Dream Friends

dreaming, dream friends


So many friends I leave without saying goodbye.

They teach me and love me without saying why.



A taxicab driver, a captain of ships,

A restaurant owner, an arranger of trips –

They seem to have nothing in common with me,

Except pushing me to take too many risks!


Fly in a bathtub up with the jets?

Why not, it’s only cast iron and air.

Speed over uncharted ocean? Don’t fret –

The pirates are fierce but remarkably fair.


But what of the deer who appears suddenly

And uses her eyes to answer my “why’s”?

And what of the woman in green polka dot dress

Who dances and prances ‘til I scream – what? WHAT?


I know them not, but knew them once, childhood,crane,fly,girl,japan,origami-8d99a399ad3489d0c9361885b3c56822_h

Each shows me by their special appearance

That to find the truth I must be willing to

nightly jump that spiritual fence.


(Thanks to Google Images.)


43 thoughts on “Dream Friends

    • I love to dream when the dreams are light and fascinating. But some of the ‘risks’ I take in my dreams lead to waking up with racing heart – that’s not quite as much fun! Happy dreamland to you.


  1. Love this Pamela 😉 I become so – infatuated – with the content of my nighttime dreams sometimes, that I soon forget to wake up and carry them with me into the daylight. Thanks for the reminder to nurture these dreams while asleep and awake 🙂


    • Back in my 20s (when I still had my own quiet morning time), I used to write down my dreams as soon as I woke up. FASCINATING. We forget what happens in dreamland so quickly once the ‘real’ world enters our space. I like it when I can remember and then think about my dreams during the day; I agree – it’s great to nurture them.


    • I think that will be my new phrase every time I try something challenging – “it’s only cast iron and air.” I was nervous about posting this poem, because I’m not a poet. But it seems that everyone relates to being fascinated with our dreams.


    • Believe it or not, I used to teach a dream interpretation class! This was after I took a several-month dream interpretation workshop. Ah, so much we can learn about ourselves (and others) when we remember our dreams. I challenge you to try it. 🙂


  2. loved this missive, Pamela
    I had eggs scrambala
    they made my mind mixa
    until I thought I gotta fixa
    so I went to sleepa
    and dreamed of a princea
    who wound me in his dreama
    and we sailed down the streama
    as happy as the owl and pussycatta


  3. Like I said before, I wish I could write like you. What wonderful poem ! I need to dream more so I can jump that spiritual fence.
    Have a great weekend full of good dreams


  4. I love the idea of how we are surrounded by teachers- leaving messages and inspiration even in the 30-second once in a life time encounters that happen. And esp. in the dreamtime… so easy to take those meet ups for granted!


    • Yes, Ma’am. I’ll get right on that! Actually, I love the idea of an adult ‘bedtime’ illustrated story for our night tables. Would make a great little gift, wouldn’t it? Hmmmm, you got me thinking!


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