My Autumn Equinox

autum goddess

“No party,” I plead to my co-workers, who ask if they can throw me a “you’re leaving us” bash.

They listen intently and nod an okay to my protestations. But on my last day of work, I’m informed that the Board is celebrating the Autumn Equinox at 5 p.m. in our gold-trimmed China Cabin, which sits proudly on the S.F. Bay.China Cabin, Belvedere, Landmarks Society

“If you’re not too busy packing, why don’t you come on over?” the two directors suggest nonchalantly. I hesitate. Seeing everyone will invariably lead to goodbyes, and I hate goodbyes. In fact, for the last week, amid hugs and farewells, I only allow “til later!”

But I don’t want to be a spoilsport, so I walk up the “plank” of our landmark at 5:15 p.m. and am immediately splashed with noise and laughter from the backside of the Cabin. Our Board meetings are always held inside, but it’s a gorgeous California evening – the sky is still blue-eyed and sparkling and the temp is mid-70.

As I cross the threshold I hear, uh huh, you guessed it, “Surprise!” and am garlanded with Hawaiian leis and a pink-rosed wrist corsage. The wine is flowing, a table is filled with catered cheeses and breads, olives and fresh asparagus (hey, this is healthy northern California, after all), and I’m surrounded by dozens of colleagues.

I send the evil eye (with a twinkle) to the two directors who planned the shindig, smile for the professional photographer, and realize – well, this is my equinox.

Equinox – the time of year all of us are encouraged to think about balance, as the Earth balances day and night equally.

As I blow kisses and shout out “Til later!” I balance the sadness of leaving friends and an exuberant job with the excitement of re-uniting with my right-coast friends and family and renewing a challenging career in novel-writing.

I balance joy and sorrow.

I balance CA harmony and NE energy.

I balance tears and laughter.

And equally, I balance the value of all the above.

I wish you balance and light and love in your Autumn Equinox.

China Cabin, toast, Equinox, Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks

“Balancing” act on the China Cabin.


35 thoughts on “My Autumn Equinox

  1. Right coast? Since I’m in Canada looking down, the right coast is California…. 🙂

    Good luck with the change. Balance is key and I’ve actually spent the last couple of weeks thinking a lot about balance. I just did not call it balance and equate it with the equinox. So thanks for pointing it out.


  2. Thrilled for you! Also loving the way you’re writing a novella about your move…I mean the way we have no idea where you’re going (besides NE which rules out Michigan). It’s like we’re with you every step of the way.


      • Gosh, thank you! I am aslo glad for our connection. Best of luck in your new venture. If you ever tire in your flights between the coasts, and need to rest your wings in the midwest, make sure you stop and say hello!


  3. A well-balanced person as you will find the balance between hello and goodbye. (Although, everyone may need a little extra help finding it when the winter weather hits the NE.)

    “Til later,” Pam.


  4. Pam, what a beautiful piece!! I’m so glad they were able to celebrate YOU! We miss you. Thank you for lunch at Luna Blu. I hope to see you again soon. Love, Barb


  5. Love this…. So sweet of them to throw you a party! (whether you wanted it or not) Isn’t it nice to be loved? 🙂
    …but no balance for me! My fall came in with a bang! Literally! as in my air compressor went out on my car Monday! 😦 Since I live in Texas…that is kind of a big deal because it may be Fall, but no one told the weather! LOL!


    • Well, I’ve been told you Texans like to do everything BIG, so I guess your car wanted to get your attention BIG time, which it did. Hope you got it fixed quickly so you can get to your algebra classes and continue with those A’s!!! If only life could be solved as easily as an algebra equation, huh?


      • Yeah…I guess so!!! I haven’t gotten it fixed yet. That has been a hassle! Grrr… I can still drive my car but I can’t turn on my air. So I take hubby’s truck to school which DOES have air thank goodness!. I think an Algebra equation is a great analogy for life right now for me….. a little difficult but able to be solved! 🙂


  6. I’ve missed you immensely, and now I am relieved to experience the re-balancing of our bi-coastal friendship. The impromptu ‘Moving Romance’ novel that evolved on our group chat during your furniture delivery and unpacking was a unique phenomenon captured in our text bubbles. XOX


    • I think I need to copy down those text bubbles as a prelude to my next book! Haha – such fun seeing how each of us continued the romance from east coast to west coast. I loved the “textual” connection. xo


    • This area of the US in some ways reminds me more of your area – pastoral with open farm land in the western part of this New England state.
      Talk about ‘change,’ how’s it feel to be the mother of the bride, and now the mother-in-law of a ‘new’ son? Beautiful photos of you and your family.


  7. How nice of your co-workers to surprise you like that. I was given a fond farewell also. These are the memories we take with us. All the best in your new endeavours.


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