Chocoholics Anonymous

chocolates, See's candyMy eyes dart around the front of the store when I first enter, bells tinkling to announce my arrival.

If there is a cluster of school girls, or worse, a cadre of 70-something women wearing plaid coats that smell like moth balls, I distract the group (for instance, by exclaiming “Oh my gosh, look at that horrible fistfight going on two doors down”).

That usually gets rid of my competition for the 10-12 seconds I need to get in front of the line.

I pick which black-and-white-striped clerk wants to help me. No, not the officious, tight-bunned, narrow-lipped woman whose nametag says “Brenda.” She’s stingy.

I smile at Ralph, roly-poly and sweet. He recognizes me and acknowledges, “Just dark, right?”

I wink back and he whips out a dark chocolate buttercream sample. Then, if Brenda is looking the other way, he pops out a free darkmarzipan, chocolate, candy store chocolate caramel too.

“Thanks,” I say gratefully. “Now I just need a small bag and please add…”(and I’m embarrassed to admit how quickly and succinctly I point through the glass display)… “two nougats, one marshmallow, one almond, two dark chocolate cherries, and then, of course…”

“The Marzipan!” Ralph crows.

“Three!” I blurt out.

He triumphantly plops them into the bag, weighs them, and I hand over my cash. We silently high five each other as the Girl Scouts shuffle back into the store, unhappy that they had no luck witnessing a fight.  

“Sweeten up,” I mumble to them as I back out of the store stuffing the anonymously white bag into my purse.

chocolate, candy store

39 thoughts on “Chocoholics Anonymous

  1. It’s not even 7.30am here, and now that I’ve read this I’m craving chocolate! Are there any rules about chocolate for breakfast do you know? I know it’s alright to have chocolate for breakfast at Easter time, and I still have some Easter eggs left so maybe that’s ok? And cereal manufacturers seem to think that chocolate is ok for breakfast, so it’s ok? Yes? Just a small piece…


  2. No coffee cream or Strawberry cream? Aren’t you strong willed. Mine would be dark chocolate too but I’m afraid it would be a much bigger bag or a box.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  3. I lived in CA long enough to know you were at See’s. My favorites, which they haven’t had since I was in college, were the dark chocolate covered black walnut cremes. Ooohhh…a quarter pound at a time was all I could afford and they were big, so I didn’t get many, but they were worth it. Better’n Prozak, any day!!


    • They sound criminally good. See’s should make them again, now that the benefits of nuts have become well-known. That’s a combination made for a healthy lifestyle!


  4. I would like some chocolate right now. However, it’s impossible to keep it in the house, so must only eat it when out in the world. Isn’t it divine?


  5. I still like Bakers semi sweet bars, formula hasnt changed in over 50 years, it’s got that nice balence of dark bitter and sweet. than you wait for the rush…
    as it sloowly melts over your tongue, telegraphing signals of pleasure to your brain..
    and if I need a sugar fix, there is that sweet salty grainy mexican chocolate..


  6. I think those luxury choc places have sort of melted away over here with the recession. Like Bruce ^^ a couple of squares with a coffee is very acceptable.


  7. You’re a wise woman. (No surprise there.)

    Always seek out the roly-poly chocolate shop employee. He always like to give out free samples of his favorites (and most of ’em are his favorites).


  8. Chocolate fan here! After giving up my addiction to mind altering substances, I found that I had a hidden addiction to chocolate; the darker and bitter the better. For the past 25 years I’ve craved chocolate in almost the same single-mindedness focus that I craved the other stuff. Addiction seems to have a cruel circle; as chocolate is now my mind altering substance of choice (do I really have a choice?) !


    • I figure there are good vices and bad vices. Chocolate happens to be a very good vice, right? And you’re into a healthy addiction, since dark/bitter chocolate is now claimed to have numerous health benefits.


  9. We have a lovely little chocklit shoppe too! Haven’t become a frequent flyer yet, but those huckleberry truffles might cause me to imbide more than I should!


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