More Than a Wooden Shoe walk the strangely silent town at 7 a.m. The sun is blazing this time of year, when the egrets rise with the golden orb at 5:30 a.m. 

 walk, egret

Most of the humans, however, are still blearily eyeing their cups of caffeine.


So I’m almost alone this morning with the seals and the pelicans and the few pedestrians here and there, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the satisfying strain of muscle, but also trying to fling away the worries swarming my brain like a bunch of bees.


I want to eradicate the bees.


I walk faster, humming softly, trying to forget my cares and worries and just seize the day – carpe diem.carpe diem, seize the day


On a crooked street near the center of town, I come upon an older man, mid-80s, wearing a straw hat and walking jauntily in the alleyway. He peers up at me over his glasses and exclaims, “I’m so glad I’m alive!”


He’s so joyous that I laugh out loud. What gratitude.


My bees buzz away. I smile during the rest of my solitary walk as I focus more on the gratefulness of all that surrounds me. Friendship. Love. Family.


Then I remember a video I took of my 5-year-old granddaughter when she stayed with us, her first week away from her parents.

And I shout out to the bright early morning air: “I love you more than a wooden shoe!”


On this summer season, I wish for you gratefulness and love and joyous songs that help you keep the worry-bees away.

21 thoughts on “More Than a Wooden Shoe

  1. Lately , I’ve gotten a little lazy when it comes to walking, one of my favorite things to do. Your beautiful post is a reminder to get going again and clear my head and lungs. Thank you.


    • Well, obviously my granddaughter thinks wooden shoes are just awesome! Actually, I don’t think that cute little girl has a clue what a wooden shoe looks like – I suppose it’s her prerogative, as a poet…


  2. That video put a huge smile on my face, Pam – what a gorgeous girl Sophie is! 😀

    I was never an early riser in my younger years, but now I can’t stay in bed past 4am. I love getting up this early and having my coffee before watching the sunset. It’s such a beautiful time 😉


  3. First of all, little Sophie is way adorable, the little wooden shoe. Second, what an amazing literary device: to want to eradicate the bees in one’s head. I so get it. I gasped that you articulated this. And, later, yesterday, I meditated upon the hidden gifts of our buzzing thoughts. A million creative buzzing bees…the energy of life. I can’t explain it right now but your post helped me to understand something about allowing the buzzing to “be”. So thank you.


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