Song of Sorrow

 Early morning walk down the snow-filled street

No cars, no people, nobody but my dog and me

Tiny white flakes fall like dust on our hair

The crunch of my boots follows us into the silence.

Trees stand like white-haired sentries, watching

And then the plaintive song of a lonely bird –

One syllable high, second one low, over and over

Like a call, a question, a cry.

 Its mate is lost, in the snow, in the woods

Gone, as the bird calls and waits, calls and waits

We trudge on, leaving the song of sorrow

Behind us.

11 thoughts on “Song of Sorrow

    • and I understand today in Concord is a day just like the one I write about. Thinking of that beautiful silence…and the songs outside your window.


  1. How beautifully written, moving and sad. The loneliness of the bird, the aloneness of you, the dog and the snow – a song in the quiet and beauty of nature, while you move toward home to your mate, the bird remains…waiting and hoping for his to return. Very touching Pam. Poetic.


  2. HI I shared this with my friend Carla who loves the snow and who is in thehospital fighting cancer. I hope that is ok. Thanks.


  3. Thank you for leaving a link to your blog Pamela! This is a beautiful poem and I’d love to publish it in the next issue of The Writing Garden. The next one will be out in early March. As soon as it’s published I’ll send you a link back to this post – although I noticed you are following, so you might see it before I get back to you! Thank you so much for the suggestion!
    Suzy 🙂


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  5. Hello again Pamela, just passing by to let you know the second issue of The Writing Garden is published and includes your wonderful winter poem I hope you like the way it’s presented, but if you see any errors or something you’d like to change, please let me know and I’ll adjust it as soon as I can. Thanks so much for allowing me to publish your work, it’s been good to meet you in the blog world! :o)


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