Sleeping In

I can’t think of one good reason to sleep in. The idea of sleeping in makes me so uncomfortable my spine stiffens and I get a funny taste in my mouth.

I’m ashamed of this reaction. I have become one of those people – one of those overactive, overinvolved, overstimulated humans. Why else would I react in such a negative way to the idea of doing nothing on a beautiful, new, glorious early morning?

You see, if I sleep in, I don’t get my early morning walk with my dog along the waterfront, watching the fog swoop through the Golden Gate and swirl over Angel Island, pelicans diving in and out of the misty gray. On some mornings, this scene is what makes the day worth living.

The pulse of my blood, the stretch of my limbs, the smile on the golden’s wide mouth and the twirl of his happy tail. I would miss this if I slept in. As well as the warm sweet tea that my man delivers to me by 6:20 every weekday morning, with perfect milky foam and Earl Gray steaming into my olfactory senses. How could I miss this?

And then the ‘ting’ of the computer singing hello to me, the sweet greetings of East Coast friends and family who have been awake for three hours and already shared their thoughts and yearnings and news. I suppose that those messages would still be waiting for me if I slept in, but hours old. Old news.

Can I sleep in? Unfortunately many nights I can’t sleep past 3:30 a.m., much less 6 or 7 or, gasp, 8. When was the last time I ‘slept in’? Um, senior year of college? Noon, in my twin bed while my sleeping roommate slowing wakes up in her twin, dormitory noises outside the locked door, sun trying to peep through the gray blinds. Reliving out loud the crazy night before. Giggling, while struggling to not wake up.  But the door reverberates with knocks, “Get up you two, touch football on the green – girls are ahead of the boys, 6-2.” Roomie and I pop out of bed, vowing to never sleep in again and miss all the fun.

Sleeping in makes the day start too late. I’d miss the ‘me’ time, the delicate time between being in my own world, before joining the world of everyone else.

How about you?

6 thoughts on “Sleeping In

  1. While I’m not one to sleep in either, our definitions of sleeping in are vastly different. I could still get my “me” time if I woke up at 8am. But perhaps if had a dog to walk along the waterfront in the beautiful SF Bay then I would agree with you 🙂


  2. If I was guaranteed the view you and the pup have, I would probably hop out of bed gladly at an earlier hour. However, the pups and I have only identical houses to look at as we stroll, so it’s done just as well at 9:00 as at 6:00. I find my “me” time to be late at night. A holdover from the days when the kids were babies and I could read and relax when the house was still. But, Pam, you have given me reason to pause and think about reversing my awake hours!


  3. You mean all that goes on in the morning?! I rolled out of bed shamefully today at 10:30 am, granted one of my late mornings, usually it’s 9:30 or 10:00 and then back to bed after feeding the cat to watch “The View.” Of course, the other end of that is, I didn’t go to sleep til 3 am! I love to hit the bed late and then relish my time reading the newspapers and my book with my cat sprawled out next to me. My good friend had to text me, “Are you up yet?” .. we had plans for shopping in the City today, which we did but later than she probably hoped. I don’t think I want a boy friend anymore because he would drive me crazy, wanting the lights off!
    Look what your story inspired Pam! So many different lifestyles out there. I do admire yours – sounds so lovely, breathtaking, magnificent, however, too damn early!!!! No makeup, I presume!


  4. Ashamed (?) to say, I do enjoy sleeping late, but it’s often after a restless night when I’ve been watching the clock for way too long!! I seem to take a long time to get comfortable at night, but by morning my achy bones are quiet, and it’s just so cozy under the covers….
    If I finally get the dog I’ve always wanted, I’ll be up early to walk around the neighborhood, checking out the new construction and looking for some wildlife…. Once again, thanks for sharing your clever observations….


  5. With a new puppy in the house, sleeping in is not an option anymore! But, you know, it’s comforting to go outside with her at 5am and see Orion’s belt each time I look up to the bright stars above. I always feel like the hunter is watching over us. Having animals always keeps it real.


  6. Really enjoyed your article Pam! I have to say I’ve never been a good early morning riser. I do do it many days, but would prefer to just lay there a bit longer before rising. I have a big black cat that is like an alarm clock for me. He jumps on me and starts out meowing and gets louder when I don’t get up. Then if I still don’t get up..usually I just a few minutes Cosmo..he gets even louder and goes up to my face and steps all over me. And believe me it hurts..he is 13 not a little boy. Then he just rubs his cute face on mine and once I get the hairs in my mouth, that’s it. Up I get and thus starts my day. Even as I go into the bathroom to pee first, he keeps following me and meowing as if to say..not the way, go to the front door and let me out. As Melaney said in her comment, I would probably love getting up bright and early if I did indeed have your beautiful, breathtaking scenery. So next time you wake up and start your day, Pam, keep me in mind. Your writing is so beautiful and inspiring. You have such a great talent. Keep up the good work girlfriend. I look forward to reading your next one! Love and prayers to you dearest classmate!!!! Love, Bev


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