Snow Angel

snowstorm, New England winterI hate winter. I hate snow. I hate cold, I hate ice. I mutter these words as I climb out of my soul-less and hateful car, which has just broken down on Route 2 in the middle of a once-in-a-decade blizzard.

I can’t stay in the car because the engine is dead. Kaput. Lifeless and useless. I’ll freeze if I sit in the silver-metal icebox, so I trudge ahead, looking for some kind of sign of life.

And then I see it. Or her. Or whatever he/she/it/they is. A human-like form of gossamer silver and white, waving towards me. She (for I tend to think of angels as she), is either one-half a mile away, or two yards. With the snow whipping across my face it’s hard to tell.

But for some reason, I choose to believe. Pixabay, snow angel

I believe that an angel appears to me on this bleary dreary January night while I’m stranded on a dangerous highway, 25 minutes away from home and hearth.

I believe I was stupid to drive out to my husband’s favorite ice cream store to buy a Mud Pie for his dessert; but I also believe that what’s done out of love is reformed from stupid to stupendous.

I follow her wings and walk less on ground and more on air. I’m warm suddenly, and dry. My eyes close, but I keep on walking toward the warmth. But suddenly I thump into something solid.

Are angels solid? My eyelids are glued shut from ice that’s formed on them, but I use muscles I didn’t know I had (eyelid muscles?) and open my eyes.

snow, frost, PixabayI’ve walked into no angel, but a snowman. Who makes a snowman – actually a snowwoman with curves and flowing snow-white tresses – in the middle of  a highway? 

Discouraged – so much for being “saved by an angel” – I turn away until I hear a whistling sound. The wind? Yet, the air around me has grown still, as still as sleep, or death. The snowwoman begins to move, her arms turning into wings as she whispers, “follow meeeeeee.”

So I do.

And I discover that . . . well, never mind. You wouldn’t believe me even if I did tell you.

152 thoughts on “Snow Angel

  1. Loved reading this about shapely snow woman and snow angels at 2:30 AM. Are you inspired to write early in the morning or does it not matter the time? I enjoy, no matter! Perhaps I’ll find a pygmy dwarf palm tree angel in my path. Hope so!

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  2. I spent nine years in the Dakotas when I was a kid. Plenty of snow, but no snow women or male angels. Go figure! I used to love playing in the snow when I was a kid. It makes me wonder if I’d still like it, I hope so because I don’t want to become one of those old dudes who complain about everything.

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  3. You seem to be having fun in that snow you hate so much! Breaking down in the middle of a blizzard is a nightmare. I’m familiar with Rte. 2 in Massachusetts, we travel on it en route to visits with Tim’s extended family there and in southern New Hampshire. But I have to believe whatever you discovered following your angel was a blessing. 💕

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      • hahahaha! Okay. I’m laughing because our spring doesn’t really start until May — we don’t plant anything until after the May long weekend — at the end of may!!!! 🙂 Daffodiles in March. harrumph! 🙂

        BTW — your books finally arrived at my daughters yesterday! She’s reading them both to her son tonight — she says the illustrations are beautiful and the story delightful. ❤

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  4. Look at you – you love winter and snow! The opening line in this story is my wife’s mantra. I hear it starting with the first cold day in October! My snow angel story. We made an outdoor spa/hottub at our previous house. Being out there in the snow was fun. Once, I went out of the tub, ran into the yard, then ran back into the tub. A tingling sensation upon my return. Thanks for the memories.

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  5. I love watching you play in the snow. So joyful. I would love some snow here so I could go outside and twirl. And what a great story, Pam. The open ending is such a tease!!! Part of me wants to read what happened, and another part of me just loves it that you didn’t share. Awesome. ❤

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  6. Enjoyed your story. Loved the video of you joyfully playing in the snow. You reminded me of a child experiencing a first snow! Have only seen a dusting of snow this year and some last year. But over the years I always loved sitting inside watching it fall.

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  7. You had me spell bound. Although, I admit as one living through decades of Canadian winters, i was screaming, “DO NOT GET OUT OF THE CAR!”
    I loved the video of you the snow angel. Best to find joy in the white stuff. Dress warm and stay safe out there.

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  8. I agree with Jeanette: you are a “genius of magic and suspense”! In the video, I (half) expected you to fall into the snow and whip your arms up and down, making wings. For, truly, you are an angel.

