Delicate Object

sunrise, sunset, photographySometimes I wonder if souls can shatter, despite their superb strength.

As I drive the seven hours to my mom’s facility where she is suffering from end-stage dementia, my heart beats fast and fills up with pale blue, silky pink emotions. At 6:30 a.m. I’ve been driving for over an hour. The sun begins its rosy ascent over the paved hard highway, and I’m lulled by the soft snores of my daughter in the passenger seat and my two young grandsons in the back seat, covered from chin to toe in soft flannel blankets. Continue reading

She’s Baaaaack

monster under the bedAlthough I see the pixie face at the window, I widen my eyes in the dark, disbelieving.

The entire tiny form then somehow squeezes through the fractionally opened window. A cold November air has swiftly turned the bedroom frigid, causing me to burrow deeper into my flannel sheets, but my eyes remain outside the comforter.window, bedtime, monster

In the 2.a.m-dark-room, I watch the silvery shadow move swiftly from window ledge to underneath the bed.

She’s back! Continue reading