Who Am I? Who Are You?

Who Am I?I’m a curly-haired woman who loves fairytale fantasy, long walks along the water, communing silently with babies and animals, and reading for hours in a deep plush chair while sipping Tropical Green tea.

I dislike vapid vain chatter; inconsiderate drivers who turn without blinking; wayward souls who act as if they run the world; grocery carts with broken wheels; men who pinch women’s rears (yes, still!); unanswered e-mails; unplucked eyebrows; arguments; orange vests; and fruit drinks.

My heart soars with the soft, whisper-filled kisses of little ones; a sun salutation on a Hawaiian beach; a spontaneous loud laugh m&m'sfrom a coworker; a handful of M&M’s, particularly the green or blue ones; a sudden embrace from my irreplaceable guy.

The sounds I most enjoy: the swish of pens on paper (and the clack of a laptop) during one of my creative writing classes; the pounding surf on the New Jersey seashore; the beat of a Beatles tune; the bark of Henry, the dog, as he sits in front of his cookie jar,; the beginning melody of The Nutcracker Suite ballet; the soft plop of an omelet-filled plate placed in front of me at a sunny San Francisco corner café; the ‘hello Pammy’ call from my effervescent magnetic mom.

Hawaiian beach, solitude, happiness, loveLife is worthwhile because of soft classical music on a cold Sunday morning; two-hour conversations with a long-time friend; a tall diffident son who stares deeply into my eyes and says, ‘Love you, Mom’; a 2-year-old grandchild who sits quietly, attentively on my lap while listening to Good Night Moon; a foggy afternoon writing stories about people I’ve never met; a man who runs out to buy my special Earl Gray tea latte, non-fat milk with foam at 6:15 in the morning; a beautiful daughter who wears her heart on every sleeve and her love in her morning glory eyes.

That’s who I am.

Who are you?

71 thoughts on “Who Am I? Who Are You?

  1. I’m simply a woman with a passion for “Keeping Spirits Alive” by teaching and inspiring daughters to keep their mothers’ spirits alive. Pam, your story in my book was so filled with your mother’s spirit that I practically think I know her! Loved this post.

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    • I feel like I’m more water and magic (I’m a Pisces) but I’ve been called ‘airy,’ so I’m thrilled I could help ground you. Thank you for the compliment!

      BTW, I love the Franklin quote on your blog. :+)


  2. That was beautiful! I’m keeping this as a reminder of my wonderful friend Pam and also to remember to be grateful for all the good things just an ordinary day can hold. Love it.
    Anna Marie

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  3. Heh, sounds like you have all the fun… I mean, less the getting yer butt pinched while maneuvering heavy trafficked shopping areas with a “Ker-PluNker” shopping cart.. I hate those things too… I should start a business repairing shopping cart wheels at Walmart.

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    • I never replied to this – I personally know that not only do people learn about you through your photos — they learn a lot about LIFE through your photos and the accompanying quotes. ❤


    • Well, thanks for chiming in here, Bruce. Is Good Night Moon in YOUR library? I think it’s not necessarily just for children. In fact, it’s better than a night time shot or even a cup of chamomile tea. 🙂


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope it was a good stop-over for you. I enjoyed your “about page”….My Uncle Tony is NOT one to pluck his eye-brows (looks a little like a small ape, but what can I say? He’s a sweetheart of a guy!) You look very East coast to me or Italian or both. Where are your roots? (If I may be so bold as to ask?)

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    • Somehow I’m just finding your comment here. I may be a writer, but I’m not a techno writer. :-0 No insult meant toward your Uncle Tony, I assure you! I was raised in the East Coast, lots of Dutch/English blood in me, with a tad German perhaps. no Italian, but I married one. Does that count? 😉


  5. you don’t look like you are a grandmom. What a lively introduction, loved to know more about you. I also dislike many things especially people who think they own the world. Look forward to reading more from you. 🙂

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  6. I’m a writer of stories for children who is ever so happy to have found your soul-warming blog this cool and drizzly morning. Like you, I love the swish of pens on paper and especially love writing with the wooden pen my husband made for me. I also love the soft sound of my warm dog, breathing as he sleeps beside me while I write. Thank you for sharing who you are. I enjoyed meeting you through your heartfelt post.

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    • Thank you for this beautiful response to my blog post back in …gasp…January. I don’t know how I missed it = but it was wonderful to connect with you now. xo (I wrote this to you in May of 2017 but it went in the wrong comment space and I just noticed that now, April of 2019!.) Ye gads. I’m trying to “clean up my act” here. 🙂


  7. Who am I?
    An old man who can only make sense of himself while writing a book and/or Blog post…
    Who still remembers the lovely ladies who adorned my life – never pinched one on the rear!
    Who had successes along with romantic notions that occupied so much of my thoughts and time!
    Who awaits but likely will not be around for the ‘micro-bots’ of the future to replace old bodily cells and create the biggest conundrum of anyone’s lifetime; IMMORTALITY! (No, I’m not daffy! Micro-biologists are creating ‘Frankenstein Juice for humanoids!)
    Who lived and loved the Sea of Cortez in Mexico for a time, walks on the beach, shell gathering, with my lovely wife, Julie Anne!
    Who loves animals and kids, likely not in that order
    Who is so happy to be following my alumni-friend and exquisite writer! (That would be Pamela Wight)

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    • Thank you so much for finding this post! it was written a while ago, but still true. I find that if you don’t think too much about “who you are,” but just start writing, you may find out some really cool things about yourself. 🙂


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