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Flashes of Life: True Tales of the Extraordinary Ordinary, Pamela S. Wight

Philosophers and mystics ponder the mystery of these flashes. Pamela Wight writes about life flashes in her short stories that include family and friends, love and life’s challenges. Wight’s “Flash Memoir” promotes the belief that we all share sparks of the extraordinary that occur in our everyday life. Each short story is true and brings a smile of recognition to her readers: that life transports and enthralls us in all its confusing, amusing, challenging, and astonishing ways. Each story is light-hearted and short – like a flash – but be prepared for a page-turner that keeps you in your seat, smiling. Softback, e-book.140 pages, Amazon. Borgo Publishing.

(Just a few) R E V I E W S…..

Excerpts from Carol Balawyder:   Pamela S. Wight: Flashes of Life | Carol Balawyder

Flashes of Life is Pamela S. Wight’s love story to her family: her husband, her children, her grandchildren, her son-in law. It is a treasure for her family to behold. What a wonderful gift! Having said this, it also goes beyond the personal and into our collective consciousness. Her flash fiction stories are relatable in their universal truths about “extraordinary ordinary” life situations.

Pamela S. Wight (don’t ask what the S stands for…she herself doesn’t know) bears her soul abundant with consideration, kind-heartedness and benevolence. Flashes of Life is entertaining, sharp and always very perceptive. In short, it is a treat. Much like ice-cream on a hot summer afternoon. In the end, All you need is love.

Excerpts from D. Wallace Peach: June Book Reviews | Myths of the Mirror

What a beautiful book. I started reading this collection of personal flash stories outside on my deck right before dinner. I read through dinner, and continued reading until the sun went down and the mosquitoes came calling. I just couldn’t stop. In the preface, the author hopes that readers will see glimpses of themselves, their families, their joys, and their lives reflected in hers. And that supposition that human life is full of universal experiences couldn’t be more true. I LOVED this book.

Wight’s flashes (pieces of short prose) read like beautifully crafted diary entries and in a way, the book is a memoir. These are stories about herself as a child, spouse, mother, and grandmother. Funny little stories about yoga and pets, food, even a beloved plant. Poignant stories about aging, illness, time together, joy, and So. Much. Love. Perhaps the feeling that I walked away with more than any other was gratefulness. Wight reminds her readers that life is full of wonderful moments if we are mindful, take the time to notice them, and gather them up for safe-keeping. Highly recommended reading for humans who want their hearts warmed over and over again. 

From Marian Beaman: Plain and Fancy Girl | Marian Beaman

Pamela Wight’s Flashes of Life dishes out shimmering images of every day life. As her subtitle promises, author Wight delivers vignettes with insight and good humor, “True Tales of the Extraordinary Ordinary in our lives,” including anxiously awaiting a grandchild’s arrival, the case of the missing cellphone, the lesson of burnt toast, or dancing at a multi-cultural wedding. I could especially identify with the vignette titled “What’s in the Middle of Your Middle Name” as I too lack a middle name. May I suggest gifting special women in your life this collection of relatable stories from an author who understands completely what it means to be a mother, daughter, sibling and friend.