Time for a Paws

Ocean City NJ, beach, seashore

A pause is a hiatus, a recess, an extra breath in and out.

But paws are kneading me, and needing me, to shout out to the world that MOLLY will be soon in town.

illustrated children's book, picture book, cat

© Shelley Steinle, illustrator. Molly licks her paw in MOLLY FINDS HER PURR, pub date 9/24/19.

But the shore beckons me with each wave on the sandy beach –

Shorely, as the tide rolls in and out, summer is nearing its escape.

So escape I shall do, for a week or two,

As Molly searches for her purr.

Ocean City NJ, sand, burying in the sand

It’s purrfectly reasonable though to unburden myself

As long as I don’t bury too deep in the sand.

Ocean City NJ, grandmother love, granddaughter love


I’m sandwiched now with chores I should do

While following the chords of family fun.




My advice is to enjoy the music of your summer song

As autumn will soon come along.

sunflower, New England flowers

I’ll be back in two weeks!


59 thoughts on “Time for a Paws

  1. Have a WONDERFUL time! and relax, relax, and let the world go by. I love the cat (I am a great cat aficionado, currently the owner of the magnificent Garfield, who leave his long orange hair everywhere!)
    Bon voyage!

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