What a Character!

romantic suspense, book reviewHello! My name is Meredith Powers, and I’ve been asked to introduce my author, Pamela Wight, to you.

Well, of course, many of you already know Pamela as the blogger of Roughwighting. But I know her more intimately – she created me.

But according to Pamela in her response in D. Wallace Peach’s post (in the Myths of the Mirror blog), I kind of created myself.

I wholeheartedly agree with Pamela. She began my story with a notebook, a pen, and the prompt:

“I scraped the runny fried egg off the bottom of the frying pan, slid it onto a piece of burnt toast, threw the food onto a small plate, and deposited the entire foul-smelling affair in front of __________.”

And voila! I elbowed my way into that space between Pamela’s pen and the lined paperThe Right Wrong Man, pageturner and began my story about Parker, my ex-boyfriend who I was finished with. Finished, I tell you. And then there was Gregory, my current squeeze who after half a year was still quite an enigma to me.

Neither Pamela nor I knew that Parker and Gregory had a connection to a drug smuggling ring. Neither Pamela nor I knew that I’d end up being kidnapped and seduced. Or that I’d become the seducee to the seducer.

Is there such a word, seducee?

Shrug. I have no idea; that’s Pamela’s problem. She’s the writer.

But before I tell too much of my story, I’ll pass you onto D. Wallace Peach and her fabulous review of my book.

Or should I say, Pamela’s book?

Our book.

Either way you look at it, my story is a page-turner. But don’t listen to me. I’m “just” a fictitious character.

Listen to D. Wallace Peach.

Click on the link here: Writers and their Characters by Pam Wight: Guest Post

99 thoughts on “What a Character!

  1. A great review of your book and the main character. I think you must have had great fun creating Meredith. The ability to make a character come to life and whet the appetite of the reader is really what an excellent writer is all about,

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    • Thank you thank you for this comment. I never know where my characters come from – truly, they just flit in from a universal place of fascinating women (and men). I’m so glad they stop by to inspire me. xo

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    • Thanks for enjoying Meredith’s little intro to me, and our book, here Peta. I was thrilled when Diana of Myths of the Mirror asked to feature The Right Wrong Man. In fact, Meredith and I did a high five, if you can envision THAT. 🙂


  2. Such a ‘novel’ way dear Pamela to introduce us to Meredith. or should I say, Thank you Meredith for getting Pamela to create you, so that you could share this brilliantly scripted post for us to read..
    Wishing you Every success, and I do hope Meredith your ordeal was not too traumatic.. But it seems you survived to tell the tale excellently..
    Wishing Pamela every success .. But I am sure dear Meredith you already know you are a huge success.. 🙂
    Love and Hugs 😉 Sue xxx ❤

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  3. Meredith, I’m listening and love the way you came to Pam…what a great opening line and paints such a terrific image. 😀
    Pam, I wrote on Diana’s blog but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting feisty strong-willed Meredith – her voice here is so real it’s eerie and shows what a great character you’ve created. Can’t wait to read the book…on my kindle. Sending your virtual Pepparkakor to enjoy…(not quite the same, I know!) xxxx

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    • You wrote such a great detailed review of TRWM on Amazon when you read it, Roy. I’m working on the sequel focused on the ‘wrong man’ who disappeared at the end of TRWM. I’m half way there. You know what THAT’S like. ;-0

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  4. Well I’m going to have to get your new book…Both of you might be right about who’s in control of the keyboard…I must find out…Happy New Year to the two of you.

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  5. I’m not sure if you wrote this intro to your book or if it was Meredith, but what a delightful way to bring your book and Pam’s review to our attention. Of course, I’ve downloaded it. Hugs, my friend.

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  6. I loved this book, Pamela! I’m so glad Diana reviewed it since I admire her writing. She has lots of followers to read her review of Meredith’s post. 😉
    Smiles, Robin 💐


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