My Mother’s Daughter

Mother's Day, mothers and daughtersGrowing up, I never thought that my mother was a PERSON. She was just this entity called ‘MOM.’

I’m not sure when she became a human being. Probably the first time I found out she was fallible. Sometime in my 20s, after I left university.

mom, Mother's Day, mothers and daughters

Before she was a mom.

Once I began my life as a ‘grown-up’ and she and my dad moved to Oklahoma, of all places, I began to miss her. I was surprised, because we were never particularly close. Continue reading

Just Needling You

acupuncture, needles“It’s only after I’ve given the matter some thought that I decide to take the man up on his offer.

A quid pro quo, so to speak – I help him out, and he’ll help me out.

The only problem is that I don’t need any help. Or at least not his kind.

I’m a published writer, so I promise to give him tips on how to find the right publisher for the book he’s writing on “the zen of wellness.” That’s my title for his book, I think his is more esoteric.

Whatever, I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with this fascinating man. He’s slight, middle-aged, with brown-speckled-with-gray hair pulled into a small ponytail. His crystal light eyes seem to see way beyond my own eyes. He peers further inside.

Which perhaps is why I’m hesitant to let him practice his trade on me: Continue reading


All Good Things Are Wild & FreeOne of the reasons we’re so scared when our children leave the nest is because we remember our own flight.

The pure joy of leaving the straps and bindings of our parents’ rules is still nestled deep in the happy place of our subconscious. We savor the memories of tossing out their warnings and racing into wildness – a place we weren’t allowed before.

Which brings me to my freshman year in college.empty nest. birds leave nest

I hadn’t realized I’d been bound and gagged in a parental hold until, suddenly, miraculously, on a weekend morning in early September, I was set free.

It took me weeks to loosen up, but day after day I discovered a lightness of being that I’d never experienced during my first 18 years of life.       

And then, my first college party. Continue reading

Is It Safe?

dental work, hygienistSix months already? I berate myself for being a spoiled brat.

I’m lucky I can have my teeth cleaned every six months. Many don’t have the means to take care of their teeth. And God knows, if a tooth begins to hurt, if that dull ache creeps up in the middle of a busy day, and hour by hour that ache goes deeper until it becomes a searing thunderous pain down into the root of your gum – the root of your being – then, then you’ll wish you’d had your teeth cleaned and checked every six months.

So, I brush away my grumpiness that I have to drive 20 minutes on a beautiful Friday afternoon to sit for an hour in a padded black seat – a seat that reminds me a bit about old movies with patients strapped in institutional chairs.Marathon Man, Dustin Hoffman, dental torture

As I sit in the dental chair, my mind wanders to the movie Marathon Man and Dustin Hoffman and the quote “Is it safe?” – the scariest dental movie in history. Continue reading