The Right Wrong Man – a fun, fast-paced page turner. Romantic suspense set in Boston and the Caribbean. Find out WHO is the RIGHT WRONG man.

Pete Springer

Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2020


     “Meredith is torn between two men. On the one hand there’s Parker – cute, sexy, hot but oh so unreliable. On the other hand is Gregory: cute, boring but he is after all steady. So here I was comfortably settled into a women’s contemporary romance novel. Then enter Carlos who changes the game plan. The romance is still there but the novel shifts to a thriller with the ingredients of espionage, drug cartels and terrorism. From that point on the novel is full of twists and turns that kept me wanting to know not only which man Meredith will end up with but how she’ll get out of the mess she’s found herself in.
       “Meredith is the feisty kind of character that I enjoyed hanging out with as I followed her through her action packed adventures. I loved her relationship with her parents and best friend. The dialogue is great and the author has a lovely way with words. Having been to Boston a few times, I enjoyed her descriptions of the city. Throughout the book there was the mystery of the code TRMFY that kept showing up and which left me with a satisfying smile on my face when its meaning was finally revealed. Definitely a novel that entertained me.”

Carol Balawyder, author of Not By Design: A Getting To Mr. Right Series

“Twists and turns await as the story plays out through crafty characters who turn out to be no match for this daring protagonist. But are Meredith Powers’s instincts about love right or wrong? Only one way to find out. With smart and feisty Meredith, Wight brings on intrigue with a double barrel in The Right Wrong Man. Read it on a beach or curled up next to a roaring fire, if you love a well-packaged mystery and great suspense.”

Lynn Henriksen, author of TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir:How to Tap Memory and Write Your Story Capturing Character & Spirit

“I am on vacation and just spent a relaxing day reading The Right Wrong Man. Wonderful, entertaining read! My heart pounded along with Meredith’s as her life twisted and turned. Loved the Boston area references; especially Great Meadows. My only problem is that I had intended to savor this book over the week but instead could not stop reading, so devoured it just one day!”

J. Dutton

“Starting a new semester and have no time to read. Fighting a cold and have no time to read. Have stolen moments to get to chapter 7 and


Kathie B.

A reader (Nancy W.) enjoying The Right Wrong Man.

A reader (Nancy W.) enjoying
The Right Wrong Man.



The Right Wrong Man

romantic suspense, page turner

For your Kindle or Softback.

25 thoughts on “THE RIGHT WRONG MAN

  1. Just popped over to have a look around and found the link to this book. I’m always looking for more reading at this time of year – I think I found the next thing to load up on my Kindle!


    • Terrific! I promise you a fun, page-turning read. But I’d love to hear from you after you turn that last page, and tell me how the ride from Boston to the Caribbean and back turned out…


  2. Pam, I apologize for taking forever to read your book. Boy, am I happy I made it a priority over the 4th of July holiday. It was fantastic! The story grabbed me from the first page. Well done, my friend!


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