snow, spiritual, hush, winter scene, beauty, Christmast, winter wonderland

Snow falls as silently as stardust on a bright clear night.

Stardust covers the houses and the trees and the ground and you –

 if you’re out on a star-filled night.

The sound is a hush.

A hush as haunting and beautiful as a

mother’s lullaby to her newborn babe.

winter wonderland, snow, holiday, Christmas,

It’s the same sound of snow falling on oak and dale,

on lampposts and driveway, on forest and plain.

But the snowflakes are exposed by their very nature;

they are white and pristine on a background of pewter sky.

The snow shines like elegant moving polka dots

floating with the grace of a thousand ballerinas.

dog in snow, Christmas snow, winter wonderland

It’s the dance of nature’s beauty,

of the grace of life and death,

of love from the spirit of the universe.

Snow falls silently so we can hear

our own delight at nature’s spectacle.

snow, nature, life, death

Snow falls silently so we can accept

 our life, and death,

on nature’s terms.



Christmas tree, home for Christmas, snowy Christmas, happy holidays



39 thoughts on “SNOW FALLS SILENTLY

  1. Lovely poem. I could hear the hush, and your longing for snow. You’ll have to travel back East one of these Christmases so you can reconnect with real winter! Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful Christmas with those you love.


  2. Beautiful. Love the dog in the snow. You mentioned you’d like to see the Church Window recipe (choc, marshmallow) on my blog. I just posted it today. Thought I’d let you know. Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas.


    • Thanks for appreciating that spot of comic relief. Actually, I think Henry the dog’s eyelashes were freezing shut!! He’s always happy to come in and sit by the fire.

      Thanks for stopping by on this special holiday.


    • Henry thanks you for your appreciation of his snow photo. Although he loves playing in the white stuff, he’s happier still when it’s time for a warm biscuit and cuddle. Nice to have you stop by – your work with the animal rescue shelter is wonderful!


    • Oh my yes – I celebrate that miracle of friendship. I’m so lucky you and I have discovered each other (I guess I have to give your guy some credit) and share so much — in the spirit of friendship.


    • So far our winter has been relatively snowless (although the ground is white and icy right now). But as soon as the snow falls – like really falls in a snowstorm, I re-read this poem. I hate the cold and the ice, but I love the way the snow falls into our souls.


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