Silly Love Songs

You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs.
But I look around me and I see it isn’t so.
Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs.
And what’s wrong with that?
Id like to know, cause here I go AGAIN! ( McCartney)

Way back when, Paul McCartney sang the question that I wonder about now. “What’s wrong with silly love songs?”

As I write my blog and listen to readers’ reactions, I find myself worrying. “Do they think this is all so trite? Are my vignettes too ‘behind rose-tinted glasses’ for this edgy time we live in?”

A good (male) friend stated to me, “I subscribe to your blog. Now I have to read about ‘female’ things.’ Really? Writing about moms and walks on the beach and sunset evenings with a loved one are ‘female things’?

Another responded with a statement about my “perfect life.” Oh no, that couldn’t be further from the truth. But I do like to pay attention to the rainbows in life, as well as the sun peeking behind the clouds, the laugh emerging from the tears, the rip roaring guffaw after a friend’s comment, the comforting hug of a friend, the deliciousness of a child’s embrace, the succulent sensuousness of a kiss from a long-time lover,  the overwhelming surprise over the beauty of a baby.

But what’s wrong with silly love songs? (Or silly stories about the joys in life?)

I’d like to know, cause I plan on writing about them, AGAIN.

And, as Paul McCartney sang at the end of his verse:

It isn’t silly, no, it isn’t silly, love isn’t silly at all.

5 thoughts on “Silly Love Songs

  1. Pam- There is nothing trite about you or your blog, and I’ve known you for 38 years now. I am assuming that the people who wrote the comments wrote them based on their experience with what they read and so I can’t negate that. However, I can’t ever think of a time when joy, gratitude for this life, and finding beauty in the mundane is uncalled for, unrealistic, or feminine. It’s human nature. I think we need more of that, not less.


  2. It is love which is the voice of the heart.
    -Jean Nicholas Grou

    Love wasn’t put in the heart to stay –
    love isn’t love ’til you give it away.
    -author unknown

    These are posted in my kitchen! Bette T..


  3. Of course you have a woman’s perspective, since you are one. I completely enjoyed your articles. Maybe your friend could respond with his version of a walk on the beach, which could include, perhaps, gawking at the babes in bikinis or the fastest route to the beer stand.

    Long live silly love songs!


  4. No, they are not ‘female things’. They are human things.

    And there’s nothing wrong with being silly, if silly means being able to enjoy every moment of your life, especially the little things, the ones that the pre-occupied, “focused” types dismiss so easily. They’re the ones who are silly, aren’t they?


    • Like I said earlier, I think you and I share many similar views. Fortunately, I have stopped apologizing (for the most part) about writing ‘silly little stories’ about life. Because, yes, I agree with you that the little things that we enjoy end up being the most wonderful.


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