Eyes of March

Ides of March, eyes, poemEyes look out, eyes look in

Can you really see my soul?

Can I really see yours?


I peer out from a sea of green

The color may cast the view —

of  a light and airy  hue.


Ides of March dates my birth Ides of March, eyes

I used to name it the Eyes

Stretching mine large and wide.


I wonder if there’s more than sight

Through the eyes that we are given

Do we also get God’s vision?


Eyes look out, eyes look in

Do they have another role…

To find each other’s soul?

20 thoughts on “Eyes of March

  1. Great poem Pam. Personally I’d say yes, my experience tells me eyes give me much more than sight. When I consciously look someone else directly in the eyes it’s like a meeting. I recognise there’s so much more to them than what I see, it’s like the eyes are indeed some kind of opening to the soul. From the other perspective I have met people who don’t like to make eye contact, which always puts me on edge or makes me wonder why, and also once, I looked into the eyes of someone was threatening me and they appeared to be gone, lost, there was nothing there. That was scary. It’s hard to describe. Hmmm…thought provoking poem! Hugs, H xxx


    • We don’t learn the answer in school, or in church, or at yoga or meditation sessions. We don’t learn it through our parents or during parenting, or even through love. I think we need to just look hard within another’s eyes, and there, there, is the answer.


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