32 thoughts on “Do What You Love, the Money Will …

  1. Yours is a much better quote but have you got one that tells us how to get off the street holding my cap out and carrying a monkey? People aren’t sure which one is which..
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. And a fulfilled life is something so precious you can’t put a monetary value on it. I love your version, but actually the original works for me too. It says ‘the money’ – it doesn’t say lots of money. See what I’ve noticed is, when I’m doing what I love I have less need for money because I don’t need to treat myself and console myself from having just spent hours doing something that doesn’t inspire me…so even though I don’t earn much doing what I love, I need less because I’m happy so…things about break even:-) Thanks for this lovely start to my day..:-) Blessings, H xxxx

    • SO true. And the other point is that you can’t really enjoy a fulfilled life if you’re only worried about how much money you’re making.

      Here’s to happiness, and breaking even. xo

  3. I like your spin on the quote – fulfillment. Yeah, the money hasn’t followed me either. But I am in a pretty good place…working, writing, editing some, and being near my family. I am blessed.

  4. YUP! One down, it’s a Secret how many others might shake themselves lose and follow–ewww, I said follow. Change that to…understand themselves and their identity and LIVE!!

  5. I’m with you Pam, all the way. I do think however this realisation only comes a little later in life, and not at all to many people. Some of my contemporaries have done remarkably well in terms of material wealth but I’m betting none are as content as I am with precious little.

  6. We’re kindred spirits — English Lit majors, non-profit work, etc. I even own a copy of this book! I like your improved sentiment better. I love blogging and writing, but the money hasn’t exactly followed. However, it makes me very fulfilled.

    • Absolutely – that book has been on my bookshelf since the late ’80s !!! (not to date myself…). The sentiment is smart, but substituting fulfillment makes so much more sense (cents?) than money!

  7. I am so glad you chose to follow what you loved. That’s what makes life worth living! It’s funny, we’re the poor ones in our family, living here out in the woods, eking (eeking!) out a living from poorly paid and part-time jobs. Yet, it is the strangest thing. We always have enough–no, more than enough. Whenever there’s something that’s truly needed/wanted, it seems to happen. And that includes two trips to Europe in the past ten years. I don’t know how this happens; it’s truly a miracle. But I think when you follow your heart, the heart supplies. Maybe? Loved this blog. I’m tempted to write one like it some day.

  8. Hmm. The money will follow. That phrase may have been coined by someone in love with the dollar. I wonder if it may be better to say, Do what you love, and the riches will follow. Because riches are what we value most. But,
    Do what you love, and a fulfilled life will follow, works for me, too!

    • Yes, I see what you mean. Riches are so different than “money.” Even changing the saying to “Do what you love, the treasure will follow,” works for those of us not in love with money, but with the treasure that fulfills us.

  9. Amen to that. The money may not follow, but happiness and fulfillment will. And I’ll take happiness over the money any day.

    And this is coming from the convert… I used to think I’d take the money. After spending years doing something I have no passion for, I realize writing’s where my heart is and to deny that is to deny myself.

    Keep on doing what you love, Pam! Sometimes the universe conspires with you to take you places you’d never have imagined. 🙂

  10. I think you’re 2nd from left in photo. You’ve probably already answered that in the comments, but I don’t have time to read them all. As for writers and riches, well…

    • You are the first person to guess, and you are RIGHT. I actually think some of my blog readers think this is a real ‘old time’ photo, and that I was kidding about which one I am.

      See? This is why you’re a writer. You said it perfectly — (“As for writers and riches, well….”) Well, indeed. xo

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