sunset, life, sea, ocean

Deep, restful, I want to swim in it, but why?

Just staring at it soothes me, calms me into looking back. Where did I come from?  Where am I going?

Back, it takes me back to the womb,

womb, creation, fetus

to the beginning of life, my life, all life.

All life began here, will all life end here, once again?

 ocean, turtle, life

I watch the ebb and flow, back and forth, yes and no, maybe, maybe not, does it matter?

Does any of it matter?

rainbow, sea

Just go with the flow, swim in it, glide on it, let all thoughts fade away

until the slate is blank.

 monk seal, ocean

Can you do that? Make a blank slate in the deep dark color of life?

Life. It began here. It swarms with beings.

sea, ocean, vacation, creatures

I am, therefore

I flow with all of you in the sea of life.

Queen of the world by Nadine Hill


30 thoughts on “SEA of LIFE

  1. Such beautiful thoughts and pictures. Lately, I want to swim in the ocean myself and not just it but I ‘m in Europe and have to wait until August when I return to my little cove on the pacific.


  2. I flow with you, too, Pam! Truly lovely. The water asks so many questions…errr….OK, maybe it’s us that the water inspires to ask. Happy belated 4th! Hope you had a wonderful day with delight in the questions and no expectation of answers. 😉


  3. This was so enlightening and relaxing at once! I’ve been away for a bit and am trying to catch up. I absolutely LOVE your writing and have nominated you for the Most Influential Blogger Award. From one kindred spirit to another. Congrats! Hugs! ~Karen~


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