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Thank you for following me. But, um, are you following ALL of me? Every single last bit?


In other words, do you see me the way I want you to see me? posting, blogging, bells and whistles


Do you see the real me? The one with all my bells and whistles, with my form just right, my hem straight, my colors matching, the headlines bold and brilliant?


You can only answer yes, honestly, if you click on me.


Or more precisely, if you click on the title of my post when you receive it in your Inbox every Friday.

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If you don’t click, but read my post as it arrives to you in e-mail form, you’re not seeing the real me! You’re seeing an outline, a draft, a ghostly form of my true intention.


So PLEASE, click on the title (like the one above that says “Please Click”) and enter the world of Roughwighting the way I intend you to see it. Full of background baby-blues and a white landscape for a differently colored font each post. Photos that pitch perfectly to the right or left of a phrase that I want to focus on. Quotes that are highlighted and indented “just so” – just so my reader, YOU, gets the gist of what I’m flashing about this beautiful absurd disturbing chaotic and incredible life of ours.

The way I'm meant to be viewed...

The way I’m meant to be viewed…


blogging, posting, clickPlease click on the title of my post each week. I promise, you’ll enjoy the benefits of color and pizazz. And, if you’re in the mood, you can read further down the blog post to see the replies of the brave, brilliant souls who have the courage to comment and (hopefully) commend.

Most importantly, though, THANK YOU for reading my flashes of life.


Clickingly yours,



28 thoughts on “Click Here!

  1. I’ve clicked, liked, maybe even licked – oh sorry that was Joey my pooch who did that. And yes, I am following you, every last bit of you – but maybe not quite as closely as dear Henry still would be. Love you always dear friend!


    • The interesting thing is that I found out a number of my followers get the email but don’t know to click on the title to actually get into my blog. Thus, today’s lesson. 🙂


      • I noticed about a month ago that I’d stopped following a lot of people and I think it might be a WP glitch 😦 I didn’t realise for a while because I thought some people weren’t posting because I wasn’t getting the emails (silly me!) I’m still trying to sort through it, but pressing ‘follow’ again now 😀


  2. Do you know how to set your settings so you only publish a tantalizing slice of your blog through the WordPress reader? Then everyone MUST click over here to read and cannot lounge in their readers without seeing the Whole Enchilada.


    • No, I don’t know how to do that – I am not tech savvy. 😦 But I’ll try and figure it out! A lot of my readers get it on their e-mail and just read it like that, without clicking and going into the blog. They had no idea they were supposed to click!


      • If you are using, and go to the page where you compose and/or edit your new post, look for the “insert more” icon. Just put your cursor over each of those icons to find that one. Then put your cursor where in your text you want to insert the “more” and click on the icon. Now FB or the reader or somebody’s email will see only that part up to the “more” and will have to click to see the rest of it. Hope that helps.


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