The Stars Inside – Not Shaken But Stirred

stars, wishes, dreams, poetryAre the stars out tonight?

Is it gloomy or bright?

Should I believe in a wish

Or not strive for true bliss?


My star is plastic, pointy and hard

Reminding me always to be on guard

No night is soft, the air turns cold

Just like this star that I firmly hold


I suppose my star is to hold things in placestar, poem

Hold back my belongings and give me some grace

The stars inside it swirl and twirl

Much like me, a confused older girl


If I leave it alone, the stars sit in the bottom

Inaction leads us to be wadded wet cotton

But shaking things up, now that can be pretty

Have you figured out my silly fun bitty?


stars, wishes, dreamsTry not to be shaken but stirred up a bit

Not a full swallow but please take a sip

Of life and its bliss as well as its pains

Otherwise, really, nothing is gained.


59 thoughts on “The Stars Inside – Not Shaken But Stirred

  1. Oh this is beautiful Pam, such wisdom and depth here, wrapped lovingly in gentle lightness. I particularly loved ‘but shaking things up, now that can be pretty’…I have to trust that, and remember the pretty times when the occasional messy shaking up happens. Hugs, H xxx


  2. Beautiful Pam, this old girl has to remember to stir it up a little once in a while. You deserve a shiny little gold star on your forehead for this poem…… Have a great weekend and hugs


    • You do lots of stirring in your line of work, Gerlinde! Speaking of which, I’ve printed out the recipe to your Fregolotta – can I add fresh blueberries on top of the marmalade/jam? (Also, I commented on your site, but not sure it ‘took.’)


      • Your comment took and thank you. I made a couple of mistakes when I posted the Fregolotta recipe last night. I had made several versions and didn’t post the last one. I added ¼ tsp. of almond extract and ¼ tsp. of salt to the dough. I sprinkled the blueberries over the marmalade . I am sorry about that!

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  3. Your first 2 lines got me singing….”cause I only have eyes for you, dear” – I get transported back to the PHS dances in the gym at the strangest times!


  4. The stars were out the night,
    When a poem was written ever so bright,
    And much to a reader’s delight,
    Words of wisdom shone as a beacon of light.

    This is about as corny and simple as I could get. Have no idea why I chose to rhyme the ending of each sentence to sound the same. I’m not a poet and I know it.

    Your poem is excellent and profound and gives one food for thought.


    • Yes, the words to that song were in my mind when I began this ditty. Frank Sinatra singing: Are the stars out tonight?
      I don’t know if it’s cloudy or bright
      ‘Cause I only have eyes for you, dear


  5. Such a whimsical arrangement of words on the surface. But, as always, when you dive beneath the surface, and wade among the space between your words, there is so much more to be gained. Playful and inspiring Pamela, thanks for sharing your insightful gifts with us. It’s arrived on my doorstep at a very opportune time 🙂


  6. Stars are special in our lives, we wish upon them, we see stars when we fall in love and there are movie stars, just to name a few. The stars in globes which are in shape of star really make me smile instead of snow. 🙂

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  7. Beautiful!

    I love the romance of stars–familiar sparks of light in the night sky, reminders of the universe’s great expanse.

    “Not a full swallow but please take a sip

    Of life and its bliss as well as its pains … ” Words to ponder.


    • Thank you = I pondered a lot while writing this ‘ditty’ I think most of us get the best out of life if we take it in, one sip at a time. Otherwise, everything is too much to swallow! 🙂


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