Birds of Paradise

Sweet sparrows Bessie and Bert grow up as differently as night and day. Bessie is fearful of the dangers inherent in being a bird. She’s scared to leave her cozy branch. But Bert relishes flying in the sky and pecking delicious seeds on the ground, until he loses half a tail.

Bessie and Bert uncover each other’s fears and, through a newfound friendship, re-discover the delight in being birds. Charming, lustrous illustrations and light, lilting verse delight children and adults alike as they gain a new appreciation for the joyous birds in their own backyard. Ages 3 and up. Available through Amazon  and Borgo Publishing.

internal book awards, finalist, illustrated children's book2018 International Book Award – Finalist in the Children’s Picture Book – Hardcover Fiction category

“Captivating prose and artwork across each page – like opening up an unexpected gift tied up with beautiful ribbon.”  Margery Condon, Literacy Educator


“Birds of Paradise” is a beautiful and charming picture book that will appeal to readers of all ages. Children will love Bert and Bessie’s story and will enjoy finding the hidden ladybug on each page. All readers will appreciate Steinle’s lively illustrations as well as Wight’s timeless tale that reveals important lessons for life. Together Pamela Wight and Shelley Steinle make the perfect creative team.” Matisse


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Hardbound. For ages 3 to 93. Amazon.