    Winters in PA were fun because if we had a blizzard, school was cancelled and we could go sledding down the hills in our neighborhood. Ice skating – oh, how wonderful to glide on ice. Now, of course, I’d hate winter. Driving on snowy roads does not appeal. Neither does cracking my noggin on the ice.

    Thanks, Snow Angel! You inspire me, as always. 🙂

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    • Your last couple of sentences are why I envy you in Florida in the winters! But I know that in the summer you envy my cooler New England climes with the deep green and lush flowers of summer. We will continue to imbibe in each other‘s fantasies! 😏 Thank you for your warm and loving comments here. 💕

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    • I truly don’t like cold or ice but snow is poetically incredible. Walking in a snowstorm is like no other experience in the world as far as the silence and the way the trees whisper to each other and the birds huddle and cuddle close together and the snow looks like dancing polkadots. 💙❄️

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    • When our son went to college near Boston his roommate came from Michigan and said the snow and the winters in his home state were much more fun than the Boston area. More snow less raw dampness. So I’m hoping you have good memories of your Michigan winters! ❄️ ⛄️

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  9. I grew up in northern NY, where winters meant feet and feet of snow, ice skating, sledding, and skiing. Now that I live in southern NJ, as you know, there’s not much opportunity to play in the snow. But when the opportunities arrive, I take full advantage and dance like you do in that wonderful video. Thanks for being part of my Friday, as always. ❤

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      • I was in a fine dining restaurant mayn’t years ago with some friends. We decided to taste several bottles of cabernet. When it came time for dessert the waitperson brought a tray with sever items. They had mud pie that night and for the life of me I don’t know why I said , “I’ll have the poop pie.” Yes, the dining room fell quiet. The next morning my wife said,”Of all the restaurants in which you had to act like a child you pick the best in town.” I knew the owner and called to apologize. He said it was the funniest thing that ever happened there and he owes me a drink. Whew.

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        • I laughed out loud when I read this John. If the diners didn’t have a sense of humor that’s their problem. They were being poops. 🤨 When our kids were young my guy went on a business trip and they asked him if they made him a mud pie would he promise to eat it when he returned. They knew how much he loved mud pie. The day he was coming home they packed up wet mud from our backyard into a pie plate and iced it with shaving cream. My guy kept his promise and ate a slice. Well, a bite. 😝

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  10. Happy New Year Pamela! 🎉🥂🎉

    We had snow last Sunday. Actual snow! It lasted just long enough for people (who like snow) to get out and play, make snowmen, snowwomen, snowbears and yes lots of snow angels. 😊☃️❄
    I am perfectly content to stand in the window with my coffee and watch others because I don’t do snow or cold. And I knew it would be gone the next day..and it was mostly, I think it took 2 this time but then was 65 on Thursday. That is why I live in Texas. ❤

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  12. I loved this story and your joyful video. I loved walking and playing in the snow. I do not like driving in it or shoveling it. The last time we had snow here just before Christmas 3 years ago, it took 3 hours to make a 20 minute drive from our airport to home. I’ve driven whiteouts and even hate ice more. But if everyone could stay home and just look at the stuff from out sofas, I would be so happy. Angels have no substance and are pure light, usually. 😉 Sometimes they have to take form though. I love my Angels. 😉 I was waiting for you to fall back and make a snow angel in your video. Maybe next time.

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  13. What a wonderful story. Definitely no fun having car issues when it’s snowing, that is for sure.
    Love your dance in the snow!
    I trudged through ours yesterday (on a mission to get my 10K steps and surpassed that by 8K!) and am feeling it. Wondering how I’ll find the energy to return today! But I will. It’s too pretty to pass up. Plus, there are so many so people created!

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  14. Pam, bless your love and care for your husband taking you out in a snow storm to buy his favourite ice cream! Oh, snow is a double-edged sword – a wonder for the inner child, and your sweet video shines with that pure joy as you dance in the snow! My heart stopped along with your car, stranded on the highway, in danger … and then the snowwoman! I love how you leave us to wonder what happens next … A delightful post, my friend! Happy Writing! hugs xx ❤️

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  15. What a delightful winter story and your dancing in the snow was the perfect ending. I hoping that was fiction and not that you were really stranded going for ice cream…LOL

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