Walking the Human

I’m happy to greet you all as a guest blogger of Roughwighting. My best friend (BF as I affectionately call her) is too frazzled with preparations for the holiday to write a post this week. So I get to put in my two cents here, or in my case, two kibbles.

During this season, I try to calm my BF down, explain the true meaning of the holiday, blah blah blah, but she still frantically bakes cookies, shops, wraps gifts, and attends too many parties.

I must admit I also enjoy the excitement and extra vibe in the air, and love the anticipation of the big day when Santa arrives. After all, I have my own stocking (didn’t you know that Santa loves dogs?). I was given a green felt collar with tinkling bells, but fortunately my BF doesn’t make me wear it.

The good news is that with all the baking, my BF feels she needs to walk extra miles to burn off the calories, and that’s just fine by me. I take her for a walk as often as humanly possible (it’s always possible for a dog to walk). My other dog friends and I laugh when we hear our best friends say that they’re going to ‘take the dog for a walk.’ None of us have allowed our BFs to walk us since we were puppies – we take them for a walk, and train them as well as we can.

For instance, my BF reads poetry and recites quotes about ‘stopping to smell the roses,’ but while walking, she only wants to ‘keep up the pace’ and check her pedometer. I, on the other paw, understand the meditative pleasure of stopping to sniff the bushes. It’s been a tough lesson to teach, but I’m patient with her and hope that one of these days, she’ll get it.

In the meantime, I hear the mixer mashing up some butter and sugar in the next room, so I’ll send my goodbyes quickly. I’m a good companion in the kitchen and sit by my BF’s feet whenever cooking commences. She says I’m too close and she’ll trip over me, but I know that, really, she loves my company. As a reward for my loyalty, my BF makes sure I get a lick of batter at the end.

And that’s my wish for you this holiday season. May you always get to lick the batter, sniff the bushes, and enjoy the company of your BF.

Happy Holidays from Henry

13 thoughts on “Walking the Human

  1. I just always love to hear doggy stories!! My sister, Lynne, has a Yorkie we both just adore!! Except I keep waiting for her to speak English when she looks at me with those shiny chocolate eyes and tilts her head!! I guess I’ll just keep waiting…. Merry Christmas!! to Henry and his BF!!


  2. Henry, you are a gifted writer! I couldn’t imagine any of my cats bothering to get up from their sun patch and take the time to post. How sweet of you to give your BF the opportunity to make another batch of cookies. What a good doggie! Merry Christmas to you and your BF! : ))


  3. Your story, Henry, really made me miss Woody. You would have liked him a lot, since he was a terrific walker of humans in his very arrogant way. Merry Christmas and keep on lickin’! Hugs to your BF.


  4. What sage advice from Henry. My four-hoofed friend would only add that you need to stop and smell the poop of those who have gone before. Happy trails and happy new year to Henry and his humans.


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