Birds of Paradise

Sweet sparrows Bessie and Bert grow up as differently as night and day. Bessie is fearful of the dangers inherent in being a bird. She’s scared to leave her cozy branch. But Bert relishes flying in the sky and pecking delicious seeds on the ground, until he loses half a tail.

Bessie and Bert uncover each other’s fears and, through a newfound friendship, re-discover the delight in being birds. Charming, lustrous illustrations and light, lilting verse delight children and adults alike as they gain a new appreciation for the joyous birds in their own backyard. Ages 3 and up. Available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borgo Publishing.

“Captivating prose and artwork across each page – like opening up an unexpected gift tied up with beautiful ribbon.” Margery Condon, Literacy Educator

Birds of Paradise Front Cover