Reviews Gone Wild

book reviews, children's booksOver the fall I made a book review sheet for each of my three grandsons who live on the other coast. These boys, ages 6-10, rarely stop moving enough to read. But of course I send them books every other month with hope in my heart.

I sweetened the book review deal with the promise of giving them a $5 Amazon gift card for each review they return. I sent them each three blank reviews. Continue reading

The Scooby Secret

dogs, dog love, rescue dogs, muttNot sensible at all, falling in love with a dog. But I’ve discovered a secret.

First, let me talk about Scooby. And his best friend, my nephew. T didn’t grow up with a dog, but he’d wanted one desperately during his childhood. So after college, when he began his first job in a new city living in a tiny rental with three other guys, T followed his sentimental dream – he rescued a dog.

Scooby came from a run-down shelter with no pedigree and was a bit of a handful at first. Continue reading