Bare Branches

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The beauty, the splendor of bare branches is

          sometimes missed by its seeming simplicity.

Each limb holds its own grace and strength,

          and yet the union of each to one single trunk

          magnifies and signifies the greatness of ONE.snow, New England, forest, winter trees

Extremely quiet . . . but the softness of each branch

          is hardened by the stark shadows

          randomly thrown across the landscape.

Extremely harsh … yet the sweetness of each

          tiny dance wipes away the bitterest tear,

          the coldest heart.

bluebird, winter trees, snow, New England










As I breathe in winter’s air, the tree’s wholeness fills me,

          and I am lifted to the highest, lightest, tightest bud,

          ready to burst.

New England spring, trees burst, flowering trees

I’m warming my bare branches during a blogging break, but will be back soon!


108 thoughts on “Bare Branches

    • I worry about the buds who get confused when we have an aberrant warm weekend. Last year I remember when the (daffodil) bulbs started coming up in mid-January until WHAM, snow storms in February and March killed them off. I hope the buds stay tight until real spring arrives.

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  1. Beautiful poem captures thoughts of winter…. so ready to be done with all this cold. But we are beginning too see some hopes of Spring already. We will have daffodils soon. They are always my first glimpse. Stay warm my friend! ❤

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  2. Harsh . . . and sweet too! You caught the feeling in words and images.

    On my street, leaves fall off one week, and (no kidding) buds begin appearing 2-3 weeks later. Why is nature in such a rush in Florida.

    Enjoy your blog break. Sometimes a body (and brain) needs it! 🙂

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    • Annika, you are one of the bloggers who show me the importance of taking a blogging break now and then. A little reprieve, but I’ll still be reading blogs like yours – they make me smile and think all at the same time.

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  3. Pam, Bare branches are especially beautiful this time of year. I can almost feel and smell the crisp, clean air. I don’t know why there is always something extra quiet and peaceful with snow on the ground and yet the bare trees still shelter us. Your beautiful words and photos capture the calm moments before Spring arrives. Enjoy warming up your bare branches.💕

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    • I don’t know the science either-but the best part of a snowfall is walking through the snow and hearing that amazing miraculous snow silence. And the tree branches welcome that snow with open arms. 🤗

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  4. Beautiful words and rhythm to this Pam. There is such grace, beauty, and simplicity in bare branches. I’m reading a great book called The Overstory by Richard Powers about the awesome aliveness of nature, especially trees and their connection to everything. Enjoy your break!

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  5. There is something so beautiful about the bare branches. You captured it well in the poem and love the pics. Have a good break!


  6. My mom was always a lover of trees. She liked to sketch them, and when I was growing up, I did too. When I was studying Chinese brush painting, I studied the shapes and orientation of branches. There’s nothing like sketching and painting to make you appreciate the details and beauty of nature. That said, living in the Pacific Northwest with so many evergreens, for many years I barely noticed the bare branches of deciduous trees.

    Enjoy your break.

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  7. While driving along a road with bear branched trees on either side, I said to God that though they may look dead ….I know that they are alive and well . At rest with their roots solid in the ground. Awaiting their time to bloom again.

    May I always have my roots solid in the ground. Never to look dead on the outside, but show my love of life on the outside always to be in bloom.

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  8. You have amazing bluebirds where you live… I wish the UK bluebirds had as much blue on them and were larger. They are also so rare to see now.

    We often take winter branches for granted… not really noticing them until the beginning of spring. But they are special indeed, and make great art and photography out of the sky… especially when it snows! Love your pictures and your thoughts Pamela, on bare branches and trees, gorgeous!❤️


    • A compliment from you regarding my photography goes a long way! I don’t have your skills, but definitely love to look at the snow on bare branches, AND the birds as they enjoy our birdfeeder and suet. Bluebirds are a sign of luck, so when they settle near us (a rare occurrence) we celebrate. 🙂


  9. I LOVE trees in all seasons. Whether they are full of green leaves, red ones, blossoms or no leaves at all, they always capture my attention.

    Your ode to branches bounces against our recent immersion in the land of the bonsai where branches on trees large and tiny are guided, supported, manipulated, such that the branch reaches its fullest expression. Love the first photo with the web of branches against the sky.

    Peta & Ben

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    • Bonsai has always captivated me. The care given to treat the tree lovingly as it’s guided to a certain shape and size is amazing. However, I must admit I most like trees that are allowed to express themselves in their own way. 🙂 The first photo I just ran outside and looked up and took the photo as soon as I finished my poem. ❤


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