A Donut Vacation

mountain, valley, Pixabay, vacation, VermontI remember the trip to the mountain more than the mountain itself. 

Once a year, my brother and I are awakened at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. We stumble in the back seat of the 4-door Pontiac with pillows and blanket and sleep off and on for the next two and a half hours. But I only doze. The excitement of what is ahead is too stimulating for sleep. Continue reading

She’s Baaaaack

monster under the bedAlthough I see the pixie face at the window, I widen my eyes in the dark, disbelieving.

The entire tiny form then somehow squeezes through the fractionally opened window. A cold November air has swiftly turned the bedroom frigid, causing me to burrow deeper into my flannel sheets, but my eyes remain outside the comforter.window, bedtime, monster

In the 2.a.m-dark-room, I watch the silvery shadow move swiftly from window ledge to underneath the bed.

She’s back! Continue reading