I Know What You Did

I know wha you did, secret, crank callThis time, I choose to not answer the phone call.

I’ve had 13 of them, one every morning, at precisely 10:59 a.m.

The number does not identify the caller, so it’s no one I know. 277-453-6657.

When I take the call 13 days ago, I figure it’s a solicitation, but then again, it could be from Hollywood, accepting the screenplay to my latest book.

But instead, a deep, husky male voice proclaims: “I know what you did.”

Then, a click and silence.

I gasp that first time. He knows what I did!

Then I frantically reach back into my recollections to deduce what awful thing I did. At my age, the memory banks are so full, I feel like I’m grasping at straws floating in a deep sea of mud.

Whatever did I do? And is the voice talking about what I did the day before? The week before? Years earlier?

I shake away the sudden headache that shoots sharp arrows into the crease between my eyebrows.

Stupid crank caller. I’m going to report him! I reach for my cell, which I realize I’ve flung across my desk as if it’s on fire. Upon retrieving it, I press the ‘recent’ button.

No number is listed.

I imagined this?

The day runs away from me as I try to bury my worry. Maybe, finally, I am losing it.

Whatever “it” is.

I wake up the next morning, refreshed and relatively calm. After enjoying a long walk in the brisk spring air, avoiding puddles from the recent rain, I return home and brew a cup of hot tea. My cell rings, and I answer it cheerily, thinking it’s my daughter. “Hi! You’d never guess…”

“I know what you did.”

I scream, drop the phone, and run out of the room.

Stupid me.

Mortified, even though no one is home to witness my silliness, I run back to the kitchen and pick up the phone.

No indication that I’ve received a call.

Day 4, 5, and 6, I wait for the call.

Always, 10:59 a.m. sharp, the low husky male voice. When I answer, though, I yell, “Did WHAT?”IPhone

On Day 7, 8, 9 I scream, “WHEN?”

On Day 10 I punch in the numbers 277-453-6657 and call.

An alarming screech ensues. Then silence.

Now, it’s Day 14. I think I’ve figured out what the caller knows.

So I choose to not answer the phone at 10:59; I need to put my plans in place. Should I call the police? A bodyguard?

The phone rings at 11:09. My heart skips a beat.

When the phone rings at 11:19 my heart skips two beats every 30 seconds.

But then, at 11:29 p.m., I hear the ding of a text. From 277-453-6657.

“Turn numbers into letters,” the text demands.

What? This is not what I’m expecting. What I did was not a crime  of numbers, nor of letters, it was an offense that could …

But wait. I’m a writer. I should be able to understand a clue of letters.

I translate each number on the phone into a synonymous letter.

And then I understand.

April Fool's



72 thoughts on “I Know What You Did

  1. You well and truly got me with that one! Have a great day…it’s my eldest daughters birthday! (honest!)


  2. That’s a good one!! Very clever indeed. Have a great April Fool’s day. My dad’s favourite day. He loved playing April Fool’s jokes and really got me a few times, even though I should have expected it.


    • I certainly do like to include suspense in my books. I believe there’s an element of suspense in our lives, almost every day. Just, hopefully, not through our cell phone calls. 🙂


  3. You truly got me! It is a believable story, because I get phone calls that are spam. I even got a death threat in an e-mail from someone demanding money through a scam. I reported it. So, of course I’d believe your story.


  4. Sorry to say but I figured this was an April Fool’s joke. I don’t think you’d throw your phone or scream at the caller. You are too classy and smart to do that and also you’d not answer the phone if the someone continued to call at the exact time. I’ve had crank calls and I never say a word. They eventually stop calling. But I have to hand it to you- this is a good one.

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    • Thank you, thank you Harula. I do love to write suspense; thus, both of my books are ‘romantic suspense.’ (Because, really, we all need some kind of love in our lives, always…) xo


  5. You are a HOOT! Honestly, here we all were getting scared and wondering what the heck would happen–we were breathless with wondering–and then you pulled such a punch line. I should be upset. It’s April 7th. *grin*


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