A Summer Sendoff

Great Meadows, Concord MA, August

A month of humid and

Undulating heat that

Gushes over us like rock

Under a waterfall until we

Sweat and swear and suddenly

Tilt toward Fall – and mourn.

August, Fall, Great Meadows, goodbye to summer









Photos by Pamela S. Wight at the Great Meadows Refuge, Concord MA.




67 thoughts on “A Summer Sendoff

  1. So true! “Feel” it coming even in the heat of these last August days and am feeling sad… remorseful that I didn’t sit outside in our garden, go swimming or smell the grass (because brown is the new green) as often as I would have liked to πŸ™‚

  2. For the first time this month, I felt the tilt towards fall with cool mornings and evenings, scattered red leaves and corn fields starting to turn brown….I love fall, but am definitely not ready to let go of summer yet!

    • You are so poetic, Carla, in your words and in your photographs. Yes, I love the changes in the air with approaching fall, but I hate hate to give up the sumptuousness of the summer.

  3. Thats neat! Yes, I sometimes curse the heat or humidity, though I try not to…I know what’s coming in just a couple short months!

  4. Oh, if only the days were longer. I love the summer and fall but wish it wasn’t dark when I get up to run in the mornings. August (and June and July) went by too fast! Have a great weekend, Pam

    • In New England, even though days can still be hot and humid, the dark early mornings are too telling. Yes, walking (in my case) in the dark casts glooming thoughts of the coming cold. Please remind me to not whine come November..!

  5. Very clever indeed πŸ˜‰ I can see that our ode to the beginning of fall next month will be much longer – looking forward to it, as fall is my favorite season of the year πŸ™‚

    • You are in a spot in which fall is summer, and winter is sorta fall. My poem would come from a different perspective, for sure. I’d love to hear it sometime – your August acrostic. πŸ™‚

  6. Summer has always been my favorite season of the year until I moved back to Texas 5 years ago. I’m not complaining about the heat mind you… but the weather is better for getting out and doing things in the Spring and Fall. Love the poem! πŸ™‚

  7. Love this! The “nip of fall” in the air has gotten to you too — as I was walking this morning, I was thinking a great deal about changing seasons and the bittersweet feelings that accompany them, both the seasons of the year and the seasons of our lives. More on that at my blog…

  8. Very perceptive and lovely, my friend. August is also my aunt’s, my father’s and my birthdays, my wedding anniversary, and my parents anniversary, Lots of celebrations!

    • Hmmmm, 8 must be a special number in your life since so much happens in the eighth month of the year for you. Hard to believe that today is the last day of the month and all those celebrations.

  9. AUGUST is so different in California.
    UNLESS autumn rains come soon, fires will consume the hills.
    GONE is any trace of green, any hint of moisture in the creeks.
    UNDER cloudless skies the soil and plant humidity drops into single digits.
    SUMMER seems never-ending.
    TREES…even the coastal live oaks…are dying.

    I have never wished so much for fall. May El Nino come early and be kind to us.

    • Esther – I love your inspired acrostic poem! And I’ve just been visiting CA this last week. You describe the conditions perfectly. Here’s to a rainy fall and winter for the left coast. xo

  10. A fabulous acrostic! You have given me the urge to write one. Haven’t tried for ages.

    I do love all the seasons because I love life, but we haven’t had enough summer here In the UK, very disappointing this year and I am definitely not ready for autumn so I will mourn with you 😊

    • Ha ha. Not into this humidity, huh? For me, after experiencing my first winter back after being away for over four years, and shivering in the 8 feet of snow, I found the incredible greenness and lushness of this summer truly inspiring (and really, miraculous!)

  11. A very poetic August. Quite lovely. I like the photograph of the water and the surrounding vegetation with what appears to be water lilies in bloom. Your summers in New England are so short and ours here linger on and on. But I’m not complaining. Summer is always very hot but one manages or else.

  12. Very nice. I do not care for the dark mornings and I’d rather stay in bed. We’ve been getting some rain in SoCal and we need it. It’s been hot over the past couple of weeks, but we’re cooling off next week. πŸ™‚

    I’ve been here for 11 1/2 years and I do not miss the east coast winters!

    Pam, how far do you walk in the morning?

    • I love southern CA!! The hot is not humid, the cold is not cold. And you can walk nearly every day! When it’s not snowing/raining/sleeting, I walk about an hour a day. When the weather is inclement, I go to dancing class, which helps keep my mood elevated! πŸ™‚ Cheers!

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