tangerine, unpeelingUnpeeling a tangerine

So much work for a taste of heaven,

But that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?


Using the fingernail to make a cut

Pulling aside the tough harsh skin

A waft of sweetness, the aroma of sex

Surrounds us like love, like life.


More skin is exposed, the lush fruit composed,

Wrinkled with white vernix like a newborn.

Not pretty, in fact ugly, but we touch

And feel the plump pink underbelly.


The flesh is open, vulnerable, soft

As the breast on a naked woman

Lips draw near and kiss the

Pure miracle of nature, and then…


Then we know that in the middle of nothing,

In the center of all that doesn’t make sense

We are surrounded by everything.


Tough skin, soft underside, we are shownunpeeling, tangerine

How to smell the offering.

Encouraged to taste.


The answer is always there.

If we’re willing to peel and look

Under the skin.


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  1. Wow, you must be having a great time in the Islands! I have to run out and get some tangerines, maybe a pineapple, and a papaya. Enjoy yourselves!


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