Love’s Labor Lost?

labor, mother, grandmother, babyWhen my friends first learned I was going to be a ‘grandmaw,’  some of them guffawed at me, as if my freedom, feistiness, and femaleness would soon be out the window. After all, what does a grandmother do but bake cookies, babysit and bring out the photos of her grandbabies too often?

In protest, a month before my first grandbabe was born, I participated in a 10k run and my guy and I flew off to Italy to share a villa with friends. No old biddy waiting for grandchildren was I! Continue reading

The Newness of Being

baby, mother's day, grandmother, unborn

Grand I feel and

Radiant, each time an

Arrival occurs of a

New Baby, a type of

baby, newness of being

Diety, in my eyes, because at the

Moment of each birth I revel in the newness

baby, mothers, joy

Of being. And then, as a grand

Mom, I sink into thankfulness.

grandmother, baby, grandson

Happy Mom’s Day, from my family to yours.