Where Are YOU From?

New Jersey, where are you from?

I’m from New Jersey, no

Not really. I mean, geographically

NJ and DE and MA and CA –

Yes, but my heart, my soul?


I’m from a deep deep unseen place

That began in the bottomless sea,

Warmed with sun, peace, and possibility

A numinous unnamed place I can’t see…yet.

rainbow, sea, time






I’m from the land of yet

Haven’t traveled to Australia…yet

Didn’t read A Tale of Two Cities…yet

Haven’t written my masterpiece….yet.


I’m from love, at least that’s where

I hope I began, and I hope to

Shine out my love, from dawn til dusk, until

It’s time to return…to love’s genesis.


time does not exist, timeI’m from the opposite of time,

Which is…well, late. I’m

Always late, because we all know

That time doesn’t really exist –


Where we’re from.


Thanks to Google Images for NJ and clock; the rainbow is all mine.

78 thoughts on “Where Are YOU From?

  1. The nonexistence of time is comforting somehow. Not because when I am late to work next time (no pun intended), I can tell my boss, “hey, boss, time does not exist”. The good news is that I am never late to work and boss does not exist. The bad news is that I actually have to go now because of sunrise and deer season.

    Thank you for your poem and perspective.


    • Well, you ARE the boss, and even though most of us are the boss of ourselves, we still rush too much and always feel ‘late.’ Ah, to believe that time does not exist – I’m in the land of no time when I meditate.


  2. This is so perfect. It is such a difficult question to answer these days, where are you from? It usually takes some long detailed explanation that confuses and probably bores most people. I´m from love and will continue to be in love, with life.


  3. I am from this day that woke up on the beach, can you feel it? I think it reminds me of Uruguay, which I definitely feel like I am from, but when I go there in my mind, I realize that where I am from is the wet, moist earth… with the waves crashing on the shore… Thank you for the inspiration!


  4. I suspect this entry comes from a recent discussion of ours that has also caused me to seek a better understanding of one’s origin…. Not NJ, not AL, not MA but a much deeper place. One that makes your mark on time and purpose. Nicely done, my dear friend.

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  5. A very thoughtful poem, Pam… I think I am from stardust and from the sea as well… Here/now is a good place to be, and to be from, perhaps, when thinking about time… And then there’s always Connecticut…


    • STARDUST – Y E S! I attend a dance class in which the instructor explains to us how we are all cells made up from the dust of stars. Keep on shining your star light, Barbara – in CT and everywhere else.


  6. LOVE THIS! I am from “yet” also… haven’t gotten my degree “yet”. Haven’t lost the weight “yet”. Haven’t written my book “yet” on and on.
    My husband always says… “The next 5 years are going to go by one way or the other. You might as well have accomplished something by then” and he is right. I have let too much time go by without anything to show for it. So for me… Time is relative. 😦


    • But you have accomplished so much, Courtney! And how would I know that if I didn’t enjoy your wonderful posts? Your blog is quite an accomplishment. The land of yet can be a bit dangerous for us if we discount what we’ve done in the land of BE, not DO. xo


    • Well, yes, that’s so wise. We are from what has come before, but because I have a sci fi-ish imagination, I don’t exactly believe in time lines, so I kind of wonder if, in some way, we’re also from what’s ahead. Too weird, as my guy would say…

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    • You and I think alike. So many try to pin themselves down as just being HERE and nowhere else. But like you, I believe we are from so many different places within our emotional/psychological/spiritual realm. I was thinking of the refugees when I wrote this, hoping that readers could see how we’re all from somewhere ‘out there,’ no matter where we live, no matter our accent or religion.

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  7. You guys have no idea how often I am asked where I am from . Having an accent will do that and even in Germany where I don’t have an accent I am looked at and people can’t figure out where I’m from. Now , thanks to you Pam I will say I’m from love and the land of Yet. Well. Maybe it won’t work tomorrow when I board an airplane to Germany.


    • Well, I’ve seen on FB that you have arrived to Germany so no matter your accent (or lack of) you are THERE but in other senses you are HERE, commenting, sending photos from the internet world, and relaying vibes of the love from which you came. How neat is that?


  8. I’m from a deep appreciation of my friends who share with me their travels in now which are my never to be’s.
    My friends who allow the love light to shine wherever they are.
    xxx Massive Hugs Pamela xxx


    • Ohhhhhhhh, you inspire me, David. Yes, may we keep friends around us who ‘allow the love light to shine wherever they are.’ Sigh. BEAUTIFUL. I see / feel your love light always. xoxoxoxherethereeverywherehugxoxoxoxox


  9. Oh Pam, I love it 🙂 I’m from the land of gratitude and hope, where I give thanks for wise friends, who give me faith enough in our shared journey to have hope that together we can all be from a world that’s safe and peaceful for all. Love and hugs, Harula xxx


    • Harula – great point. We are on a shared journey, where we’re from and where we’ve been and where we’re going, with wise friends who join us in hope and gratitude. I’d like to count myself as one of your friends, because although we’ve never met, your light shines brilliantly.


    • Another great phrase! TYRANNY OF TIME – I love that, because that’s how I see time, until I jump past the idea of a linear sense of being, and see how we’re all from everywhere, any time, and always. xoxo


    • I love your sense of humor, Karen. If I had a list of my ‘not yet’s,’ I’d be covered in paper. So I think I’ll throw them out the window, into the dimension of time that will swallow them up, and just be what’s in front of me for the moment – now and in the future. 🙂 (Phew, if you have any idea what I just said here, enlighten me, will you). tee hee


  10. Your lovely poem opens up the question of origins. Being from “a deep deep unseen place that began in the bottomless sea” means more than saying that my birth took place in Sedro-Woolley, WA.

    I love the snail clock.


    • Yes, I’m hoping that more people will delve into their true origins; then they won’t be so able to dismiss those who don’t come from the same (geographical) place as they. We’re all from some deep deep unseen place, in reality. (Well, whatever reality is.) ;-0


  11. I have roots from different places, Pam. My Mom’s parents were both immigrants. (Sweden and German) Dad’s can be traced back generations to America’s first settlers. I have always felt affinity to newcomers, strangers and people who felt awkward. I feel I’m from the land where understanding and compassion are woven into the “being” of those born there.
    Your land of “Yet” does have a wistful and hopeful tone I would like to embrace. My list of things “yet to come” is rather long! 🙂


    • I’m just here from the land of ‘too busy’ to comment on your beautiful words. How lovely, to be from a land where compassion and understanding are woven into your being. If only all humans had this thread in their spirits… xo


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