Twin Desires, a romantic suspense set in San Francisco and the quiet CA town of Stinson Beach, follows Sandra Eastman and the two men who almost destroy her world.

 Blake Sinclair, Sandra’s boss and president of a prestigious investment firm, is successful and charismatic. But his twin brother, Alex, is his opposite – a twisted, tormented soul.

Sandra becomes a pawn in a deadly game between these powerful opposing forces.

 In this fast-paced thriller, Sandra is scooped up into a whirlwind of suspense from the mansions of the S.F. elite to a remote beach house 30 miles north. As each page turns, she becomes more entangled with the skeletons in the Sinclair closets while desperately confronting her own skeletons and discovering strength she never knew she possessed.

Softback or for your Kindle: Twin Desires

     “I really enjoyed this novel. Lots of suspense, plot twists, romance, and excellent character development make this a fun read. Highly recommended!

Jean Sarle

“A thriller of a book with dark characters, plenty of plot twists, and a fast-paced storyline. The characters are multi-dimensional and this is a great summer read.”

Margaret Stockley, author of Inner Knowledge: Harnessing the Senses for Peace, Balance and Health

     “I SWEAR, I’m DONE reading Wight’s books.  I turned out my light at midnight but at 12:30 when I was still not asleep I said, “Oh, good!  I’ll read a little longer”.  Then at 2:30 I FORCED myself to turn out the light, wanting to keep reading but not wanting to finish the book so soon.  I woke up by six and read til I finished it over breakfast.  I’m exhausted and I have a busy day.  Wight’s to blame.  Twin Desires was fun and FABULOUS.”

Jane H.

     “I loved Twin Desires!  Very well-written and very suspenseful! I saved it for vacation and it was the perfect holiday read! Again, the characters are people you can relate to and care about and it’s an interesting and exciting story!  I hope there’s another book waiting in the wings – can’t wait!”

Carla B.

     Formulaic need not mean predictable. Pamela Wight is an excellent writer and her second book – this time with Ashley Brandt – combines familiar thriller elements with some insightful work that gives depth to her main female character Sandra… And a very well-written sex scene I must say. It takes skill not to repeat a description that one has read a thousand times, and yet no one wants hard porn with their cocoa and biscuit. Nicely done. One for the ladies but men will like it too.” 

Roy McCarthy, author of A Jersey Midsummer Tale

Twin Desires, romantic suspense, e-book

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