The Empty Refrigerator

Probably it’s in our genetic make-up, somehow

Relating to risk versus action as we sat in our caves

Oh those thousands of years ago, when

Comfort took precedence over the need to act, until

Reality set in, our stomachs grumbled

And to eat, we needed to leave the warm fire,

Set out into the forest and forage for food, for

Tinder to keep that fire burning, despite the

Inclement weather, despite the fact that we wanted to

Nestle in the womb of the cave while we drew

Art on the walls with our rock chalk, and pictures

Turned into words, then into stories and now, eons later, I ignore the

Empty refrigerator and write a poem instead.

writing, procrastinate, procrastinator

Are YOU a procrastinator, or is your refrigerator full?


133 thoughts on “The Empty Refrigerator

  1. My fridge is full to the brim. Our neighbours have all gone home after the holidays and brought over all the leftovers from their fridge. We are feasting on fabulous cheeses, fruit, veges, sausages etc. No excuse not to write!! Cute poem, Pam!

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  2. I keep wondering–what if it’s not procrastination at all? Our culture teaches us that it is. But what if everything is divine timing, even an empty refrigerator? Then the next thing we know we’re driving to the store. Or going out to stalk a wild brontosaurus. πŸ™‚

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  3. Both! And our pantry is overflowing with beans, nuts, sauces, pasta. I expect we could survive for a month if necessary.

    I have been known to ignore my rumbling gut while in the midst of writing. Write on, Pam!

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    • Gerlinde, since you’re an amazing cook, I imagine that your fridge is never truly empty. Plus, you have the skill to make something delicious out of little. Me? Wellll, a friend just gave me some eggplants and tomatoes from his garden, so I’m making eggplant parmesan for dinner tonight. You’d be proud of me. πŸ™‚ Happy Labor Day weekend to you.


      • I am totally proud of you, I never made eggplant Parmesan . I like roasting some peeled and cubed eggplants with red peppers. onions, and some garlic in the oven until they are getting black and juicy.. If you go to my website look for a guy named Frank. He has a website with great Italian recipes. His tomato salad is out of this world.

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  4. Thank you. That was fun. The fridge is full but yesterday was shopping day. Today I got a number of pages written but I do imagine that procrastination will catch up with me at some point… πŸ˜‰

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  5. Its called progress Pam, but for those who do not wish to venture from their chairs in the comfort of their warm caves. We now have the invention of online shopping!… Delivered to your door straight from one fridge to another.. πŸ™‚ which many on our street seem to prefer.. Me I am still primitive.. and grow my own.. πŸ™‚
    Happy writing Pam,, LOVED the poem.. ❀

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    • Oh, funny Sue. I’m still a primitive too. I feel “lazy” if I order my groceries on-line. Plus, I make up my mind what I’ll cook for dinner that day spontaneously as I walk down the aisles. More creative that way, don’t you think? (PS – you must have a gorgeous garden. I’m making eggplant parmesan tonight from the fruits of a friend’s garden. Talk about organic! It’s the best way to “shop” and eat.) xo

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      • Love that, and yes I am spontaneous in what I cook.. sometimes its Hobson’s choice, πŸ™‚ but there is always something to be made when we have our garden full of fresh veggies.. The other day we had an abundance of tomatoes, we had given pounds of them away and still they were loads.. So I made Fresh tomato soup with fresh basil.
        The recipe is on my recipe pages somewhere.. and its really easy and Yum.. And that eggplant recipe sounds just up my street.. Much Love ❀ Pam.. ❀

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  6. Pam, I admire the way you create stories and poems out of simple situations! If procrastination can be so creative, I would love to embrace it!
    The other day I was telling my sister the chores that my dearest hubby manages with a smile and she asked: “What do you do?” I write poetry, I told her.

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  7. Im an excellent procrastinator, easily able to convince myself that there is something else would be more fun to do then sit at my desk and edit my in progress novel. I tend to get up a lot and go to my fridge mentally planning my meals for the day.
    Very creative poem. Happy weekend, Pam. πŸ™‚

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  8. I can so relate to this. I had plans for today which fell short. So instead of using the time in a productive manner… I have hemmed and hawed and sat at the computer reading and.. here it is 1 pm and nothing has been started. Sigh.

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  9. I enjoyed this one. For over a year I’ve considered posting about our fridge because it’s constantly loaded with all kinds of INGREDIENTS (note: not necessarily food). I constantly say our fridge is jam-packed yet there’s nothing to eat! Perhaps art on the walls is more relevant. πŸ™‚ – Marty

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    • Funny, Marty. My daughter’s fridge is like that. Can barely open it because it’s so jam-packed, but can’t fine real food in there. πŸ™‚ I think you’ve got the answer – just go up to your writing room and create, instead. πŸ™‚

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  10. Your priorities are in the right order. (Did someone else say that?)

    My fridge is often full because cooking feeds my writing somehow. My pantry is often empty-ish though because I don’t like grocery shopping.

    Nicely done, Pam!

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    • I understand how cooking can feed your writing, Marian. I bake brownies or cookies when I’m stuck on my manuscript. There’s something about that sugar and butter combination that sets off my imagination, and I’m back to the writing desk. Let’s both keep on cookin’. xo

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  11. I can procrastinate over so many things. A blog post or a sewing project. I know I’m procrastinating when I find myself doing dishes, cleaning cupboards or running the vacuum. I’ll sit in front of the TV eating something I shouldn’t to stave off something I’m struggling with on either project. So the refrigerator is always full. 😦

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  12. Considering I am a planner and require structure in my life I tend to not procrastinate too much. Even with that said, I have been procrastinating cleaning my house for over a week because I have felt so drained and in SO much pain. Thankfully I have a long weekend so I can clean at a slow pace and even take well-deserved breaks!! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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    • “Cleaning does not make us feel better. Procrastinating does.” I’ve tried that phrase on my guy (who is an engineer, thus also believes in structure and planning as you do), and he does not find my phrase useful. Haha. I wish you a lovely long weekend in which you feel better, your dust bunnies run away, and you can relax. xo

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  13. lol – there are many things I can ignore while I write, but an empty fridge isn’t one of them! I have four-footed mouths to feed and they don’t like to be kept waiting. Hungry cats have a way of plonking themselves in front of the screen and glaring. I know when I’m beat. πŸ˜€

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  14. I love it!! I think I would have been one of those cave-dwellers who wanted to draw instead of hunt. Keep up the good work–thankfully there are restaurants now so you can keep writing poetry and still eat. πŸ™‚

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  15. The refrigerator is full. Meals will get on the table…yet I sit at my desk scrolling.. I think that makes me a procrastinator of some sort. Jumping back into blogging and editing has been more difficult than I thought since returning from vacation…I better go and get started. Thanks for the push.

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    • I’m glad you procrastinated a bit with me, Cheryl. I agree, when we get out of the ‘routine’ with vacations and such, it’s hard to not procrastinate as we ready ourselves to dive back into the ‘thick’ of things. Dive in, my friend!


  16. I love your take! There’s a lot of meat in your poem, accidental pun.

    Because I love groceries *and* my little grocery store where I know the staff well, I’ve been using the grocery-run to procrastinate writing for 10 years. My fridge is never empty. Keep at it, roughwighting.

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  17. Ah, that fridge! Keeps nagging me to shop for groceries! Lol! πŸ˜„ But sometimes even shopping for those can be quite creative, can’t it? When you see something new and want to try it out? Inspiration can come from anywhere I feel sometimes.
    Happy writing, Pam! 😊

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