What’s in the Trunk?

science fiction story, bloggingWhen the cop stops her, Janine does her best to appear calm. Unworried.

She presses the button slowly so her driver’s side window slides open as if Janine has all the time in the world.

The policeman is big, burly, and surly.

“Crap,” Janine mutters.

“Driver’s license.”

Janine wills her hands to not shake as she pulls her wallet out of her purse and finds the fake ID.

“I didn’t think I was speeding, sir,” she says in a high-pitched voice, sounding as subservient and docile as possible.

The cop just grunts. “Registration.”

Janine thumbs through the glove compartment, praying fervently that her partner had obtained a car that included its registration.

“Here!” she says, not able to hide the triumph in her voice.

The uniformed man surveys the paper, looking at it, then down at Janine, several times.

“Out of the car, ma’am.”

“What?” Janine’s voice escalates an octave.

Step out of your vehicle, NOW.” The cop’s voice is loud, forceful.

Janine swings her long legs out of the car, high heels tapping on the hard top as the officer leads her to the back of her gray sedan.

She sees what he’s pointing at. science fiction storyThe smoke, leaking out of the trunk.

“What’s in the trunk?” he asks.

“Oh, that’s just dry ice for my kid’s school project,” Janine lies, sweat making her silk blouse cling to her back.

“Open the trunk,” the policeman demands.

Does he use any sentences with more than four words? Janine wonders vaguely.

“I don’t know how,” she stalls. Then she briefly considers kicking him in the shins. Maybe that would delay him enough to …

The cop grabs the keys out of her hand and clicks one of the buttons.

The trunk pops open.

The policeman’s eyes grow wide. So wide that Janine briefly hopes his eyes just might pop out.

But then, the indescribable thing in the trunk moves . . .

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143 thoughts on “What’s in the Trunk?

      • I thought that was obvious. It’s an alien with 8 legs and 6 arms and an eye in the middle of its head. She is keeping it in dry ice to take to her father, a reclusive scientist. It will, however, jump out of the trunk, decimate the police officer and leap across the field to hide in the hayloft in the nearby farm. Should I go on?

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  1. I like Janine’s response. There are some other good suggestions in the comments too.
    Smoke? I think she must have stolen the incense sticks and candles from the local church. She feels she’s in need of a prayer or two. 🙂

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  2. Elementary, my dear Pam. It’s a ‘thingamagig’! Or, if you prefer to use your own words, it’s an ‘indescribable thing’! Ergo, how can it be described? I rest my case… ♥ (Oh, incidentally, I goofed up your comment on my ‘MES’ post: Yes, there is ‘Musical Ear Syndrome’ – I was diagnosed with it some months back. No cures at this time! SO, I have my own musical hi-fi system in my head…living with it and hardly notice it anymore.) Best wusges, ..

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  3. Great story to leave us hanging with…
    Lemme see, stolen car, fake id, dressed to kill but the “object” is moving in the trunk so not a dead body…what could it be? Dragon’s been said; incense, too; It’s an alien!

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  4. Great story. I think the partner put the owner of the car in the trunk and in an effort to draw attention to his problem started a fire with some old papers in the trunk. Or is puffing on a joint.

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  5. Gasp – she has done the impossible… Kidnapped David Copperfield!

    Or it’s a cryogenically frozen drone of herself, or drone of the police officer 😉

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  6. You sure have a way of building up your stories, Pam. And, to leave us hanging with this one. I enjoyed your wordsmithing (wordsmithering?). 🙂

    My guess? Something is cooking in a pressure cooker or slow cooker, hooked into a 12V outlet for power. This way, dinner will be ready by the time Janine gets home. Just kidding. It must be something more insane or crazy based on the cop’s reaction. Maybe a contraption to create/produce illegal drugs…

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    • Oh, I love the new word you “cooked” up – wordsmithering. How perfect! You certainly are cooking up some fun responses to what’s in Janine’s trunk. I believe you are the only one who guessed a pressure/(or slow) cooker. Not the answer, but you get extra points for creativity. 🙂

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  7. A pen full of iguanas transported across the border from Mexico. Those illegal immigrants! But don’t worry—you don’t have to send me another copy of the book. Pass it on to the next best answer. P.S. the UFO occupants told me…LOL

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    • Whoo Hooooo! I’m so glad you came along for the ride. The “trunk” puzzler will be answered on Friday (I say with hope in my heart – what the character has whispered to me – the secret -is making me gulp about the idea of sharing it….). Yikes!


    • Oh, I truly think no one will be able to guess this one. Stay tuned on Friday to find out. I hope I don’t lose readers over the answer. ;-0 (But we’re all having fun imagining what’s in the trunk, right?) 🙂


    • Good question, Jacqui! 🙂 Actually, Janine has just told me what’s in the trunk and I’m as flabbergasted as I think everyone else will be when they read my story ending on Friday. Yikes!


  8. Oh i have no idea. the image of someone smoking comes to mind but i don’t think the smoke would leak unless there’s a lot of smoke. So, a fire? fire causes smoke. or a dragon. or a salamander?

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    • I’m THRILLED that you’re back here reading again, Harula. For you, I wish it could be a dragon. A silver sparkly dragon who speaks in beautiful languages. But alas, the answer has no fire-breathing animal in the trunk. 🙂


  9. I love this story and all its elements. I’m no good at mysteries but love them deeply. I always joke that I’d rather read a good murder mystery than a romance. There are so many elements in play here that I’m clueless but anxious to find out the answer. Thanks for tickling my brain.

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    • Dragons are a favorite of this crowd here, Diana. (Except for Mike Allegra, of course, who keeps on insisting I write about a teacup pig.) I need to get onto the “dragon train” now and learn more about these amazing fantasy creatures.
      But no, not a dragon in the trunk.., not even a baby one. I went waaaaayyyy on a different “guessing” path with this story, Diana. I’m afraid I may be thrown overboard by the readers on this one, but as you always say, just “put yourself out there” and …. swim? 🙂

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  11. Terrific writing, Pam and I’m hooked from the start! 😀 I always love the sense of humour even in the midst of a serious setup … laughing at “Does he use any sentences with more than four words? Janine wonders vaguely.”

    As I’m still on my hols, I’m late to commenting … heading over to read the next instalment. I’ve had fun glancing through the comments and suggestions… dragon seems to come top! 😀


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