Maybe We DO All Live in a Yellow Submarine…

pixabay, yello submarineWhen I saw him standing there, I was transported immediately to Yesterday.

Somewhere on Penny Lane where blackbirds sing, I fell in love with him.  I promised to be true, just as he asked, even though I was just 17 and not yet a paperback writer.

Now, in a vast concert hall where everyone was twisting and shouting, my best friend, Eleanor Rigby, began to scream. Continue reading

Balancing Act

ocean photography, Ocean City NJOnce a year I allow myself the luxury of keeping completely in balance. The other 364 days of the year I falter at times: am I spending too much time reading instead of writing? Am I too shy, or do I share too much? Am I cooking the asparagus too long, or too short? Am I giving a prompt to my writing class that will make them dislike me, or thank me?       

Einstein said, Continue reading