Good Karma

karma, son-in-law, travel, LexusMy son-in-law (Sil) offers to pick me up in front of my hotel in Boston at 7:15 a.m. to drive me to his law office 8 minutes away. He promises that I can then drive his new Lexus hybrid to the suburbs 40 minutes west, where his wife (my daughter) and kiddies live.

He texts me 10  minutes before he arrives so I’ll have time to hop on the hotel’s busy elevator and meet him outside the lobby doors. I wear my black jogging pants and a long-sleeved yellow sweatshirt, so bright it can burn eyes, like looking at the sun too long. I don’t want him to miss me.

I step out of the wide doors into the taxi-laden street just as Sil pulls up. He jumps out of the car, stating, “You might as well drive me to the office, then just drop me off and go on your way.”

I’m thinking he wants to see how well his mother-in-law handles his precious car.

But Sil is staring intently at a man walking by, in his 50s, professional-looking, suited for business. “Hello Judge,” Sil shouts out, friendly-like.

The judge stops mid-pace and walks over to Sil and me, and Sil immediately introduces me to the judge as his “Mom-in-Law from California.”

As the Judge shakes my hand he peers straight into my eyes and says, “This guy is one of the finest lawyers I’ve worked with. He’s always prepared and organized.”

Without skipping a beat I respond, “Well, I’ll tell you a secret about him.”

Poor Sil’s face loses color – he never knows what to expect from me.

The judge leans in.judge, mean judge, karma, lawyer, law

“He is the finest son-in-law I’ve ever known.”

The Judge smiles, shakes Sil’s hand, and departs.

Sil shakes his head in wonder. “That judge is harder on me in court than any other one in Boston. How’d that just happen?”

“Karma.” I answer, wisely. “You pick up your mother-in-law in front of her hotel and let her drive your Lexus…


                        Good Things Happen.”


Happy Birthday to my Wonderful, Karmic, Generous and Kind Son-in-Law!

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful, Karmic, Generous and Kind Son-in-Law!

24 thoughts on “Good Karma

    • Thanks, I know, I didn’t want to mention the car type, but it kind of goes with the story, don’t you think? And it IS a hybrid! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by – and have a warm wonderful weekend.


  1. Awwwwww…very sweet. Love your writing! Will go to Amazon right now and order your newest book, Twin Desires! Can’t wait to read it, since The Right Wrong Man was a page turner.


  2. Wow, Pam! Great thinking on your feet! Have you considered becoming a trial attorney? Maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from its tree-in-law!! I’ll tell you a true story. When my son was 2, I was a trial lawyer, and I brought him to the courthouse one day to show him off. He had a great time – when their courtrooms were empty, the judges let him sit in their seats and pound the gavel. All went well until the time I was in the stairwell, carrying my son up to the next floor, and we passed a judge before whom I appeared regularly, who was on his way down. The judge gave my son a big friendly smile, and my son smiled right back at him and sang out loudly, “Hello, I hate you!” Yep. Imagine explaining THAT one! Your s.i.l. should count his blessings!


  3. Hilarious! Letting your mother-in-law drive your new Lexus has got to pull in some positive karma, right?

    I love it when you can make people nervous and then surprise them with something awesome. 🙂


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