Twin Desires, romantic suspenseA wish, a craving, a yearning, a passionate need. What’s your desire?

I have many, but one of my aspirations is that you read and enjoy my e-book that’s driven by desire.

Twin Desires is romantic suspense that intertwines a web of murder, deceit, and intrigue. All spurred by desire, which creates:

Greed Twin Desires, romantic suspense





All of these emotions lead to a desire for good, or for bad.

For good, I’m making Twin Desires available on Kindle for a 75% reduction – only 99 cents – from Monday, January 19 (starting at 1 p.m. EST) through Thursday, January 22.

99 cents to escape to San Francisco and Stinson Beach, where Sandra and Blake discover each other, and their desires.

Desires that clash with Blake’s twin brother.

Desires that set in motion a kidnapping, an escape from prison, a wealthy woman who forgets all she believes in because of her desire for revenge.

Desire that leads to danger, despair, and unexpected romance.

Check out the reviews, and the deal, on my Amazon page:

 And then tell me – what’s YOUR desire?

40 thoughts on “DESIRE!

  1. Pamulation,

    Oh my goodness! I was looking at your new book to buy it, but now I don’t know if I can. The second paragraph of the Prologue refers to “tulips and delphiniums arranged by BLOOMERS”! What if Peggy finds out? I suppose I could cross out Bloomers and write in Hearts & Flowers. That must have been your co-writer who snuck that in. Tell me what I should do. This is a dilemma of such Herculean proportions that we could probably write a second novel about just that! We could name the lead character Hercules and the female lead Delpninia. They could be having a tryst in a place called Bloomtown where she could put the flowers he brings her into a heart shaped container. That’s how we could straighten this whole thing out.

    Oh, what the hell; I’ll just read the book anyway and keep my yap shut about Bloomers.

    Your avid literary fan,

    Tom from Tiburon


    • Dear Tommy Dearest – ignore the Bloomers (co-author gaffe, of course). Just remember, you’re not reading deep heavy literary historical fiction. This is for fun! A page turner! Relax in your CA sun and enjoy!!
      Sincerely, the wight writer, Pamela Wight


  2. I desire a vacation in Hawaii with dear friends!! Oh yeah it’s going to happen and Soon! I have an old bathing suit and a new pair of crocs (rubber sandals) and I’m ready to go despite the fact that my skin hasn’t seen sun in 6 years.


    • Perfect for a cozy read in front of the fireplace on a snowy day, or on a beach chair in front of the ocean on a hot’s summer’s day. Hmmm, both settings sound rather inviting, don’t they? 🙂


  3. I tend to tell everyone who has such fantastic and great books written, that I will try to get my library to purchase one of yours. I have a small place I live in now, have downsized my tons of books to just three crates, one with my own and two with grandchildren’s books to read. I desire adventure and enjoy reading about books with desire in them… Yours sounds really interesting and extraordinary with more than romance, there’s kidnapping and danger, along with jealousy. The darker sides of mystery which I love to read about. Thanks for sharing the details, too. It is very reasonable, someday I shall read it, Pam.


    • Thank you! Twin Desires is only available on the Kindle right now, but soon it will be published in paperback form also. It’s a fun, fast page turner, if I do say so myself. 🙂


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