Molly Finds Her Purr

illustrated children's book. book about cat

Illustration © Shelley A Steinle.

Molly the Cat can’t find any friends. And almost worse, she can’t find her purr. After looking for friendship in all the wrong places, Molly learns that making friends is as easy as looking up in the trees and on the ground, where other lonely creatures are hiding in plain sight. Friendship is found in surprising ways as Molly discovers that, whether hard-shelled or soft as a bunny, everyone needs friendships that help them find their purr.

This sweet tale shines with illustrations filled with affectionate humor that follow Molly’s search for the universal need of acceptance and love.illustrated children's book, picture book, cat book

Illustrated children’s book. Hardback. 32 pages. For ages 3 to 93. $17.99. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ernest & Hadley Booksellers, and Borgo Publishing.

Adorable story with an important lesson 

“A beautiful book with a beautiful lesson for both kids and adults. When Molly can’t find her purr, she goes in search of a friend who can help her. After she is turned away by another cat, a small dog, and a group of birds, squirrels, and chipmunks, she finally finds a friend to listen to her. That friend invites other friends, who… Well, you’ll just have to read the book to discover the lovely ending for yourself.” Amy M. Reade

illustrated children's book, picture book, cat

© Shelley Steinle, illustrator.

Wonderful Story! 

“Pamela Wight knocked it out of the park with Molly Finds Her Purr. It’s a heartwarming story with a beautiful message. The illustrations are so vibrant and entertaining, I’ve read the book several times already. I enjoyed searching for the dragonfly in each illustration. This is a story to be enjoyed by both children and adults.” Jill Weatherholt 

Molly and her friends help find her PURR! 

“Pamela S Wight has created another wonderful story for children. Her animal characters have personality and charm. Children will love the illustrations in this book. Finding the dragonfly on every page will entice the children to be involved in the story. This book will be a big hit with readers of all ages!!!” Karen Paulick