Baby, You Make Me Laugh

Babies make me laugh just by watching their expressions as they try to figure out the world. They make it all seem funny: birds and clouds and lawn mowers; dog bowls and T.V.’s and sneakers; rings and lips and voices. Each and every idiosyncrasy is funny, and everything and everyone in the world is idiosyncratic to a baby.

Sophie, my granddaughter, finds me especially peculiar. When I walk into a room, she looks at me and smiles. When she smiles, her eye light up and she crinkles her nose like a teenage girl flirting with the quarterback. How did she learn to do that already?

But back to me. Why am I so amusing? I read a nursery rhyme to Sophie and bounce her on my knee. She chuckles. I put a dinner napkin over her face and ask, “Where’s Sophie?” She giggles as if I’m the funniest comedian in the world. I blow bubbles on her belly and she laughs so hard she gets the hiccups. Now that’s funny.

There’s something about the sweet innocent face of a baby that makes us all smile. God, in her infinite wisdom, creates babies round and comely quite purposely. Otherwise, changing diaper after diaper after diaper, cleaning up each time the baby regurgitates her food, and trying to get the baby to stop screaming and take a nap would be impossible to endure. But just when a mother or father, grandmother or grandfather, is about to take the baby back to the hospital, where she came from, she stares at you with big wide sweet blue eyes and opens her arms to be held, smelling sweeter than a bunch of lilacs, and chortling in pure pleasure. The heart melts into molten chocolate, and the baby becomes a part of you, a third arm, another lung, some appendage or organ that you will never ever be able to do without.

Watch a baby when you have chance. She’ll remind you how peculiar and intriguing we all are, and how strange and wonderful life is, in all its mystery and delight.

3 thoughts on “Baby, You Make Me Laugh

  1. I loved it Pam – every time I see a little person, I automotically smile – laughing or crying they are adorable. thank you L Mom


  2. Funny that I’m reading your story today – last night I was out with my 34 year old son, baby of my three, and his girl friend. We had dinner in Oakland while watching a blues band. I thought it was interesting how many families were there. In walked a man carrying a happy, smiling baby. The band lost their audience. I thought how cute the little one was and looked at my baby boy and reflected on how fast babyhood goes into adulthood. My son’s girl friend was awwwwing and then I looked around and everyone’s eyes were on that sweet, little, innocent, adorable smiley face! Babies are a wonder. Thanks for sharing your insights in such a delightful way. Sophie can make anyone melt – I mean, some babies do look like Mr. Magoo, cummon, but Sophie is the kind of child that makes a woman forget the pain of childbirth and goes willingly into it again! She’s the ultimate baby cheeks, way better than Gerber! Your stories always stay with me and broaden my vision. I’m still working out the early morning vs sleeping in, which I ponder daily (when I get up!). PS: I agree with Sophie, you are funny (but don’t expect any laughs when we go to dinner with our friends and you put dinner napkins on our faces)!!!!


  3. Once again, dearest Pam, you have written another wonderful blog! You are truly talented and I so enjoy reading your works! I don’t have any grandchildren as of yet, but I teach SS in my church for 2, 3, 4, and 5 year olds. Alot of them I see right after they are born and can anticipate when they will start coming to my class. At that young age, as you said in your blog, they are so fascinating to watch. I just love teaching this age about God and all his wonderful creations! The little children are so eager to learn, and I find so many times that I learn so much from them. Why it is that your precious granddaughter is so fascinated with you is one of God’s mysteries, but thank God for it! The many ways the children in my SS class act and do things and say things always brighten my life. So thank you again dearest friend for another inspiring blog! I truly look forward to your next masterpiece!!! And God Bless You and Yours and have a blessed Thanksgiving Pam!!!! Lots of love to you sweetie!!!


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