As Easy as ABC

walking, woods, path









Although I need to be part of the world that consists of

Bees and dirt, trees and highways, humans and

Confusion, hate and division, wonder and waste

Destruction and construction of a solid space, I

Envy those who find it easy to close their eyes and

Find themselves in another place, another dimension

Green with hope and love and vibrantly violet with

Happiness that shines through the windows of their souls. Continue reading

Balancing Act

ocean photography, Ocean City NJOnce a year I allow myself the luxury of keeping completely in balance. The other 364 days of the year I falter at times: am I spending too much time reading instead of writing? Am I too shy, or do I share too much? Am I cooking the asparagus too long, or too short? Am I giving a prompt to my writing class that will make them dislike me, or thank me?       

Einstein said, Continue reading