeling better! Where do you teach creative writing classes? Looking forward to connecting via our blogs – Pam

  34. Thanks for joining the challenge via Christy’s post. Writing fiction isn’t my forte or interest, but hey … at least my post now has several fiction pieces. So …. where is your location?

    • I think it’s good for us writers to challenge ourselves in fiction AND poetry. I don’t consider myself a poet at all, but every once in a while I post one on my blog for the challenge. I’m glad you pushed yourself to write some fiction – not only is it good, but you inspired many of us! I live in New England, near Boston.

  35. Hi Pam, thank you for stopping by. You found me and it means that I found you too, isn’t that great. I love your blog and I send you a follow Thank you for visiting me and hoping we will communicate through our posts! Have a great week

      • Thank you Pam. I was busy that day you visited me. I checked yours for a few minutes because I was wanting to know what you write about and I found out that I love your blog. Since I am sewing a quilt that I want to post on the blog I did not have time to read yours a lot. Like you know what – I will find the time in the weekend, with a hot cup of coffee and will come read your blog. haha! Take care in the meanwhile.

  36. Hi Pam, I thought I’d pop in here after you very kindly visited my place on the web. I do like the look of your blog and I’ve signed up for email notifications of new posts. Good to have ‘met’ you.

  37. Hi Pam,
    After replying to your comment on my blog, I ventured over here! Your “About” is wonderful – how your blog name changed, and I look forward to reading your writing, as well. I’m also a big fan of romance as you’ll see from most of my poetry, and I live in Marin County. So, noticing that your book takes place in S.F. and Stinson Beach was like coming home. 🙂 I’ll definitely check your books out. It’s nice to meet you, and thanks again for stopping by my place in blogland…
    ~Lauren 💕

    • Thank you so much for venturing to my About page, Lauren! I lived in Marin County for 20 years – moved to the Boston area 3 years ago. Do I miss Marin? Do clouds miss the sky? Does the moon miss the night? Does buttercream miss chocolate? ;-0 I just followed your blog – so happy to meet you. Yes, Twin Desires is set in San Francisco and Stinson Beach. If you like page-turning romantic suspense, you’ll like my book. (Ugh, self-serving, but what can I say?) ❤

      • Wow, what a small world, finding out that you lived in Marin for 20 years. You are too funny about missing my neck of the woods, and thanks so much for following my blog, also. I love romantic suspense, so I’ll definitely buy your book. And I have to mention that I’ve self published two poetry collections, as well, if you’re interested. They’re on my side bar, and no pressure. I had to mention though…:) Anyway, thanks again, Pam, and it’s so great to connect here…❤

  38. It was you! -huge hugs- Apologies, the penny finally dropped. Thank you so very much for your review.
    When you said you wrote, but not sci-fi, I had to come have a look. So impressed with your blog!

  39. Always a pleasure to read your blog. I have been tied up with other things since the first of the year that have taken me away from my blog and due to yet another commitment that will consume the next two weeks, it looks like I won’t be back at it until mid-February. But, hopefully in my down time I can dream up some new material and come back strong and ready to write again. I love your comments that your blog has been a ‘work in progress’ as that is exactly how I look at mine and thus I am looking forward to getting back to it come mid-February. Keep on writing!

    • I’m so pleased that you come and visit me here at Roughwighting when you ARE in the blogosphere. Yes, never give up on your writing or your blog. You have a great one developing, and it’s so much fun to tinker and delight as new posts are created.

    • An excellent example of how time and space merge in wonderful ways, making age and place meaningless, is how we connect with others through this blogosphere, making virtual friends, learning through our shared words and thoughts. Beautiful!

  40. Thanks for joining me on my blog, Pam. I’m excited to follow your blog about creative writing. I’m also very interested in that as it relates to travel. I’m going to be inviting people to write creatively about their travels as my blog evolves, so I’ll be reading yours with great interest. Thanks for dropping by on mine. 🙂

    • Some of my posts relate to traveling to a real ‘place,’ some to a place in the mind. All of our travels are fascinating and teach us so much. In teaching creative writing, I explain to my students that setting is so important in a story or a book – setting is another character.

      • I agree 100%, Pam. Setting really fascinates me when I read fiction. It IS a character in and of itself. I have given so much thought to this since my days as an English major at William and Mary. I’m excited to explore it further in my own writing. 🙂

        Travel to “a place in the mind” is a fascinating concept. I’m not very good at creating places “in my mind.” I always fall back on real places I’ve visited to create places. I know I’ll learn from you!

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  42. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    How interesting that we both have lived in the same two states, but in reverse order. You love Ocean City–I love Cape Cod. I guess we get imprinted at an early age.

    I love that your blog name was created by your students!

    • How nice of you to stop by here in my “About” page. The most important thing is that we both love the ocean, be it OC NJ or Cape Cod! But I will add… when I met my son-in-law (before he was my SIL), he scoffed at all of us driving all the way to NJ for a week’s vacation. He grew up in Cape Cod and loved it. B U T, he grew to love our vacation time in OC NJ and we go annually. 🙂

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