As Easy as ABC

walking, woods, path









Although I need to be part of the world that consists of

Bees and dirt, trees and highways, humans and

Confusion, hate and division, wonder and waste

Destruction and construction of a solid space, I

Envy those who find it easy to close their eyes and

Find themselves in another place, another dimension

Green with hope and love and vibrantly violet with

Happiness that shines through the windows of their souls.

wisteria, flowers






Infrequently, I have found a way to visit that cosmos empty of

Judgement and hate, empty of fear and pain. The

Key to entering the joy-infused space eludes me when I most

Long for it, so I try to live as if I’m there, always

Musing on how I can spread Peace, Hope, Love, and

Never adding distress or hurt, discomfort or dread to

Others. But I am human – a woman, a mom, a sister and wife, a

Person who no matter how I try, am far from perfect, no

Queen with a crown, no enormous IQ and often lacking the

Resolve to lift myself over the cares of a normal day, wishing for the

Strength of an Olympian to carry the weight of sorrow for others.

on the Charles River, Boston in pink








Thanks to meditation and yoga and long walks, I discover some

Underlying peace in solitude and in breathing and in

Viewing blue skies, fluffy clouds, singing birds from my

Window – what an ordinary scene yet it brings me a

Xylophonic cacophony of colorful notes: purple, cerulean,

Yellow and garnet – feelings of “YES!” this is the vibration of

Zen, this is the vibration of JOY and Love and Peace

Pacific Ocean, Peace, Kauai


188 thoughts on “As Easy as ABC

    • I think we can begin spreading joy and cheer with our words, Brad, but then we need to follow through with action. That may be the hardest part. ;-0 But…I’m tryin’. Here’s to a wonderful week ahead for you. ❤

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  1. Wow. You are ambitious to give that a go, and it’s wonderful, Pam. Even the X moves smoothly through your poem. And It’s so you: peace, love, humility, and serenity. You exude those qualities in every post. Have a wonderful day full of love. Hugs. ❤

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      • It’s a wonderful song! Excellent choice and I am definitely singing a happy tune. The sun is shining brightly and I think I shall go exploring today. Tomorrow thunderstorms are called for – I do love them, too.
        Wishing you a wonderful weekend, lovely Pam

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  2. I really needed this today, Pam! Beautifully phrased and oh-so recognizable. Except that zen is hard to find. But, nature brings me peace and joy as well – the trees, the flowers, the birds. the sun, and the blue sky! Happy weekend!

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  3. What a gem you are, creating pearls of wisdom for your eager readers. This verse, like its author, spreads Peace, Hope, and Love in abundance.

    You are also brave–even the X didn’t intimidate you, my friend. Happy weekend!

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    • I went through my ABC’s as quickly as possible without thinking. Otherwise I would’ve been intimidated by many of the letters including Y and the Z as well as the X. I guess the further down we get in the alphabet, like the further down we get in life, it can get rough. We just need to have faith. 😚

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  4. Beautiful. You are on the path and if you didn’t have the challenges and misgivings, you wouldn’t be so soul conscious. It’s not meant to be easy. I know. But we continue to put forth love, joy and beauty and do the best we can. Wish I had your talent with words — lovely!

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  5. I like the juxtaposition of your need to be in the world with all its imperfection and to lift yourself above the cares of the day.

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  6. What a clever and perfect read to begin my day, Pam. Your words are soothing, and I just may want to try this someday, too. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend full of joy, peace, and love. 💗

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  8. Haha haha, how clever, Pam! this reminds me of my teaching days teaching the ABC. The Xylophone was the hardest one and I remember trying to find another X word other than X-ray but settle with xylophone because it’s a popular toy for the kids anyway. I couldn’t write it in one sitting though! Great job, my friend! ❤

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  10. It’s beautiful how the words flow through from A to Z. Would you like to interview for a series on my blog, called “Found Ya Blog”? If yes, please drop a mail at with your blog name in it.

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  11. You did it, my friend–took the alphabet and let it sing through A-Z on the wings of humanity AND divinity. So nice to pause at your doorstop once again…as always…

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  15. A great deal of wisdom in this post, Pam. Meditation, long walks, nature help bring us to Zen. Like you say beautifully, “…the vibration of Joy and Love and Peace…” My body craves solitude to allow the reflecting and musing. I can feel your heart sharing these beautiful words. Thank you for sharing your spirit. xo

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  18. I was about at ‘K’ when I realized what you were up to, and smiled. Very nicely done, and filled with refreshing images. Zen and yoga don’t appeal to me, but I understand perfectly the meditative state; I find it at work. There’s nothing like sanding 20 board feet of mahogany to clear the mind!

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    • Aha! Your “key” to a meditative peace is sanding. Wonderful. Some people tell me it’s ironing. Yup, ironing. Whatever we do that brings us peace and a respite from the “junk” of life, it’s a blessing. So, see? You find your Zen in your work. ❤

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