bookworm, reading, booksI lust for well-written, fast-paced, fabulously thought-out novels.

After a long week of work, with early morning risings, daily walks with the dog, constant work challenges (have you made a postcard, on-line, lately?), a week that is lengthened by attending night-time board meetings and teaching writing classes, baking homemade cookies for sick friends, and creating scrumptious dinners for my man (I say with tongue in cheek) — after a week like that, I adore an empty weekend ahead, with no plans but to sit down with a good book.

Even now, with a day left to the week, I pine for the beginning of the long Labor Day weekend, which will bring me to my soft burgundy chair (or sunny deck chair), dog at my feet, sunny gorgeous view of the SF bay (a view I ignore once engrossed), and a tome of fiction on my lap – in hardback, softback, orreading, good books Kindle format.

I hold back the urge to escape until Saturday afternoon, after I’ve taken my long weekend walk, meditated through my yoga class, picked up groceries for the weekend, and begun a load of laundry.

Then, then the need for a good read is as palpable as a strong, urgent, irritating itch.

I brew a cup of chamomile, sling on my soft comfy sweatshirt, plop down on my chair, and sigh with passionate desire to enter a new world.

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Magic Book © Mariia Pazhyna

How about you? Are you a lusty, dreamy, passionate bookworm too?

(In the past month, I’ve chortled over Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, held my breath during the entire 940 pages of Winter of the World, and now, am chewing my nails over The Ophelia Cut. Next up? The Language of Flowers.)

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Oh, and how can I forget the funny saga of The Pirates Next Door, by Jonny Duddle?


29 thoughts on “Bookworm

  1. Yes! I’m with you. All I want to do lately is read. Pesky job often gets in the way. 😉

    I read ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette,’ too and really enjoyed it. I’m currently reading a Joyce Maynard novel set in Montana. After that, probably some suspense.

    Happy reading!


    • I enjoy Maynard books (and the short memoir pieces she writes occasionally for magazines). What’s the title of the Maynard Montana book? I’ll download it today! Hey, we have three days ahead to R E A D!!


  2. This has come at a perfect moment, sealing the voice of temptation. I have a free day tomorrow, the first in…well, a while, and you know what I’m going to do with it? I picked up a Joanne Harris novel recently I haven’t yet gotten my eager eyes into…


      • Our book club is reading Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand – great book! – July was Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, another goodie and June was the terrific book, The Light Between the Oceans. I highly recommend all 3, but have tissues ready for the last 2…


  3. Thinking about your phrase “lusty” bookworm. I am not quite sure what images that might arise with that one–but I think the lust has to do with finding a good book that you just love, love, love. I finished one yesterday. It’s not my usual style but it’s called “The Husband’s Secret” by Lianne Moriarty and I held my breath until the very end and then practically launched from the couch after a final surprise. The beginning was a bit hard to get into, though. It involved three main characters and I kept thinking “Who is this, now? And who is that?” and trying to remember everyone. Glad I stuck with it.

    (Have written down your titles now, too.)


    • Okay, I’ll tell you a secret – I wrote this post with my writing group last week, in which we were to select four words that spoke of passion (I chose lust, love, adore, desire) and then write about a passion using those words – thus was born my bookworm post. 🙂
      Thank you for your recommendation! I had read a wonderful review about The Husband’s Secret but couldn’t remember the title – thanks to you I’ve just downloaded the book. Will begin it as soon as I finish The Language of Flowers (which I’m finding deliciously different).


  4. Reading time is so rare that I feel cheated by mediocre writing, the downside of offering to review new books by indies. But nothing better than looking forward to a book one is enjoying, like the present one 🙂


    • You are so right! Our time is precious, so when we sit to ‘escape’ or to learn or to just enjoy, we need a book that delivers. I think that’s one of the joys of on-line book reviews now (like the quick Amazon reviews under a book’s title). We can choose what new author to take a chance on, after reading how other readers feel.


  5. I love a weekend that’s dull…so I can read. I don’t get much chance during the week, though I do try to read on my lunch hour. I’m currently reading “The World of Kate Roberts, selected stories.” She’s a Welsh writer. I’m reading her half for enjoyment and half for research, vernacular, etc., for my own upcoming collection of historical/memoir.


  6. I’ve been taking the bus more often just so I have a 45 minute block of time in which to read. I’m glad our new buses have a voice that rings out each stop so I don’t have to keep glancing up to see where I am and can keep my nose in my book! 🙂


    • Now that’s a great idea – as long as you’re not SO engrossed with the book that you don’t even hear the voice. Thanks for using your reading time to read my latest posts, and commenting. You are terrific!


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