For the Birds …. and YOU

children's book, illustrated book

©Shelley Steinle, illustrator, Birds of Paradise.

Have you heard the news? 

BIRDS OF PARADISE, my “imaginative and winsome tale” about a bird’s tail is scheduled for a March 31 pub date.

Cover reveal soon. I’m flying high!

79 thoughts on “For the Birds …. and YOU

    • Bert and Bessie are sparrows ‘birds apart’ from each other. One is timid and safe. The other is joyful yet reckless. They find a way to teach each other a timeless lesson through friendship and flight. 💕


  1. No,I hadn’t heard!! How exciting! 😀😀 Pam, you’ve kept this quiet…please tell more. Can’t wait for the cover reveal and to learn more about your book – once you’ve landed back on Earth! Congratulations, I’m very happy for you. 🍸❤️


    • So hard for me to market my work…! But I’m in love with this children’s book about Bert and Bessie who encourage each other to explore the world despite bullies and thunderstorms. The illustrations are almost as beautiful as the sunset they fly through. My publisher (and beta readers) decided we needed to publish this as a hardback, which is what we’ll do …..March 31!

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    • You are so sweet!!! No pre-order yet. Publisher is working on tip sheet and fine-tuning the final product. Believe me, I’ll sing it to the mountain tops when it’s ready (still hoping for 3/31 pub date). Thanks so much for your support, Elizabeth. xo


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